Free, Wild-Caught Dinner On the Beach

February 29, 2016 at 9:21 pm



Forget bringing home the bacon, or even raising the bacon yourself. British wilderness survival instructor Ray Mears demonstrates how to find and cook wild food on the beach without a pot, lighter or any other modern tools:

He starts by making a rock-lined oven in the sand, throws in a leg of road-kill deer (which you can learn how to skin and butcher here), and then covers the “oven” with moss and wet sand. While he waits for dinner, he gathers a “Stone-Age seafood starter” on the beach. He cooks the shellfish over them embers and then carves up dinner with a flint knife.

“If you like seafood, there’s no reason to starve on this shoreline [in Scotland],” Mears says. “Just a few minutes collecting and you’ve got plenty of food.”

For more lessons on how to live like a hunter-gatherer visit Mears’ YouTube channel or check out one his books: