Circumcision is Torture and Child Abuse

The people behind the knife should be behind bars for life

thumb Baby boys are being brutally tortured every 25 seconds in the United States.

Let’s not mince words about it. That’s what circumcision is – torture, sexual assault, genital mutilation, unconscionable child abuse, and possibly the worst violation of human rights in history.

The mother of an only-daughter, I really had no reason to research circumcision I had no idea of the horrors it entailed until recently. One of the moms in our peaceful-parenting play-date group enlightened me in the park last week. She sent me a few links, and I dove in. What a can of worms…

After several sleepless nights – and nightmares during the few hours I’ve slept – I almost wish I hadn’t opened it. But if I can stop one person from allowing his or her son to become a victim of this atrocity, it will be worth it.

To summarize what I have learned:

1. Circumcision is one of the most excruciatingly painful things that can happen to a person, much less to a wide-awake baby, too young for general anesthesia.

2. A violent attack of that magnitude has permanent and devastating psychological effects.

3. Mutilating male genitals deprives men and women of sexual pleasure, makes it difficult for men to connect emotionally to sex, and can therefore have detrimental effects on romantic relationships.

4. Circumcision is not “Christian.” It is unethical and evil no matter what your religion – so don’t use religion as an excuse.

Physical Pain

Warning: Graphic: Link to original picture

All circumcisions were done without any anesthesia until the 1980s. The vast majority (96 percent as of 1997) still are done without any anesthesia today. Babies that do receive anesthesia are receiving inadequate local anesthesia, not general anesthesia, as they are too young for it.

In the “old” days, doctors claimed­ anesthesia wasn’t necessary because newborns couldn’t feel pain. As absurd as that sounds, countless studies had to be done to convince people that not only do newborns feel pain – they feel it more intensely than adults.

Though local anesthesia is probably better than nothing at all, it’s only slightly better. Studies show it does NOT significantly reduce the adrenal-cortisol (stress) response. Also, the injection of anesthesia is very painful in and of itself.

Warning: Graphic: Link to original picture

The foreskin is the most sensitive part of a male’s body – other than the head of the penis itself – with more nerve endings per square inch than any other body part. Circumcision has been likened to having a sharp metal instrument jammed under one’s finger nail, down to the base, and shoved around, back and forth, until the entire nail is separated from the nail bed, and then sliced off.

Here is a link to multiple circumcision videos worth a million words. Warning – I would not watch these if you don’t plan to circumcise. The images and sounds will haunt you. But if you are considering circumcising a child, please watch and pay close attention.

I only watched the first and last and had to stop. I got sick to my stomach and was still shaking with rage 15 minutes after watching them. And these are just videos posted by medical professionals for training purposes. I’m sure you could find much worse ones on YouTube that doctors don’t want you to see, but, again, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The last video in the link above – of a slightly older baby – was particularly disturbing. The doctor tries to tell the dad the majority of the crying is caused by him being restrained spread-eagle on a plastic board, but there is a distinct change in the baby’s crying the moment the doctor yanks open the tip of his foreskin with two pairs of needle-nosed pliers and shoves a giant scalpel-type object down through the middle, rotating it around the head of the penis to rip apart the flesh in between.

Warning: Graphic: Link to original image

By the time he clamps a heavy, metal wrench-like instrument around the base of his tiny penis to hold it in place for the cutting, the baby’s bloodcurdling screams turn into what sounds like him swallowing his tongue. They don’t show his face, but the sounds alternate between heart-wrenching screams, choking, not breathing and gasping for air. His arms are shaking and occasionally swinging and his body is convulsing.

I’ve read that oftentimes the initial crying – from being restrained and/or injected with anesthesia – suddenly stops when the mutilation begins. Their eyes bulge and then their bodies go stiff. They remain silent and still through the rest of the surgery and appear to the parents to be sleeping when it is over. Sometimes they’re told, “he slept right through it.”

SEP_8This does not mean they are not in pain. It means they are in shock and their bodies have gone into a semi-coma to cope with the overwhelming agony. Total silence likely indicates a baby is experiencing more traumatic stress than a screaming baby.

Psychiatrist John Rhinehart describes the “silent” or “sleep-like” reaction as follows:

Since he can’t “fight, flee or freeze” the only defense mechanism a baby being circumcised has left is “shock defense, which consists of central nervous system flooding by terror, rage, and finally numbing, paralysis, and dissociation; this is his last chance to control the high level of central nervous system activation, which might otherwise result in death.”

“Watchinig videotapes of neonates being circumcised portrays this clearly to the aware eye. The so-called ‘quiet’ after circumcision is more likely a state of dissociation in response to the overwhelming pain and terror than it is a state of peaceful relaxation.”

And that brings us to…

Psychological Trauma

Though some claim the physical pain of circumcision is quickly forgotten, the emotional scars last lifetimes. Boys and men may not consciously remember the torture, but they remember it subconsciously, and can experience post-traumatic stress when faced with similar threatening situations later in life.

A study showed circumcised baby boys exhibited symptoms of PTSD while undergoing routine vaccinations at 6 months of age, compared to uncircumcised boys who had much smaller pain and stress responses.

Dr. Rhinehart – mentioned above – has documented his psychoanalysis of grown men who experience PTSD 50 and 60 years after their circumcisions.

“Many men who were circumcised as neonates consider it a non-issue because they cannot remember anything about it. In my psycho-therapeutic work with men, however, it is clear that the memory is there. Since the event occurred at a very early, pre-verbal level, it is most often experienced as a body or somatic memory rather than as a more familiar verbal memory. Various disturbing mental images and intense feelings often accompany the reemergence of this body memory, including the feeling of sharp metallic instruments cutting into one’s flesh … the sense of being overpowered by big people, being alone and helpless, feelings of terror, and a sense of paralysis and immobilization.”

Keep in mind that a boy is usually circumcised within his first few days of life. He’s been comfortable, warm and protected in his mother’s womb for nine months. It’s possible the only person he is aware of is the woman who’s been nursing him, holding him, kissing him and whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

Warning: Graphic: Link to original image

Then, suddenly, he is strapped down by a stranger, tortured beyond comprehension and put back into his mother’s arms. Think about the damage that does to the mother/son bond. He can’t trust her anymore. For all he knows she was complicit in the activity – she didn’t appear to do anything to try to stop it. He can’t trust his father either. He can’t trust anyone.

One his very first impression of the world is agonizing sexual torture. He doesn’t know why it’s happening or what he did to deserve it, but his mom is nursing him again like everything is normal, and his dad is patting his head. The world becomes a terrifying, cruel, unpredictable place, where the ones who supposedly love him could turn on him at any moment. He shuts down emotionally to cope with the pain of the betrayal.

Rhinehart says long-term psychological effects of circumcision include:

  • a sense of personal powerlessness
  • fears of being overpowered and victimized
  • lack of trust in others and life
  • a sense of vulnerability to violent attack
  • guardedness in relationships
  • reluctance to be in relationships with women
  • defensiveness
  • diminished sense of maleness
  • low self-esteem
  • shame about not “measuring up”
  • anger and violence toward women
  • irrational rage reactions
  • addictions and dependencies
  • difficulties in establishing intimate relationships
  • emotional numbing
  • need for more intensity in sexual experience
  • sexual callousness
  • decreased tenderness in intimacy
  • decreased ability to communicate
  • feelings of not being understood

Some additional insight from

“In Wounds that Time Won’t Heal: The Neurobiology of Child Abuse by Dr. Martin Teicher, it was found that inflicting physical abuse on babies, ‘sets off a ripple of hormonal changes that wire the child’s brain to cope with a malevolent world.’ Males are violent due to circumcision. It is usually boys who go to school and kill people; they are violent since their brains are wired for violence from infancy. Rarely does a girl take a gun to class and kill people.”

Although the rate of baby boys being mutilated in the U.S. today has decreased to nearly 50 percent (less than 20 percent in many Western states), around 80 percent of the current adult male population in the United States still suffers from this secret trauma, and they are not even aware of the source of their emotional pain. No wonder the U.S. military has had such a ready supply of angry men ready to inflict pain on people around the world ever since circumcision started in America, around WWI.

Here is a link to all sorts of studies on the devastating psychological effects of genital mutilation.

Sexual Frustration

The theft of sexual pleasure – and potentially healthy romantic relationships in general – is the area I’ve spent the least time researching so far, as I’m still overwhelmed by the brutality and savagery of the initial act of torture.

So this section is going to be brief, but there appears to be a lot of literature out there on the difference between circumcised sex and natural sex — and resources for foreskin restoration.

Again, the foreskin is the most sensitive part of a man’s body, containing as many as 70,000 erogenous nerve-endings. Not only is the foreskin itself extremely sensitive, it helps keep the head of the penis (which was intended to be a covered, internal organ like the clitoris) soft, moist and sensitive, rather than keratinized and calloused.

Because of this, circumcised men have been robbed of up to 75 percent of their capacity for sexual sensation and are 4.5 times (450%) more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, according to the British Journal of Urology International.

The gliding action of the foreskin is supposed to make sex easier, more comfortable and more pleasurable for both the man and woman.

Just a couple of quotes from an article on titled “How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life”:

“Sex with a natural partner has been to me like the gentle rhythm of a peaceful but powerful ocean–waves build, then subside and soothe. It felt so natural, as if it were filling a deep need within me, not necessarily for the act of sex, but more in order to experience the rhythm of a man and woman as they were created to respond to each other.”

Circumcision may cause a man to work harder to achieve orgasm, resulting in emotional and physical distancing from his partner. When a circumcised man has sex, he may have to concentrate intensely on the erotic sensations he is receiving while simultaneously blocking out any uncomfortable sensations. Survey respondents often reported that their circumcised partners seemed to have to work too hard to achieve orgasm. And because of the erotic tissue that has been removed, he can’t enjoy the sensations leading up to orgasm or his partner’s responses.”


1406641986927-cachedCircumcision is not a Christian ritual. In fact, it’s unchristian. Early Christians took a strong stand against circumcision.

The apostle Paul likened circumcision to slavery, and told fellow “Jews” not to put a yoke on the necks of gentile disciples – “a yoke that neither we nor our fathers have been able to bear.” Acts 15:1-21

In Galations 2:1-5, Paul said a controversy about circumcision “arose because some false brothers [Pharisees and Sadducees] had infiltrated our ranks to spy on the freedom we have in Christ Jesus and to make us slaves.”

In Titus 1:10-16, he further condemns “those of the circumcision group,” saying they “must be silenced, because they are ruining whole households.” He tells new Christians to “pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth.”

Finally in Phillipians 3:1-11, Paul warns – “Watch out for those dogs, those men who do evil, those mutilators of the flesh.”

I have no idea why Jews in the Old Testament began performing circumcisions in the first place – and I am in NO way condoning their ritual – but apparently it was less gruesome than modern circumcision.

