How I Called Today’s False-Flag Attack and How We Can Turn This Ship Around

March 23, 2017 at 2:05 am

Last night, I made a Facebook post concerning possible false-flag terror attacks that would begin today, March 22. Lo and behold one happened in London today.

I don’t think I’m special for calling this out. I don’t prophesize or remote view into the future. All this means is I know things others do not. I’d like to share the information I possess that has enabled me to see this coming, so that in the future these false-flag tactics can be rendered impotent.

A little backstory:

I have spent a serious amount of time researching what is going on in this world since the economic crisis of 2008. I realized how much world events affect my life and community. I wanted to understand so I could better respond and cope with that which appeared out of my control.

We are all affected by what is happening on our planet, whether or not we choose to admit it. We are all on board this sinking ship known as civilization. If enough of us understand the ship is sinking, maybe we can find a way to row to safety or abandon ship and make for the lifeboats.

My research led me to delving into a place few dare to look – the world of the unseen, the realm of the occult sciences. At first glance, occult traditions are a labyrinthine maze of confusion and nonsensical jargon. But, once you have a proper understanding of the occult principles behind the scene, it’s all actually very simple. Truth is always simple.

What I discovered is many of the occultists of the past were essentially history’s light-workers. Most occult traditions originated from the Mystery Schools of the ancient past, whose knowledge has been carried on through various individuals and institutions until our present time.

The Book of Revelations speaks of an apocalypse. This word has been obfuscated over time to mean some catastrophic, end-of-the-world type scenario. The word “apocalypse” actually means “a veil lifted.” What the writer(s) of Revelations were referring to is the unveiling of the mysteries of the occult sciences, in which hidden knowledge will be dispersed and made common. With the advent of the internet, we are living in beginning of apocalyptic days, and this could not be better news for humanity! What was once occulted (hidden) is now coming to the forefront.

However, for every light there exists a shadow. What the ancient Mystery Schools did was concentrate knowledge of occult science into the hands of a few. This compartmentalized knowledge was eventually commandeered by those who wished to use it as a weapon so that they could control, enslave, and feed off of an uninformed humanity.

Back to the present day… We are presented with a choice: stay on this rotting, sinking ship, or empower ourselves with the tools which are our birthright – to wield them for good so we may extricate ourselves from impending disaster.

The control system rests on the foundation of our willful ignorance and complacency. Truth is, they need us to keep the ship going. Contrary to what they want us to believe, it is us who are in control. We are all co-creators of this system.

The blockbuster film The Matrix appropriately painted the allegory – they have used us as a battery. We will set ourselves free when we remember we are the power source that runs this system.

Furthermore, we must seek out and arm ourselves with the proper knowledge. The knowledge I speak of is the no-longer-occult principles. Only then can we take the proper action, and only with proper action can we create the changes we wish to see. Below is the post I made concerning what is known as the Season of Sacrifice:

The so-called terror attack in London that happened today was just the kick-off to the Season of Sacrifice. We have 39 more days to go. Those that have assumed control – the powers who only wish they were – use ritual and symbolism to affect our minds in a way that generates what they want to see sprout, which is fear. Don’t believe it? Good. If anything, it would be a continued travesty to believe what I am saying. I want people to do their own research, use their own discernment, and judge for themselves whether or not my claims, or those of anyone else for that matter, are genuine.

This is an excellent primer to get one started in understanding that there are people that exist that use human sacrifice, black magic, and fear on a global scale to generate the results they want for their own selfish desires, which are to further entrench us into the control system and destroy our connection to our planet and ancestry, so that they may live like kings among peasants. And if you follow that link and its sources, you’ll discover occult whistle-blower and researcher Mark Passio. His work, and that of those who informed him, is the most important body of knowledge I have ever come across. It is essential information if we want to save our species, our planet, and our souls from destruction, death, and outright suffering that we are allowing to happen by our ignorance. The choice is ours.

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