What a Gatherer-Hunter Diet Did to a Man’s Gut in Just Three Days

July 7, 2017 at 5:46 pm

After just three days of living and eating with the Hadza gatherer-hunters, the gut flora of a relatively healthy British professor were transformed for the better.

Tim Spector, a genetic epidemiology professor at King’s College London, has been studying the “major influence” gut bacteria (and other microbes) have on our immune system, metabolism, mood and general health. What he and his colleagues have found is the greater the gut flora diversity – the more types of microbes – the better. High diversity is associated with low risk of obesity and all types of disease.

Spector says he already knew changing to a more Paleolithic diet could cause major shifts in unhealthy people with low-diversity, unstable gut flora, but he wanted to know how much the microbiome of a relatively healthy Westerner could be improved by adopting a 100-percent authentic gatherer-hunter diet.