It was a quick clipping of the very tip of the foreskin, the part that hangs over (and is not fused to) the head of the penis – apparently just enough to draw a few drops of blood as a sacrifice for sin. The baby was given wine and topical anesthetic made from plants. It was not done for health or sanitary reasons, but to appease what they perceived to be an angry, bloodthirsty god.

The mutilation that occurs today involves ripping away and cutting off the entire foreskin – a skinning of about half of the penis – and exposing what was intended to be an internal organ. This method began about 150 years after Jesus’ death in an effort by Jewish authorities to further distinguish Jews from uncircumcised Greeks.

10846424_744049009019622_7795555870536516444_nThe really creepy stuff started happening after 500 C.E. when a creepy book called the Talmud essentially replaced the Torah. I haven’t had the fortitude to look into this thoroughly yet, but apparently it is tradition for the Jewish mohels or “circumcisers” to suck the infant’s wounded, bloody penis after mutilating it without anesthesia. This is not a joke. This is a real practice that happens every day in America. You can even read about it in the New York Times.

The good news is not all Jews are sick, sadistic pedophiles. There is a growing movement of “Jews Against Circumcision.”

“Do not be afraid of divine punishment,” their website says. “God did not mandate circumcision. In the original version of the Torah, the book of J, circumcision is not even mentioned. Fallible men devised circumcision as a way to curb masturbation. Even Rabbi Maimonides acknowledged this fact.”

I haven’t had a chance to look into Islamic circumcision – but here is a website saying circumcision has nothing to do with the Quran, and that Allah hates such wickedness.

The bottom line is I don’t believe in a god who commands people to torture their children, steal their body parts or deny them the ability to experience pleasure. If you do, fine. But keep your sick beliefs in your head, because if you act on them, you should go to jail for life.


I am NOT condemning the vast majority of parents with circumcised children.

When circumcision was at its climax in this country – the 1950s – most circumcisions were done without parents’ knowledge or consent. And in the decades since then, parents have been flat-out lied to about the “procedure.”

Psychotic obstetricians often have uninformed mothers sign “consent” forms while they are still under the influence of drugs. The mutilation often occurs where the parents cannot see or hear it. They are not invited to watch, and they trust the doctors when they say it’s quick, easy and painless.

There are accounts of mothers who have watched becoming thoroughly traumatized themselves. They say they never would’ve consented had they known what it was. One woman told the doctor as soon as he was done, if she had had a gun, she would have killed him. “I swear I would be in jail today if I did have a gun.”

Fifteen years after her son’s circumcision, another mother said – “The screams of my baby remain embedded in my bones and haunt my mind. His cry sounded like he was being butchered. I lost my milk.”

Another factor influencing the continuation of circumcision is fathers, who have been mutilated themselves, who are in denial that a part of their manhood has been amputated. Opting to keep their sons intact means admitting that something is missing in them. There are actually doctors who are compelled to keep cutting boys, as an unconscious reenactment of the trauma.

But this is the information age – the age of the Internet – and there is no excuse for barbaric behavior to go on. If you’ve already done it, apologize to your son and forgive yourself. Tell others to break the cycle, and the chains, and start working on healing and creating a healthier, happier generation.





138 responses to “Circumcision is Torture and Child Abuse”

  1. Rich Avatar

    Any article that start off in bold declaring “Circumcision is Child Abuse and Torture” is off to a good start. And reading on was no disappointment.

    As people like this author wake up in droves to the horror of circumcision, those perpetrators may or may not go behind bars where they belong….but even if they don’t, they’re gonna have to face the pissed off awaken masses.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Finally an article that doesn’t sugarcoart the truth. It’s literally something that can ruin a person’s life.

    I had a semi-circumcision/dorsal slit when I was 7. I’m luckier than men robbed of their whole foreskin, but still.

    I resent it 24/7. It caused sexual frustration, anger issues and anxiety.

    A must-read, thank you very much 🙂

  3. Magnus Ivarsson Avatar
    Magnus Ivarsson

    I live in Sweden / Europe and if any doctor say anything about sexual mutilation here we hunt that bastard down the street with torches. I follow what Americans and Arabs do to there perfect newborn infants and its just crazy. How can you people not see what you do to your kids. Americans and Arabs must be insane.

    Master of Science in Engineering Physics

    1. Stacey Avatar

      I’m an American and chose not to mutilate my son. My husband is also uncircumcised. His mom wanted it to be his choice and we want it to be our sons choice. Just like I wouldn’t put a knife to my daughters privates, I see no medical, sanitary or religious reason to mutilate my son. It’s barbaric and disgusting. He was the only boy born August 7, 2012 to not be tortured and mutilated. The doctors tried to cite sanitary issues and I countered with scientific facts. We are not all stupid, trust me.

    2. Enrico Avatar

      Well said.

    3. Ellie Avatar

      Smart man!

    4. Antonio Avatar

      USA is a backward country, the richest Third World country outthere. Circumcision is done mostly in barbaric muslim countries where pedophilia is in tradition and also in places with no water, poor and lazy where they are too lazy to wash their penis and lack if water to do that. In the normal world such as Europe circumcision is only done by “elite” where pedophilia prevails.

  4. David J. Biviano Avatar
    David J. Biviano

    An amazing complete consideration of MGM – thank you!

    One slight correction: the glans is not more sensitive than the foreskin, but has dull sensor nerve endings. It does have a blunt force trigger than can cause premature ejaculation, common in circumcised men due to pounding action during intercourse related to lack of foreskin. The frenulum and the banded ridge are the most sensitive, especially the frenulum which is comparable to the “G” spot in women.

    1. Enrico Avatar

      Have to disagree with you. I’m natural (unmolested) and I can tell you the glans is the most sensitive part. The foreskin is meant to protect the glans – as the clitoral hood does the clitoris – and keep it moist and protected from germs and irritation. There is a spot on the underside of the glans where the V forms, and to which the frenulum is attached, which is extremely sensitive, and heightens orgasm.

      Both the male glans and clitoris are mucosal membranes, which are not meant to be permanently exposed, and are meant to be kept moist and protected.

      1. Hugh Young Avatar

        The sensitivity of the glans and foreskin are of different kinds. The glans is mainly sensitive to heat, pressure and pain. The sensations of the foreskin are much more subtle and make sex for the intact man and his partner a different experience – a journey, an exploration, not just a desperate striving to “reach orgasm”.

    2. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      I have been married for 27 years, and my that experience has led me to agree more with Biviano than with Enrico. Much of what I feel during PIV, I would not feel had I, like nearly all men of my place and time, been circumcised. I also strongly suspect that the exposed glans gradually grows dull as the years go by. We badly need carefuly studies of the anatomy and sexual behaviour of men aged 40-75, in nations where there is a mix of cut and intact. I nominate Canada.
      Also, the way the skin of the intact penis moves back and forth during thrusting has a lot to do with the satisfaction of both genders. This moving skin also greatly facilitates foreplay. Men past their 40th birthdays often need foreplay.

  5. concerned cynic Avatar
    concerned cynic

    Rage and indignation of the sort set out above, is what will end the American Cult of the Bald Penis. Also a growing number of women who have bedded both kinds of men, and are willing to use the internet to share with the world that they prefer the intact variety.

  6. para Avatar

    “weak in the knees, sick to my stomach and was still shaking with rage 15 minutes after watching them”
    don’t worry, this is just a sign that you are human.

  7. MM Avatar

    Wow, well said!

  8. Clayton Avatar

    Thank you for speaking this difficult painful truth. It is very hard for people to here because it is so heartbreaking and spirit-crushing. Sometimes I wish I had never woken up. It is only denial to truth so painful to confront that allows this social disorder to continue. Men have committed suicide after learning what was done to them that they eagerly forced upon their own sons. Minds explode when they cannot hide from this truth anymore.

    Please do not let that silence you. Please allow it to inform your approach and with understanding forgive the ignorance, denial, and probably hostility you will likely experience in speaking this truth. They remain in denial because this is truth they cannot handle without going insane. The stubborn ignorance and denial of those who cut, parents who have cut, and men who were cut is not their fault. It is their mind’s automatic self-defense against traumatizing reality too disturbing to face and maintain sanity. Please do not judge them harshly because circumcision is a social disorder of shared cultural mental illness with no villains, only victims creating more victims to perpetuate the cycle.

    Speak your truth because the cycle MUST be broken. Thank you for this article.

  9. LIndsay Avatar

    BRAVO for writing this. I am also a mother of girls but I become physically and emotionally ill when even thinking about circumcision. I had a very hard time reading this but people need to know.

  10. Liz Avatar

    Of your don’t know why they started this in he bible, then clearly you haven’t read it…

    1. Hugh Young Avatar

      It didn’t start with the bible. The story of Abraham being ordered to do it was written to explain why they were (already) doing it. Its real origins are lost in prehistory, but it seems to be a blood/sex/magic ritual attempt to take back the power of sex over us.

  11. Not Yours to Cut Avatar

    This is the most disgusting, violent, barbaric act of legalized sexism in the United States today, and it needs to end in this generation.

  12. Chana Avatar

    Sorry, on this one I will have to disagree. Circumcision has its purposes and is a safe procedure when done when the baby is young. Just like clipping tongues.

    Why bother clipping a baby’s tongue if they might not need it clipped to speak and you can just give them formula?

    I know that it’s not exactly the same and there are those who will disagree with me but the fact is that circumcision is not torture and the baby usually forgets it after the next nursing.

    Also I don’t know if you know this but….in Africa when they started circumcising the guys the transfer rate of HIV dropped by 75%. I agree that in Western countries where the “cure” is not to rape a virgin, it may not be as medically necessary. But…that doesn’t mean it’s useless, meaningless torture.

    Ah and PS? Medically speaking it is NOT genital mutilation. And it CANNOT be compared to FGM. Not in deed and not in intent. The foreskin is useless; the stuff they remove in FGM is not.

    And also…”violent attack” with “permanent and devastating psychological effects”? Seriously? That’s funny. Here in Israel 99% of males are circumcised, and I haven’t really noticed that all the men are suffering such permanent, devastating psychological effects. (And I came here from America and Canada. I have what to compare these guys to. And in comparison, sorry but they are GREAT.) The only stuff that’s causing mass devastating and permanent psychological effects is the fact that we are constantly under attack from various terrorist groups (PA included) and under political attack from the rest of the world for defending ourselves. You have no idea ho many cases of PTSD are reported after every terror attack and every war. Versus….none, for those who have simply been circumcised.

    1. Nick Avatar

      Circumcision doesnt prevent hiv. Infact many regions with high rates of circumcision have very high rate of hiv and aids (africa)

      If u cutoff half the dick ofcourse u will have less bacteria on ur penis, since there is less penis.. supricing :3

      Less bacteria doesnt mean less sick u still get sick if u have sex wuth someone who have hiv.

      Also cutting girls vagina apperently have the same result boomer that wasent fair to the girls so most have stopped.

      Only condom will help you. So there ia no actual need to cut.

      On a side note i dont see many <15 year old boys running around spreading hiv or aids. So ur argument wouldent be valid even if it was remotely true.

      There is absolutly no reason to touch kids

    2. Yourmom Avatar

      For the love of God, educate yourself before writing your shit opinion

    3. Enrico Avatar

      Go away, you filthy, perverted, illiterate grub. What you spout here is bullshit. The penis, including the foreskin, is one complete organ. It is not “extra skin” you dog.

    4. Will Austin Avatar
      Will Austin

      That is utter BULLS*T Chana!! I have lived a life time of suffering because of the atrocity! Yet I bet u are a woman and still have her meat flaps That was my body part that was bruitally taken! That was my enjoyment of sex that was taken! Now I have to live in torment because of Circumcision PTSD because if someone elses disease If it is ok to remove body parts because of fear of disease, tell us, please tell us what body parts can not get a dusease?? Being all body parts can get diseases, why not remove them all that way the baby will never have to face a disease in it’s life ?? Now u should understand why your statements are pure BULLSH*T

    5. Momma Avatar

      Thank you for your post! It is nice to hear someone who doesn’t buy into intactivist pseudoscience! When you see how radically it has helped societies where hiv is prevalent, it is hard to deny the benefits

      1. P.Anderson Avatar


        Although I should expect it by now, it never ceases to surprise me how someone could say something foolish, and then try to use “science” to back it up. I am an actual scientist, who has spent years in the profession. The “HIV studies” you mention are complete bullshit. Data was left out of the final paper that actually showed an alarming increase in the AIDS rates for circumcised men after they were allowed to go back to having sex (after they healed). Before they healed, of course the rate “went down”, they were not having sex compared to the general population. Not to mention the fact that the author was a practicing Jew who supported religious circumcision. This is called a conflict of interest. Circumcision, aka genital mutilation, actually removes many of the anti-viral cells (Langerhans) that actually fight against disease. Plus, tighter skin can be torn much easier, leading to …. infection. Europe does not circumcise their men, and they have fewer STDs, including AIDS, than US males do, the majority of whom are circumcised. Why do you think that papers claiming circumcision benefits people are written predominantly in countries that practice circumcision (US and Israel)?

        Momma, do you realize boy’s genitals were first cut by Jews to purposely dull sexual sensations? Look up the writings of Maimonides if you doubt me. In America, boys genitals were first cut because Kellogg was freaked out about anything sexual, and thought this would curb masturbation among America’s youth. He was against doing it to a newborn, but argued that it was good for an older child to feel the pain of circumcision so that he wouldn’t “abuse himself” in the future. Turns out, studies have shown those circumcised masturbate more, so too bad for Mr. Kellogg.

        Scientifically, modern male circumcision is actually more damaging than the most common form of FGM practiced in the world today! Note, it is not more damaging than the radical forms of FGM.

        Momma, you need to think. Why is cutting off a healthy, functioning organ, which the foreskin clearly is, a good idea? It does not take a genius to figure out that this will damage the penis. Histological studies have identified the male foreskin as home to no less than the five most sensitive components of the penis. The glans has about as many fine touch nerve receptors as the heel of your foot by comparison. How can removing them not significantly dull sexual sensation?

        Take it from a real scientist, stop reading Israeli and American pseudo-scientific studies that try to justify this crime. It is not a medical procedure because there is nothing medically wrong with normal, healthy tissue.

      2. Maud Avatar

        Come on Momma! It’s unusual in Europe for instance and HIV is not prevalent.

    6. GregH Avatar

      Whoa! Did you actually call the foreskin “useless?” Ask any intact man – it’s the most sensitive portion of male genitalia. Have you ever heard of Meissner’s corpuscles or the ridged bands? Even the AAP states: “The foreskin protects the glans throughout life.” A Type Ia FGM procedure (clitoral prepuce excision) is anatomically equivalent to a typical infant male circumcision. Please do some research before commenting.

    7. Erik B Avatar
      Erik B

      By the ligic if “he won’t remember,” how.does one not find it just to perform other forms of torture? Sure, smack your baby with a ruler until he passes out. It’s fine, right? I mean he’ll forget, so it’s fine. Right? No asshole. The fact someone wont remember being hurt does not justify hurting them.

    8. Ameilia Avatar

      Thank you

    9. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      There are no studies of the long term consequences of infant circumcision. Hence we have no idea if infant circumcision is safe or not.
      The AAP in 1999 and 2012 stated that infant circumcision should always be done under local anesthesia, because otherwise the the procedure is brutally painful.
      Studies carried out in villages of eastern and southern Africa are not relevant to the first world. South Korea circumcises, Japan and Taiwan do not. South Korea does not have a lower HIV rate than Japan and Taiwan. Despite 80% of adult American men being circumcised, the USA has the highest HIV+ rate in the first world, by far.

      “Medically speaking it is NOT genital mutilation.”
      Genital mutilation is an opinion, not a statement of medical fact.

      “And it CANNOT be compared to FGM. Not in deed and not in intent.”
      Many African tribes practice both rite of passage circumcision of boys, and do FGM on girls. The intent and stated rationales for both practices are quite similar. FGM often attacks the clitoral hood and/or the labia minora, but does not insult the glans clitoris. FGM taking this form is fully analogous to male circ.

      “The foreskin is useless…”
      Are you an intact male, or a woman who has been in a long term relationship with an intact male? If the answer to both questions is No, how can you say that the foreskin is useless?

      The solution to the valid issues you raise in your last paragraph is to give up Zionism. I fully agree that the geopolitical situation of Israel is much worse than brit milah. That said, I can assure you that there are American and Canadian men who deeply resent the fact that their genitalia were permanently altered without their consent. Keep in min that the internet has made it much easier for circumcised men to discover what they are missing (before 1970 or so, only gay porn depicted the penis). The internet also includes pro-foreskin testimonials by women who have been involved with both kinds of men, and by men who have restretched their foreskins. A growing number of men have come suspect that their circumcisions are the likely reason why their sex lives are not very exciting, esp. after age 40-50. A growing number of women have discovered that their intact partners thrill them a lot more than their circumcised partners.

      “…the stuff they remove in FGM is not.”
      Who disagrees with you here? Again, the bits removed by cosmetic surgery done to the external genitalia are not useless. And this fact does not vary by gender.

    10. Mike Avatar

      You are totally ignorant and uneducated. The USA has way more cases of STDs than Europe. Circumcision removes half of the skin on the penis. It was started in America to keep boys from masturbating. So as with FGM, MGM was designed to suppress males sexually. And yes you can compare MGM with FGM. Sexual mutilation is sexual mutilation.

    11. Dan Avatar

      It is a barbaric and pointless practice. 99% of people do it in israel? Great! Israel is a terrible place. I know because i’ve been to tel aviv many times. You can’t help but defend your sick religion.

    12. Maud Avatar

      It does not matter how fast the baby forgets it. It still is an unecessary painful procedure that should be made illegal because it violates people’s bodily autonomy.

    13. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      “Circumcision has its purposes…”
      Just what are those purposes?

      “…and is a safe procedure when done when the baby is young.”
      There is no honest counting of botched and lethal outcomes in the first world. I have yet to see a single study of adverse outcomes for circumcisions performed after infancy. The North American MSM reveals the occasional botched outcome, and cases of herpes spread by oral suction by haredim mohels.

      “Just like clipping tongues.”
      Removing a tongue tie makes breastfeeding easier.
      Just what does circumcision achieve?

      “…circumcision is not torture and the baby usually forgets it after the next nursing.”
      Anand and Hickey (1997) concluded that infant circumcision without anesthesia is very painful. It should be illegal.

      “…in Africa when they started circumcising the guys the transfer rate of HIV dropped by 75%.”
      In only one African country is the rate of HIV+ materially higher among intact men than among circumcised men: Kenya. Even though at least 80% of American men are circumcised, the USA is tied with Portugal (where needle drugs are legal) for the highest rate of HIV+ in the first world.

      “…that doesn’t mean it’s useless, meaningless torture.”
      Infant circumcision is very painful. It has a “meaning”, but that meaning is deplorable. Infant circumcision is ignorant of how Nature intended masturbation, foreplay and penetrative sex to work.

      “Medically speaking it is NOT genital mutilation.”
      Medical reasoning cannot decide this question.

      “And it CANNOT be compared to FGM.”
      There are no rules for deciding what is and is not comparable.

      “Not in deed and not in intent.”
      I maintan that FGM that amputates either or both of the clitoral hood, or the labia minora, is analogous to male circumcision in deed. As for intent, when western researchers have interrogated African mothers and wives about why they practice FGM, they give answers curiously similar to what American parents say: the natural genitalia are unclean and prone to disease, and displeasing to the opposite sex. Before 1920 or so, infant circumcision was advocated in the UK and USA to reduce masturbation and the adult sex drive. African tribes reason similarly.

      “The foreskin is useless…
      Have you ever been in an intimate relationship with an intact man?

      “…the stuff they remove in FGM is not.”
      Presumably, you know this because the body parts amputated by FGM give you considerable pleasure. Well, I have the body parts amputated by bris and can assure you that they have given me considerable pleasure over many decades.

      “And also…”violent attack” with “permanent and devastating psychological effects”? Seriously?”
      I am a determined opponent of the circumcision of minors for nontherapeutic reasons, but also abstain from the overheated rhetoric you object to.

      “Here in Israel 99% of males are circumcised, and I haven’t really noticed that all the men are suffering such permanent, devastating psychological effects.”
      The adverse effects of infant circumcision vary a lot by individual, by sexual partner, and very gradually grow worse with age. Many circumcised men are fine lifelong, and most are fine before their 40s and 50s.
      In Israel, the circumcised penis is the norm and is socially validated. This used to be the case in the USA, but it has now become controversial. Israeli psychosexual reality and religious identity cannot be used to defend American routine infant circumcision.

      “I came here from America and Canada. I have what to compare these guys to. And in comparison, sorry but they are GREAT.”
      ME. Please find a safe place on the internet in which to elaborate on what you are trying to convey here.

      “The only stuff that’s causing mass devastating and permanent psychological effects…”
      Language I decline to employ when talking about routine or ritual circumcision.

      “…is the fact that we are constantly under attack from various terrorist groups (PA included) and under political attack from the rest of the world for defending ourselves.”
      The Palestinians also believe that they are defending themselves form the lasting consequences of the nakba. If much of the planet agrees with the Palestinians, that fact should give you pause.

      “You have no idea how many cases of PTSD are reported after every terror attack and every war.”
      I do not doubt this claim, but this is also the first time I have seen it made in print. I invite you to reconsider Zionism in light of what you usay here.

      “Versus….none, for those who have simply been circumcised.”
      I do not claim that those circumcised in infancy suffer from PTSD, a mental condition that I do not understand. But please appreciate that some men are sexually damaged by infant circumcision, and others feel cheated out of what was their natural birthright. Circumcision removes parts of the male body that are intensely sexual. I know that because I have those parts. One does not have to be a Freudian in order to appreciate how and why some men are very unhappy about having been circumcised against their will for no evident reason.

      The struggle is against the routine circumcision of infant boys in American and Canadian hospitals. Imagine the (legitimate) anger of women if most American and Canadian women had had their labia minora removed when they were 2-3 days old, without anesthesia.

    14. Reyos Avatar

      I think we can at least agree that the penis forms part of the males genitals, so the issue must be your definition of the word mutilation, here’s how it is defined:

      “Mutilation or maiming is cutting off or injury to a body part of a person so that the part of the body is permanently damaged, detached or disfigured.”

      Cutting off part of the body so that part is permanently detached. Sounds like Circumcision to me.

    15. Danielle Avatar

      OB nurse here… I help do these when I’m at work. Worst part of my job. I’m a mother to 2 intact boys if that tells you anything. It’s their choice and should be!

  13. jckpc Avatar

    I like how this woman wrote an article by doing research on the internet instead of first hand experience. I have seen the same information regurgitated and reformatted by other stay-at-home moms with nothing else to do except to try to generate visitors to their website so they get commission by selling books from Amazon.

    I have been circumcised and I DON’T spend my nights screaming about my “genital mutilation”, have no difficulty having an organism, and no problems with lubrication during sex.

    Why don’t you become an “expert” at…hmmm…let’s see…vaccinations, zika virus, factory farming, how eating meat is bad, how drinking cow’s milk is bad, global warming and what ever other catchy titles you can come up with up.

    Your articles are intellectual abuse and torture.

    1. Nick Avatar

      Read about circumcision before u claim something. Just because u dont feel bad about ut doesnt mean it wasent bad. It also broke ur human rights as a child.

    2. Enrico Avatar

      You have no foreskin, therefore no natural lubrication or moisture at the glans, whatsoever. It is dry and keratised (damaged). You just spend a fortune on lube. Do you even have a penis… What you say doesn’t even make sense.

    3. Momma Avatar

      Love this jckpc!!!!

    4. Erik B Avatar
      Erik B

      Well I too am cut and have never known anything different, but I DO feel violated; I do resent it and have since I learned about the procedure in the boys’ edition of “What’s Happening to My Body.” Nobody had to tell me it was sick and twisted;that was just my natural response to the information. My brother is not cut and he never had any of the issues people throw my way as justification. No infections, no smegma, no rejection by intimate partners(I think he might be gay though, so that could be a factor there), no teasing by classmates, nothing. So my personal experience completely contradicts that of proponents of the procedure.

    5. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      What is “abuse and torture” is to circumcise a newborn male without anesthesia, because the parents think that the natural penis looks weird and put their son at risk of a lifetime of ridicule by fellow males, and of rejection by the women he tries to date.

      The adverse consequences of routine infant circumcision vary a lot by individual and by partner, and very gradually worsen with age. You are one of the many men who are doing fine. But there are circumcised men (and partners thereof) who are not so fortunate.

      There are women who report having difficulty reaching orgasm with a circumcised penis, and no difficulty with an intact penis. It is women, not men, who claim that the circumcised penis leads to lubrication deficits. I am intact, my wife uses KY with me, and I am not in the least put off. For me, the main advantage of the foreskin is that circumcised men tend to thrust too fast, too hard and too deep. I know this from reading what many women have written in social media, and spoken on YouTube.

  14. Thomas Ryans Avatar
    Thomas Ryans


    This is one of the most ignorant, poorly judged, and not to mention racist things I have had the displeasure of reading. (and im jewish, so i’ve seen a lot of bad shit written about us). Your article is purely based on uneducated OPINION, NOT FACT.

    Firstly, I’d just like to state, that I am not even going to talk about this from a religious standpoint because I do not observe any form of religion as a whole.
    However, “Circumcision being unchristian” should have nothing to do with anything as there is many beliefs in the world, and all of them should be viewed.
    Also, stating “The good news is not all Jews are sick, sadistic pedophiles. There is a growing movement of…” means that by writing this you are basically saying that all other jews are…
    You do not know me, but I am just a 19 year old student, would you call me a pedophile just for being jewish if I am not against circumcision?

    I also noted that you are in fact a mother with just a daughter, and no son. I have also noted that all your research came from “Sleepless nights” which I am assuming you spent looking it up on the INTERNET. You know the internet is a pretty big place with a lot of views going around, and because this is the “information age” you can’t trust everything out there. Did you ever stop to think and ask an actual person who has had a circumcision?

    Your loose ‘unreferenced’ findings stated:

    “Circumcision is one of the most excruciatingly painful things that can happen to a person, and anesthesia does very little, if anything, to alleviate that pain.”

    – This I agree with as I have heard that it is painful. However, I was 8 days old and no longer remember the pain, but I’ve seen the video, and the crying barely lasted 5 minutes.

    A violent attack of that magnitude has permanent and devastating psychological effects.

    – Violent attack? (This one really made laugh) Have you ever watched a circumcision, in a hospital or at a bris? Because it looks nothing like a “Violent attack” to me. That is like me calling a baptism a violent attempt to drown a baby (which by the way, we both know is totally untrue).

    – “Devastating effects” Now I may only be 19, but I am fairly sure I don’t have any devastating psychological problems… I know plenty of people who aren’t circumcised and are a lot worse off than me.

    3. Mutilating male genitals deprives men and women of sexual pleasure, makes it difficult for men to connect emotionally to sex, and can therefore have detrimental effects on romantic relationships.

    – As you’ve done no academic research, I will now educate you and tell you that (unlike female circumcision, which is a problem in some countries) it is in no way a form of genital mutilation and is a pretty common medical procedure. Following on from this, I will let you into my personal life and tell you that my sex is great. I have no problem with performance, confidence, and my romantic relationships remain unaffected. In fact, my girlfriend would go as far as saying that she prefers circumcised over uncircumcised.

    4. Circumcision is not “Christian.” It is unethical and evil no matter what your religion – so don’t use religion as an excuse.

    – As I already wrote above, it is not about religion. But when you say “don’t use religion as an excuse” you are trying to justify not getting circumcised because ‘Its not christian’. In this sense you are being extremely hypocritical, as you are using your religion as an excuse not to get it done. (Side note: in the bible, isn’t there a part about not bearing false witness? In which case, you are going against your own religion by stating anything you’ve written here).

    “Circumcision may cause a man to work harder to achieve orgasm, resulting in emotional and physical distancing from his partner. When a circumcised man has sex, he may have to concentrate intensely on the erotic sensations he is receiving while simultaneously blocking out any uncomfortable sensations. Survey respondents often reported that their circumcised partners seemed to have to work too hard to achieve orgasm. And because of the erotic tissue that has been removed, he can’t enjoy the sensations leading up to orgasm or his partner’s responses.”

    ^ This part I did not even bother reading because its bollocks, plain and simple. My parents clearly had good sex to have me and my siblings, and so did their friends. I in no way feel inadequate and if anything my phallis is cleaner than most.

    Doing some of your research for you, I decided to look up where you found most of it. The research conducted by Dr. Rhinehart (I am sure you read) was written in July 1999, and as we live in an ever-developing world you should know that medicine and procedures have improved greatly since then.

    Would you like the phone number to my surgeon?

    One of the last things I wanted to point out before I just end up rambling on, is that most of my friends, family and colleagues are/were circumcised as babies. Upon reading Rhinehart’s opinionated list of psychological effects, I can tell you with the utmost of assurance that none of them (including me) have experienced any of these. Furthermore, if there was, it would not be linked to a circumcision.

    Concluding this, I would just like to say that next time you decide to spout mindless information about another religion, or decide to write any form of article without doing research from both sides, please, do humanity a favour and just don’t. As I have already mentioned, my circumcision has effected my life in no way whatsoever, and the only pain it has caused me, was reading this article.


    1. Nick Avatar

      Read about circumcision before claiming something. not gonna bother responding to someone who dobt know anything about the topic

    2. Enrico Avatar

      Brainwashed and Jewish. How rare… Jackhammering your partner because your penis is desensitised is not romantic. You just don’t know any better. It is simply a way for Jews to brand their flock. Nobody with a brain likes a scarred, dry penis, which feels like sandpaper when inserted. What you quote above is the equivalent of a fart.

    3. Momma Avatar

      Thomas you are awesome! Well said, truly.

    4. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      Not every circumcised man, and every partner of a circumcised man, is as sanguine about the procedure as you are. We who oppose circumcision are not racist, because the way we deplore it does not vary by the race of the circumcised individual.

      In 1999. the use of lidocaine during American RIC was rare. Now lidocaine is used about 30% of the time. Otherwise, little has changed. There is reason to suspect, BTW, that RIC is more painful than bris.

      The vast majority of circumcisions performed in the USA are done by the medical profession, for no well considered reasons, and with no research done on the possible adverse consequences for sexual function and pleasure.

      “…unlike female circumcision, which is a problem in some countries, male circ is in no way a form of genital mutilation…”
      Mutilation is an emotive term. The point is that circumcision is to be avoided.
      The sexual harm of male circ is not researched and hence is easy to understate. African women who have undergone FGM deny that it has harmed their ability to enjoy sex.

      “…and is a pretty common medical procedure.”
      That male circ is common makes it all the more deplorable.

      “…I will let you into my personal life and tell you that my sex is great.”
      That is not true of every circumcised man, or of every partner of circumcised men. The internet has enabled thousands of people to air their true feelings about this tender topic.

      “I have no problem with performance, confidence…”
      Good for you. But do not assume that your experience is that of every circumcised male.

      “…and my romantic relationships remain unaffected.”
      How many intact men have your partners been intimate with?

      “In fact, my girlfriend would go as far as saying that she prefers circumcised over uncircumcised.”
      Has she been in a relationship with an intact male?

    5. Esme Avatar

      Dude. It’s not OK to amputate healthy body parts from babies. I don’t care if ‘God told you to’. I suspect that you wouldn’t be OK with a religious faith that required cutting off their kids’ earlobes or labia. Newsflash: it’s not OK to cut off foreskins either.
      Amputations of healthy body parts for religious blood rituals should ONLY be for consenting adults.

    6. Erik B Avatar
      Erik B

      The mention of religion is due to many people, like my wife, defending the procedure on religious grounds(apparently it doesn’t matter that MY religion outright prohibits such action).

    7. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      “…next time you decide to spout mindless information about another religion, or decide to write any form of article without doing research from both sides, please, do humanity a favour and just don’t.”
      I invite you to lead by example. And to start by setting aside your preconceptions derived from religious tradition. Please appreciate that the vast majority of us out here are not Jews.

      “…my circumcision has effected my life in no way whatsoever…”
      What you say here is an opinion, not a fact.

      “…and the only pain it has caused me, was reading this article.”
      The name for that pain is “cognitive dissonance”.


    8. Dan Avatar

      You just can’t admit that it is a barbaric practice because your religion forces you to take a stance that goes against the very evolution of our bodies. Your religion is obviously sick, just like the rest. Time to evolve your thought.

    9. anne Avatar

      There is no benefit to circumcision. It is medically unneccsary and derived from a very sick act of betrayal and abuse. It is the origin of sexual perversion, violence, addiction which is just a reenactment of this sadomasochistic birthing ritual relationship. What God asks you to injur your baby in order to be worthy. This is a sick cult dark energy not an act of Love. We know to much about trauma to let this go on.

    10. Reyos Avatar

      Galatians 5:2 Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing.

      The christian Bible says don’t circumcise, so yeah doing it is “unchristian” but besides that point, since you claim to want to keep religion out of this, lets look at some of the other issues.

      “– This I agree with as I have heard that it is painful. However, I was 8 days old and no longer remember the pain, but I’ve seen the video, and the crying barely lasted 5 minutes”

      Good you admit that, but here’s two issues you don’t cover, one, at 8 days old your brain isn’t fully formed yet, this kind of pain causes lasting damage to that forming brain. And did you stop crying after 5 minutes because you weren’t in pain anymore, or did you go into shock from the trauma?

      ““Devastating effects” Now I may only be 19, but I am fairly sure I don’t have any devastating psychological problems… I know plenty of people who aren’t circumcised and are a lot worse off than me.”

      I have depression and ADHD, I am borderline for ASD, all of these are higher in the male population and higher in circumcised populations, as I mentioned, the brain is still forming when infants are circumcised, without proper anaesthetic that overload of pain causes lasting damage.

      “no way a form of genital mutilation and is a pretty common medical procedure”

      Here’s the definition of mutilation: Mutilation or maiming is cutting off or injury to a body part of a person so that the part of the body is permanently damaged, detached or disfigured.

      We will agree that a man’s genitals include his penis, so by the definition of the word mutilation, circumcision is genital mutilation.

      “my girlfriend would go as far as saying that she prefers circumcised over uncircumcised.”

      Does she actually have experience with uncircumcised men? Studies have shown that women who experience both are 4 times more likely to prefer intact men, and in the gay community there is a preference for intact also.

      “Circumcision may cause a man to work harder to achieve orgasm, resulting in emotional and physical distancing from his partner.”

      Sorry to say this but this part is totally true, I know men who are circumcised who can’t achieve orgasm, myself it takes me forever during sex, and that’s when I don’t want to take my time with it, forget about coming to oral. The only ‘fast’ way for me to get off is in my own hand, and I usually have to finish up that way, because we often give up on sex due to how hard it is to finish.

      But since you’re talking about talking about the jewish people with no research, lets look at what some Jewish scholars have said about circumcision:

      “With regard to circumcision, one of the reasons for it is, in my opinion, the wish to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible.” ~ Moses ben Maimon

      “But when a circumcised man desires the beauty of a woman, and cleaves to his wife, or to another woman comely in appearance […] She has no pleasure from him when she lies down or when she arises, and it would be better for her if he had not known her … for he arouses her passion to no avail and she remains in a state of desire for her husband, ashamed and confounded, while the seed is still in her reservoir.” ~ Isaac ben Yediah

      “I would add that I consider circumcision to be a symbol of two things necessary to our well being. One is the excision of pleasures which bewitch the mind. For since among the love-lures of pleasure the palm is held by the mating of man and woman, the legislators thought good to dock the organ which ministers to such intercourse, thus making circumcision the figure of the excision of excessive and superfluous pleasure, not only of one pleasure, but of all the other pleasures signified by one, and that the most imperious.” ~ Philo of Alexandria

      All Jewish, all admitting that circumcision does decrease sexual pleasure.

  15. Thomas Ryans Avatar
    Thomas Ryans

    Quick comment as well: Noticed that you are pro-choice, glad you believe in fetus mutilation, but disagree with circumcision, you hypocritical twit.

    1. Lilly D. Avatar
      Lilly D.


    2. Alyssa Avatar

      What!!? So she admits in this article that babies feel pain more intensely? Being pro choice, she beleives it’s ok to tear this (highly sensitive to pain) baby apart limb from limb, but cutting the foreskin is what’s mutilation? Thanks for pointing this out Thomas, this discredits her intelligence and competence to take a stand for babies.

      1. Erik B Avatar
        Erik B

        Are not equally hypocritical for being against abortion but in favor if circumcision? If yoy xant listen to her, listen to me. I’m against both abortion and circumcision. Oh, and.being pro-choice doesn’t mean you support abortion. It means you acknowledge that the baby isnt the only person involved and that the second person has the right to bodily autonomy as well. As for “tearing them limv from limb,l that is.not hiw abortions are performed. Thats how they remove the carcass of a miscarriage. So you are also a hypocrite fir telling people to do more research when your own self education has gone ni farther than finding something that supports what you want.

    3. Enrico Avatar

      Each one of you is an illiterate pervert and cretin, desperate to find any vacuous excuse to keep the mutilator culture going. Do not breed.

    4. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      I am pro-life and largely agree with most of what Sara Burrows has written above.

  16. Sarah Lewis Avatar
    Sarah Lewis

    I would just like to say that this article is full of complete bias bullshit. There are no academic studies on what you have written and therefore is no evidence to support your OPINIONS. As a Christian myself, it is not in my personal religion for males to be circumcised, however, your blind ignorance towards this issue has physically angered both me and people that currently surround me.
    How can you say that circumcision has any link to psychological effects?
    Worse that that PEDOPHILIA!? This is mental illness and in no way do the two show any correlation!

    Theft of sexual pleasure? Powerlessness?
    -It is not even worth the rage that this filled me with. You are like an American version of Katie Hopkins. As a journalist at least she attempts to support her views and sticks by them. You have contradicted yourself more than once in this single article. Additionally, how can you expect any of your readers to take you seriously when you provide no proof for anything that you are saying. This extends to ALL of your articles. Not this one alone.

    On your article about depression, something I have been through the majority of my life, you mention about how it is an inevitable part of being human. Here…you are wrong. Depression is not an inevitable part of being human. This is something people like you cannot comprehend because you confuse it with sadness and feeling down. In your article you throw about the term without fully explaining it, and therefore I assume not completely understanding it. Kind of child-like to write an article on something you don’t understand right? Also, I would like to highlight that not everybody experiences side-effects that you have mentioned and brain damage!? that’s rich! Someone once told me that ‘those who experience depression see the world for what it is. Those who don’t see the world as they wish.’ I am not sure yourself but I would personally not wish to live my life in my own head (as you appear to with your narrow-minded views).

    Finally, THE CURE. There is currently no cure for depression. As you have mentioned it is to do with hormone levels in your brain. There are things we can all do to help improve our moods -this does not mean there is a cure!!

    I really hope that for your daughter’s sake you learn to support what you are saying and learn to be open-minded. I also pray that when she meets people who have experienced the things you choose to write about, that they are respectful and open-minded enough not to completely disregard you from their lives. People like you will forever be in my prayers. Good luck with life.

    1. Nick Avatar

      Everything she said was true.

      U remove 50% of ur penis by doing a vlap circumcisiom and u desensetice your glance so u feel less pleasure. Please read about corcumciaion before spreading ur nonsense

    2. Pattycakes Avatar

      What else can I say??? You’re an idiot. Don’t even know where to begin trying to educate you.

    3. Enrico Avatar

      You have no place here, you illiterate pervert. And your medical knowledge and qualification on matters such as mutilation and depression are non-existent. Please keep your mouth closed, rather than be proved a fool, as you have done here. You are both cringeworthy and embarrassing.

    4. Momma Avatar

      Sarah, you rock! Keep standing up for circumcision!

    5. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      I battled depression off and on throughout my younger years, yet I largely agree with Sara Burrows wrote above. She uses stronger language than I would use, and I would give more emphasis to the fact that men and their partners vary a lot in how they react to circumcision.
      Please appreciate that much of Sara Burrows’s emotional intensity may be grounded in sexual experiences she declines to reveal because she has revealed her real name.

    6. Erik B Avatar
      Erik B

      Cutting onto healthy tissue is wrong regardless of any flaws you can find in the person saying so. If you want to have your son strapped down and physically altered, nobody van stop you, but remember this: Nobody told me circumcision was wrong. I read about it in a book on puberty when I was 12 and was horrified that people did this to their children. So if you have your son cut, realize that he may grow up to resent you for it, without anyone telling him to. His body, his choice.

    7. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      I agree that there is no academic research that speaks to most of the claims that Ms Burrows make in her post above. But that fact is no cause to celebrate. Given how common routine infant circumcision (RIC) has been among the English speaking peoples, and how common it remains in the USA down to the present day, there is an ethical imperative to research the possible adverse psychological and sexual consequences of RIC. Instead, we have an unconscionable silence. We have only anecdotes, most of them circulated only since the internet got underway about 20 years ago. I refrain from saying much of what Ms Burrows says, in good part because there is no research backing her up. Yet I remain firmly opposed to RIC.

      Sara Lewis, I do not agree with what you write about depression, starting with the fact that I have gone through 3 bouts of depression. I have concluded that the vulnerability of many to depression is part of the price paid for being human.

  17. Kristi Avatar

    Wow I am floored. I am so glad I fought for my son and did not do this to him. I can’t imagine the way our bond as parents and child would have been severed for ever if I had opted for this. I cried just reading the article, in no way could I watch the videos. It makes me physically ill. To think that circumcision was more akin to creating slaves to control, to break away the bonds of the baby and parent especially their safe mother… This is so sick. To take away a God given right, hours to days after being born, only months after being created 🙁 I’m am sharing this article…. I am prepared for the worms that come out of that can… People need to be educated!

    1. Enrico Avatar

      Well said.

  18. Dawn Avatar

    If circumcision caused all these problems that this propaganda spits off why haven’t the millions of men that have had it done over thousands of years had mental issues? Wait because it’s not true lmao. Also look up definition of shock…its a life threatening condition which is not what is happening in the photos you ignorant people…this article sounds ridiculous and over dramatic. When will you people realize you are all a little crazy. Fyi I found brother k so called wife’s obituary and death record…you are all being fooled by your cult leader which is exactly what this is.

    1. Nick Avatar

      The 10 worst countries for females is the same countries who perform most circumcisons 😉

    2. Enrico Avatar

      Go away, you filthy, illiterate dog. It causes more mental anguish than you know.

    3. Momma Avatar

      Amen dawn!!!’

    4. concerned cynic Avatar
      concerned cynic

      What are the two best known circumcising cultures? What is known about sex and marriage in those two cultures?

  19. Gerald Bukosky Avatar

    Thanks Sara. I opted out for my son, so happy that I did !

  20. amy Avatar

    Thank you! I am a regret mama- my first was circumcised, and I wish I never allowed for this decision to be made without me putting up a better fight! My second is intact, and there are things my first son expresses that makes me believe his circumcision has left a very deep wound- and he’s only 3 years old! I’m not an “intactivist” but I do not support circumcision unless medically necessary which I believe is less than 2% of all intact males…I have posted my stance and experience and have many friends, even my husband that seem to find it obsessive to advocate for the health and well-being of our future sons! I won’t give up on this- because our sons matter!

  21. Jessica Avatar

    Great article!

  22. […] journalist Sara Burrows puts it, “Circumcision has been likened to having a sharp metal instrument jammed under one’s […]

  23. Tayla du Plessis Avatar
    Tayla du Plessis

    My son had a circumcision at the age of 3, his foreskin had become more tight and closed around the tip and after trying to stertch it bit by bit from birth there posed risks of infection etc, so when i made the decision to remove his tonsils because of multiple ear and midway infection, the doctor suggested the circumcision be done at the same time, so he would only receive anaesthetics once. He is 5 years old now and i havent noticed any emotional problems, i explained to him what they did and why and he hasnt worried a bit about it since. Is there any difference between this type of circumcision and the ones you mention?
    Thank you for so bravely researching and posting on this subject. I have thought about it alot and i have read and heard some terrifying stories about a vast majority of children in Africa enslaved by this practice and many deaths because of the lack of proper doctors performing the circumcision, but it is like you said people have no idea what they are doing, they have no knowledge on these things.

    1. Nick Avatar

      Normal circumcision is a vlap which means you remove all skin, manycases the child is holddown or pushed by relatives (if he is older) not even knowing what they are going to do.

      in your case it was for a medical purpose and there was no other way, nothing else to do. all necessary medical operations are welcome for the well being of a child.

      Your son was most likely traumatized from this maybe not visible but for sure he had pain which in his case were necessary.

      and sexual problems aint really visible you can have sex and it feels greate, its just not the same without the foreskin. mostly noticeable in foreplay most males hate it and cant do it because their glans have lost alot of “soft touch” so they wont feel the pleasure of laying down hugging with your partner and do soft touches. since the skin goes up and down while you move around.

      a side note is that the 10 worst countries for females are countries where males are forced to get circumcised as kids. something to think about 🙂

    2. Angela Avatar

      “his foreskin had become more tight and closed around the tip and after trying to stertch it bit by bit from birth”

      This is a classic example of “forced retraction.” A lot of parents think they should retract babies’ foreskin to scrub them out. Uniformed doctors and nurses might even have told them to do so.

      In fact, the foreskin of infants and young children is fused to the glans, to seal out contaminants. It is not supposed to retract!

      Over a period of several years, the foreskin gradually separates and become retractile. Some boys’ foreskin might not become retractile until their late teens, and that is still normal.

      “Only clean what is seen. Wipe externally, like a finger. If intact, do not retract.” Only the boy himself should push his foreskin back, on his own, when he is ready.

      1. Enrico Avatar

        Thank you. Correctly stated.

  24. Thomas Garrett Avatar
    Thomas Garrett

    I know that I am late, but I love this article!

  25. Nick Avatar

    Circumcison is not really recommended in countties with free healthcare since it have no medical benefits. The only lie is that it prevents sickness which everyone know is false.. u still nees to use a condom.

    Its still promoted even adverticed in some places for the money. Like philippines almost all boys are circumcised with ads outside the hospitals with smileys.

    They charge money for the 10 min operation later the foreskin is sold to create tns products (lotions for rich women to make their skin look younger) they also sell foreskin to create skin for burnt victums.

    Its a billion dollar buissnies. All because boys right doesnt matter.

    If anyone would holddown a lil girl and touch her genetelia is rape. Now we are talking young boys where u sexual harash and cut their bodies and its not even counted as abuse.

  26. barbra Avatar

    I refused this procedure at the hospital when my son was born. It is completely barbaric. Yes I have heard all the scare tactics. They are just that.

    Also, I really feel this is a decision the person having this done should make for themselves, now how can a day old baby give Informed Concent? On a procedure that will only have an affect on the patient? It is not possible. It is also arrogant to assume it will have no lasting effects as well. It is torture.

    Society takes it on themselves to make and push this decision, a decision that has no benefit and unless you are Jewish, does not apply to a routine procedure.

    Follow the money folks.

    Great Post.

    1. Enrico Avatar

      It should not even be allowed for “religious” purposes. There is no such thing, and the more severe Jewish version of circumcision practiced today is a man-made variation of the so-called “nick” originally practiced, because the recipients would attempt to stretch their foreskins. Both are human constructs, in any event.

  27. […] nem vicc. A jó öreg Amerikai Egyesült Államokban harminc másodpercenként játszódik le pontosan ez – mindössze azzal az apró különbséggel, hogy az áldozatok nem kislányok, hanem […]

  28. audra myna Avatar
    audra myna

    Bull shite! This article is do full of crap and just plain lies!

    1. Enrico Avatar

      Go away, you illiterate pervert mutilator.

    2. Momma Avatar


  29. Rae Avatar

    While a great article its only some of the information on the subject, and I’m guessing like with most cases (every case is different in the outcome).
    Now as a mother with a son that may have to have it done for medical purposes, I hope people won’t berate me if I have to organize for my son to go though it.
    As a race we need to stop thinking that everyone has the exact same experience.

  30. Joe Avatar

    Ah the Internet, where every Joe and Sally can use Wikipedia as a key reference and vomit their self righteous opinions of the day onto Word and Val themselves an author. Nice click bait title. I read maybe the paragraphs and decided this article could have used an op ed disclaimer as your facts are a joke at best.

    1. Enrico Avatar

      Go away, you illiterate pervert. Go play with your dry, scarred dick.

    2. Momma Avatar


  31. Laura Avatar

    Tayla, from your anecdote it sounds as if you’ve had bad advice. Babies genitals do not require ‘stretching’ and good medics warn against the damage parents can do trying to retract a foreskin years before it’s ready to do so. This is called premature forced retraction and there’s an epidemic of it in the US.. Probably because..cha-ching.. it leads to damage which can require circumci$ion.

  32. Luke Avatar

    I was circumcised when I was 3,look at my Twitter luke Andrew stilwell and u can see the results of this mutilation/theft,i ended up in an armed siege with SWAT where it was a miracle men didnt die, the memorys of my circumcision and beingrestrained led to this and my battle with SWAT,circumcision has ruined my life in so many ways I could write a lord of the rings size book about it,you pro circumcisers should shut your lieing thieving shithole mouths before someone like me finds u and stabs u up,i would like to cut out the tongue of every pro infant circumciser with a rusty bread knife with no asaesthetic as a warm up for the main torture I would then have in mind for u……

    1. Enrico Avatar

      Well said. Stay strong.

    2. George Avatar

      Luke, firstly sorry that you have been affected so badly from your circumcision … I was 30 when I was circumcised and fortunately for me I don’t feel the way you do. I wonder how many of the SWAT Team that manned your siege were circumcised? I believe it was a miracle that you didn’t die mate.

      Perhaps you should write that Lord Of The Rings sized book instead of threatening people who have different opinions and/or experiences than yourself. “Stabs u up”? … seriously cut their tongue out!? but they typed their opinions. Rusty bread knife? … Try a spoon! (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves – Alan Rickman)

      By in large the comments here have been informative and clearly there are a lot brighter (Academically educated people than I) except Enrico … Mate or Mate-ette, you have offered nothing but the fact that you are natural and call everyone else perverts and grubs, you are a loud mouth only made brave by the anonymity of the internet … you’re the sort of bloke that sits quiet in a room because your scared and then berates and abuses people online.

      But back to you young Luke, I am not a fan of circumcision and I am here to tell you and anyone reading this … it hurt!!! Not a fan at all and I feel your pain. By the time I was 30 I had become quite attached to the little fella! and 20 plus years hasn’t dimmed that light so to speak.

      But I have faced worse things in life. its not perfect and life has it’s stresses and deals some s#@t cards sometimes.

      Anyway mate, I hope that this message finds you okay all these months later. Write that book! I’ll read it, so would a lot of these academic bloggers!

      No more SWAT! … they’re probably nice blokes too who don’t agree with forced circumcision (Who knows)

      Good luck to you mate.

  33. Patrix Avatar

    Just a comment about the origins of circumcision. Some historians have theorized why circumcision has sprung up in places all over the planet at some point even though the cultures never interacted with each other. The idea is that there can be complications with an uncircumcised penis that can cause issues throughout life, now in modern times obviously we have easy ways to correct those issues without resorting to full circumcising (although many doctors will still insist on it). But several thousands of years ago an infant could get deadly infections and die from what are simple medical fixes now. So in a time of high infant mortality rates social leaders would do everything they could to address it, especially sons, but how do you convince people to cut off part of their babies genitals?

    You tell them “God said so!” and it becomes mixed into their religious ideologies. Only as culture and civilization evolved cultures would have learned other methods to avoid circumcision so in cultures where it wasn’t connected to religious practice the practice of circumcision also went away. This explains why circumcision has existed on every continent at some point, why nomadic Jews from 4,000 years ago share a practice with tribes in Papua New Guinea.

    It was also reintroduced to society by Kellog (the dude who invented corn flakes, no joke) who went to an international medical convention in Europe and introduced the practice of circumcision to medical doctors from the modern world as a way to curb the evils of masturbation. Only this was done on pubescent boys. They also practiced burning the woman’s clitoris with acid. The practice persisted for some 30 or so years in various parts of Europe until national healthcare started becoming adopted at it’s early stages and it simply became a pointless practice. In the U.S. though it’s an easy way for doctors to tack on an extra charge of around $150 on average, usually covered through insurance. So doctors in modern times push circumcision not because of any medical benefits…but because it’s an easy way to line their pockets. It really is evil.

  34. Vincent Avatar

    Phimosis cannot be an excuse for mutilating a human being: one doesn´t have to cut the foreskin! As people doing that are ignorant, they should read the article of Wikipedia about frenulum breve. The surgeon just makes an „incision in the frenulum that is then stretched to lengthen it and stitched closed.“
    Moreover, there do exist specific massage creams in order to make the foreskin softer…
    You´re all invited to live – indeed – in the 21st century, the era of the Homo sapiens sapiens!

  35. Enrico Avatar

    Well written, Sara. What you state is the uncomfortable truth ignorant parents and medical “professionals” are too ignorant to acknowledge.

  36. Jules Avatar

    Ridiculous & unscientific. As a nurse, I helped with circumcisions as well as being present for my 3 sons’ circumcisions. The babies are numbed (that 96% number is not true, no medical sources cited) There are measurable vital sign changes associated with shock, and someone who is familiar with what true shock is, can easily tell a difference between that & a baby who is resting.
    Several reputable, health organizations confirm parental choice for circumcision; including the AAP, AMA, CDC & WHO. These organizations recognize that for a large majority of people, the choice to circumcise is religiously based, and for that reason, do not “promote” the decision as to remain religiously neutral on the topic. For those men who have had ongoing issues with foreskin, for those who have undergone adult circumcisions, and to parents who have made informed, valuable medical decisions for their children; calling circumcision”mutilation” is both body shaming & denying their own feelings on the issue. As a female, attempting to compare a minor, beneficial procedure to FGM does a great disservice to those who have experienced real trauma, torture & abuse. FGM has no health benefits & has been proven to Cause medical issues, whereas circumcision has proven health benefits. There are many personal choices parents must make for their children and sometimes that does mean making bodily decisions. If those are made with logic & love, then no one has a right to judge! Especially the mom who has no sons!

    1. Dan Avatar

      Except that there are no benefits. The only benefit is that money changes hands.

    2. Maud Avatar

      How do you explain circumcision is unheard of in Europe for instance?
      The fact you’re a nurse doesn’t prove a thing. Medical professionals are pretty often uncaring to pain that’s supposed to be “minor”.

  37. Erika Avatar

    NO, actually it’s extremely rare for a Mohel to do that after circumcision, that is an extremely small fraction of Orthodox Jews, a very tiny fraction, that everyone else decries. Do you even actually know any Jews???
    This is just another article full of ignorant drivel, written by a WOMAN, with one DAUGHTER. Ugh what a complete waste of time.

    1. Dan Avatar

      Your religion really needs to grow up past this cicumcision thing. Abrahamic religions need to drop off the earth now. They’re no longer needed. They’ve forced you to defend a stance that argues with human evolution. Great job! That’s where judaism or any ancient religion will get you.

  38. Alyssa Marshall Avatar
    Alyssa Marshall

    This is such an amazing, brutally honest article. Everything you said was true and I hope some people have learned something new today. There are no medical benefits to circumcision, no need for it at all.

    If you can teach your son to wash his hair, he can wash his genitals.

    Until puberty you just have to wipe him like a finger, do not retract.

    Keep your children whole. It’s easier, better, and what was intended.

  39. Wulf Avatar

    “The foreskin is the most sensitive part of a male’s body – other than the head of the penis itself”

    This is not actually correct. The transitional mucosa of the foreskin is the most sensitive part (in terms of erogenous fine touch sensitivity) period, even more sensitive than the head of the penis itself.

    Male circumcision removes the primary erogenous tissues of the penis, irreversibly.

    >The glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. The transitional region from the external to the internal prepuce is the most sensitive region of the uncircumcised penis and more sensitive than the most sensitive region of the circumcised penis. Circumcision ablates the most sensitive parts of the penis.

    >The glans penis is primarily innervated by free nerve endings and has primarily protopathic sensitivity [43]. Protopathic sensitivity refers to cruder, poorly localized feelings (including pain, some temperature sensations and certain perceptions of mechanical contact) [44]. In the glans penis, encapsulated end-organs are sparse, and found mainly along the glans corona and the frenulum [43]. The only portion of the body with less fine-touch discrimination than the glans penis is the heel of the foot [45]. In contrast, the male prepuce ridged band (Fig. 7) at the mucocutaneous junction has a high concentration of encapsulated receptors [46]. The innervation difference between the protopathic sensitivity of the glans penis and the corpuscular receptor-rich ridged band of the prepuce is part of the normal complement of penile erogenous tissue.

    >The prepuce is primary, erogenous tissue necessary for normal sexual function.

  40. […] Circumcision is Child Abuse and Torture – Here is a link to multiple circumcision videos worth a million words. Warning – I would not watch these if you have no plans to circumcise. The images and sounds will … This method began about 150 years after Jesus’ death in an effort by Jewish … […]

  41. Dee Sang Avatar

    I hope many people will see and really read this article.

    Forced genital cutting is a sex crime, and a wound that keeps on wounding, for life.

    Say NO to baby blade rape, parents! Keep your baby whole.
    Many more people are speaking out against this barbaric crime.
    Thanks to social media and the internet, a video of a circumcision is a click away. No thinking or feeling person who sees the operation can then let it happen to their child, or anyone else’s child.
    Celebrities are even beginning to speak out.
    Penn Gillette, Alicia Silverstone, Howard Stern, Dustin Hoffman…just to name a few.

    I hope the lovely Kutcher/Kunis new boy is spared the horror of having his penis flayed to please the grown ups.


  42. ANTI-Zionist Avatar

    This practice is the most barbaric outrage of hypocrisy of human rights around the world just as Jewish ritual animal slaughter by which meats are deemed to be blessed and therefore consumable by adherents to the diabolical faith of Judaism.

  43. Ashley Avatar

    Love this! Thank you for standing up!

  44. Jeff Pittman Avatar
    Jeff Pittman

    Thank you for this article. I too agree that circumcision, both male and female, is torture. Your public stance against this practice is encouraging.

  45. Frank Avatar

    Thank-you for telling the truth. I know because I was mutilated as an infant and cannot have normal intercourse.

  46. […] this is not a joke. This exact same thing happens every 30 seconds in the good ole’ United States of America, only the victims are newborn baby […]

  47. […] RELATED: Circumcision is Child Abuse […]

  48. Derek Avatar

    My penis was mutilated when I was eight and it ruined my sex life. It really was child abuse, not that I or my penis will ever be recognised as being abused.

  49. Antonio Avatar

    Filipino started laughing when spoke to. They said that Europeans are afraid of the pain of circumcision and that they are weak. What a joke. Ban circumcision at least in clean developed countries.

  50. Antonio Avatar


  51. PW Avatar

    SO …. it’s not ok to perform Circumcision on newborns, ESPECIALLY with it being a proven fact that it is cleaner, but it IS OK with MOST people to kill a baby in the womb?!! But then if a pregnant woman has a miscarriage from someone else causing the miscarriage it is manslaughter? AGAIN this country is so twisted and backward.

  52. Napoleon Avatar

    This the dumbest shit ever….circumcision is not and never will be child abuse period….the baby’s don’t even remember the shit…I sure as hell don’t….circumcise ya kids…don’t listen to these new fools

  53. Napoleon Avatar

    You people find something new to butch about every week…from feminism to this bullshit…stop crying and bitching you little bitches..GOD said to circumcise….GOD is greater than any of you or your thoughts

    1. Sara Burrows Avatar

      You must be God. So nice to meet you. Thanks for the commands of your demented psyche. I’m sorry you were tortured at birth. It’s really hard to heal from trauma you can’t remember.

      1. Cran Berrij Uce Avatar
        Cran Berrij Uce

        Napoleon is right. I bet half the facts on this article are false. I also bet that I could find another article condoning circumcision that has nearly no fact. You are an “Internet Extremist.” You see some YouTube video made by another internet extremist and your like “I’m gonna write an article on my blog! Then nobody will circumcise anymore!” The truth is nobody cares about your blog in the first place. Especially if you go around condemning stuff like circumcision.

  54. Megan Avatar

    Their body, their choice. Period.
    We do not own children, therefore we do not have the right to make unnecessary life-altering decisions for them, esp with regards to cutting off a perfectly functioning body part.
    Christopher Hitchens said it best, “Religion makes morally normal people say and do disgusting and wicked things.”

  55. ABK Avatar

    I wonder if the author considers abortion, especially partial birth abortion to be a form of child abuse or torture. I think a baby being murdered is far worse than having some meaningless flap of skin removed from a boys penis. Also, has she written so harshly regarding female genital mutilation as practiced by Muslims when girls are 10 or 12 years.

    1. Jason Avatar

      It is a multifunctional integral part of a penis, not a meaningless flap.

  56. Brien Avatar

    torture, sexual assault, genital mutilation,
    Your article is more disgusting than the procedure.

  57. Jessie Nagy Avatar
    Jessie Nagy

    Didn’t find the contact section, so here’s an article submission:

    The Truth About Circumcision | Jessie Nagy




    The early Christian Church, with the guidance of St. Paul, condemned circumcision.

    It began with Abraham, discontinued by Jesus.

    Mormons also condemn it.

    Traditional Christianity takes it as an insult.

    There’s a variety of answers regarding J***** (taboo word) traditions of cutting. Some claim it’s unnecessary.

    Biblical scholars claim that a passage persuading to circumcise was added ~500 B.C. – more than 1,000 years after the time of Abraham.

    By the fifth century B.C. , during the time of the return of the J*** from Babylonian captivity, the priesthood tried to dominate politics. They did this by instituting a temple-centered sacrificial cult, & this is by a source by an M.D. (Paul M. Fleiss) – I scam you not, which newborn males were initiated by male genital mutilation. Thus the creation of the Abrahamic cutting myth was added to ‘Genesis,’ pretending it was already there. The priesthood’s power was diminished by ~ A.D. 71. The practice of cutting was still a part of the He*****.

    Rules of cutting are maintained by the Talmud & Mishnah, the former being a commentary of the latter.

    By the Mishnah, ritual cutting has 3 applications: milah (slicing), periah (tearing), & metzitzah (sucking).

    The second instruction is done by the cutter inserting a specially sharpened fingernail into the wound & tears & scrapes the inner fold.

    The third instruction: The cutter sucks the blood of penis.

    Don’t believe it? Believe it. There’s plenty of video recordings of it on the internet. The reason there is lots of entertainment distracting people is so that they won’t be watching the rituals anyway. If they do, they’ll just try to make more entertainment. Entertainment is a fucking disease.

    While many sects of the J*** have modified this practice, they still need to be disclosed.

    Sigismund Schlomo Freud defended his sons to not experience cutting. Would he protect others? Theodore Herzl did the same for his son. Would he do the same for others?

    Many infants stop crying because they have a state of shock.

    Even though Muslims are largest cutting group, their holy book does not condone it.

    The Koran is anticircumcision.

    It even blames the archetypal Satan for tricking man:

    (Satan said:) “I will mislead them, I will entice them, I will command them to mark the ears of livestock…….” [4:119]

    The Sunnah, written hundreds of years after Muhammad’s death, feature recommendation for cutting both male & female.

    This similar thing has happened as many poseurs have joined the more worthy extremist pro-male spaces, with acolytes of Gavin Mcinnes.

    Classical Greek historians claim that some Arab tribes dwelling in the Red Sea did penile mutilations before the birth of Muhammad. Migrations, slave trading, competition allowed cutting to go to Africa & parts of Asia. They are done as tests of pain endurance.

    Get these fucking posers with their pop. culture ideas out.

    Many Muslim cutters are barbers, often used with razors or kitchen knives.

    It was reported that during nineteenth century North Africa, the barber dipped the cut penis in a basin of egg white, then dusted it with rabbit waste matter & powdered henna. If the boy displayed pain. the consequences for his family could be worse. Muslim fathers have actually killed their boys after displaying discomfort.

    With dominance hierarchies, all that is required is for one to have others subscribe to it. This is why I type that abandoning “alpha” male competition is needed. They’re subscribing to trends. It only gives credit to a fringe. Masculinity can better society by adhering to the various nature of masculinity, so get these fucking posers out who try preach that you should be adhering to a prescribed dominant archetype. It’s a religion – a cult, not realism. Politics infiltrate agendas.

    In some parts of the Muslim world, there is entire removal of all the pubic skin – cutting from naval to anus to remove surface skin, then hot oil is applied. I scam you not. There’s a whole other world besides internet “funnies,” etc..

    Again, there’s quarrels of Moslems with unauthentic & unreliable Sunnah & Hadith.

    Political laws are conjured by a few males to dominate others, & then these idiots ruin it for other males.

    Circumcision is a blood ritual disguised as science.

    What – you think that religious sects have no persuasion over politics? Why is it do you see religious figures exchanging with world leaders? What kind of bubble are you living in? Get a life.

    Anthropologists have suggested that genital mutilation began ~10,000 years ago by Arab & African Tribes who lived near what is now known as the Saharah desert. They became increasingly violent because of the ruined food supply due to climate changes. Yes, catastrophic environmental changes happened. Rape, slavery, & war ensued. They began to worship a bloodthirsty deity, starting child sacrifice.

    Freud believed that they altered killing their boys to killing parts: cutting off penises & testicles, then cutting off just parts of skin.

    Thousands of years later, Egypt was doing circumcision.

    Don’t think that these are THE only defective. Anyone who has a penchant for violence has something wrong with them. I might use it to teach someone a lesson, but I don’t waste money on degenerate, garbage “snuff” films. Women liking “snuff” themes is something that society doesn’t care to acknowledge.

    The pharaohs & other members of the ruling class were free to not be circumcised by the long span of Egyptian history.

    Maintaining the dominance hierarchy, celebrating the fewer alpha-males, is just a rudimentary model of the same thing. It might not be any amount of the same brutality, but it does allow for others to make excuses to not be moral. For what – so that you can impress others?

    The rulers of these tribes were suggested to control slaves by neutralizing their sexuality, sometimes with even castration.

    The ancient Greeks were proud that they were intact, unlike their neighbors in the Near East.

    The Greeks expanding their empire after Alexander The Great, after 336 B.C., tried to civilize these savages.

    They will not teach this in schools generically. This requires to not be “spoon fed.”

    The Greeks banned it & castration where they could find it. They tried to stop it for the He*****.

    The Romans tried even harder to abolish it & castration. They punished perpetrators with death & confiscation of property.

    I will not concede: “But those Romans & Greeks were alpha males.” WRONG. Alpha-males, whatever divisions of various groups, features domination of others by a greedy fewer. The Romans, Greeks, Christians, which by the way features the ultimate archetypal hated nice-guy – Jesus, were legion compared to the fewer. (Not that I’m Christian.) Warriors don’t really want to do it: They’re usually commanded by a few, so they use some fake aesthetic.

    Thousands more years later: Victorian doctors did not know much about anatomy, physiology, epidemiology. They thought that amputation & bleeding were curatives. This differs from the alpha males because the others mentioned did castrations, etc., for controlling slaves. Doctors were trying to help. Clumsy, but they tried.

    They borrowed ideas of circumcision from the J*** because that’s what they had.

    Circumcision became confused with the understanding of “hygiene” because cutters warned that bathed intact penises would cause arousal.

    If you believe everything the normal media states, you are an idiot.

    The 19th century had attempts of making Christians of North/West extract accept male genital mutilation. They’re morality & health was still considered worse with the hierarchy, & Christianity gives little emphasis of doing the dominance hierarchy.

    During the late 1890s, MGM was encouraged by an admittedly eugenics persuasion. Didn’t know that, did you, as you were watching your Rom-com?

    MGM is alpha-male social engineering. It was a small Cabal, one of which was Abraham L. Wolbarst, who wanted the imposing routinely done on newborn boys in the west. A.L. Wolbarst was one of the most influential for ruining the freedoms of Western people, just like in Ancient Egypt.

    When you see these comedy shows featured by cable-tv: ‘Who Is Merica,’ or whatever it’s called, again, it’s designed to distract you.

    The best-selling magazine of the 1940s era: ‘Parents’ was published by Dr. Alan F. Guttmacher. A secret about him is that he was the director of the American Eugenics Society.

    You have been fooled by alpha-males. They are clever, but not smart. There’s a difference. The fact that you have been purchasing self-help guides for how to be that is just proof that it is now social engineering, originating by deficient nutrition they experienced with extremely dry conditions, so you are aspiring to freaks. Yeah, there’s SOME scientific validity to those self-help guides, mainly the part of alpha-males being few, which makes others crave that, but it’s mostly just based by the “Top-Ammo” trends. People crave what is exclusively small numbers, inscrutable. It’s why people will pay for expensive RARE, meaningless junk. Neglecting actual objective thought process, the rest is sold with subtle inflammatory surges: “It was the Valkyries mythology.” “It’s the bad-ass Yakuza, who have to replace organs due to health problems of excessive tattoo ink,” “It’s the artist $00.15, or whatever his stupid name is, “It’s the archetypes of Jordan Peterson,” “It’s the underground experimentalism of Boyd Rice,” etc., etc.. When males employ all of that, it’s mostly a gimmick. The main way that most males experience this alpha-male phenomena is the same way that you crave chemically modified foods, & females usually want glamour. Glamour isn’t real. Even those actors have problems. It’s a farce, a sham, a travesty. Claims that “an alpha male can have healthy levels of both intellectual & dominating features” are not defining alpha males. Those are just sane males.

    Abraham Ravish was one of the most active lobby agents during the 1950s to penalize intact males & either deny them insurance protection or charge them a hefty surcharge.

    One of the only respectable ones was Dr. Spock, who had the courage to admit his mistake.

    The 1970 edition of the country’s urological textbook claimed for another generation of medical students that a long foreskin causes “rectal prolapse,” epistaxis (nose bleed), & a list of other false claims.

    Cutters charge $121.00-$300.00 per cutting [circa: 2002]. 150-200 cutting session per year is enough to make $60,000 extra. That’s enough to provide glamour for whores by instilling the pecking-order on other males due to their “failure” of not being certified as “alpha” just by being born.

    Cutters are collecting between $145-million & $360-million. That’s only the amount cutters take home. There’s related “hidden” fees for hospitals & doctors.

    The foreskin has also been commodified without permission or knowledge of the Majority of the Western. Pharmaceutical companies use it for the manufacturing of drugs & other experiments & profits. One foreskin contains enough genetic matter to grow 250,000 square feet of skin.

    According to Forbes magazine, the annual market for it could be $1 billion-$2 billion. ~$1 million worth of baby-penis-derived products has been sold to Procter & Gamble, & others.

    The Food & Drug Administration has given approval to biotechnology firms. During January 1998, the FDA gave a respected human rights attorney only 5 minutes to give to the committee why MGM is unethical.

    During 1986, Aaron J. Fink invented the myth that MGM prevents human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

    During 1973, a trio consisting Melvin L. Selzer, et al, published an article insinuating that anyone who didn’t agree with their agenda is “mentally ill.”

    Capitalism is state sponsored usury. (It’s also a religion to a particular people.) The communist system is one of taking all property for the state.

    The Capitalist philosopher: Ayn Rand was an advertiser of this will of Capitalism. Capitalism transfers wealth to the plutocratic, incorporated with a globalist agenda, taking control by ownership. With corrupt money lending (usury) as a weapon to control bonded/debt slaves, cosmopolitan capitalism eventuates the plantation state as Communism – only to labour to pay their DEBTS. This is the cycle of Usury – consumer/slave labour, with the “soul” diminished ( A communist idea – equality).

    If you stop female consumption entitlements, this boycotts the state by alpha-males.

    There’s some merits to Capitalism, but not significantly. That’s why you see a “Star-dick’s” Cafe on what seems to be almost every street corner instead of a bookstore. There isn’t a good market for people to have discipline & time for themselves to learn more because capitalism creates the conditions of what would otherwise be a means to some result, but is no longer that means, but the main life itself. Actors make lots of money, but they are not producing anything of value: they are EQUAL to the homeless person that plays his acoustic guitar for spare money.


    What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision | Paul M. Fleiss, M.D. & Frederick M Hodges, D.Phil, pg 96-146

    Capitalism, Communism, Christianity, Cohen Control by HP Mageson666

  58. roger desmoulins Avatar
    roger desmoulins

    I do not like the idea that a man’s parents, and not the man himself, get to decide how a man’s penis shall look and function lifelong.

    Anand and Hickey (1997) conclusively documented that routine infant circumcision practiced without anesthesia, is intensely painful. Nevertheless, doing RIC without first injecting lidocaine, is still very common.

    There are no studies of the possible consequences of routine infant circumcision for adult sexual function and enjoyment. This is apparently a very taboo topic. At any rate, we have no idea if routine infant circumcision, still practiced on a majority of American newborn males, is safe or not. Most nations are not good locations for such studies, because in most nations, circumcision is either the norm, or confined to certain demographics. To my knowledge, the best exception to this generalisation is Canada.

    A ray of hope: most photos in the Wikipedia entry Human Penis depict intact penises. When I was a teen and young man 40-50 years ago, the only depiction of intact penises were in fine art nudes, European naturist magazines, and in gay male porn. American publications very seldom mentioned the foreskin. The first time I read a woman forthrightly say that the male foreskin turned her on, was Betty Dodson in her 1987 book Sex For One.

  59. Barbara Avatar

    One of the BEST articles I have read on the horrors of circumcision! Hopefully it will inspire American parents to research genital cutting before submitting their infant sons to this needless and excruciatingly painful cosmetic surgery. THANK YOU for writing this, Sara!!

  60. James Loewen Avatar

    Thank you for this, one of the most thorough, unflinching and honest articles about the atrocity euphemistically called “circumcision.” Well done Sara Burrows!

  61. Lex Avatar

    Do people realize that female genital mutilation is a thing and it happens regularly? It’s not just towards the male genitalia. People offer focus on just male circumcision but not female. Do people not realize that females also have this done for religious purposes and ethnic backgrounds?

  62. Rich Angell Avatar

    People behind circumcision belong behind bars… while awaiting their mass execution.

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