How GMO Corn Could Be Contributing to the “Leaky Gut” Epidemic

March 10, 2016 at 1:08 am

Bt insecticide kills bugs by “breaking open their stomachs.” Monsanto has genetically engineered this insecticide into our corn. Could it be busting holes in our guts as well?

It has been estimated that nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population has some degree of leaky gut syndrome – a condition where holes in our intestines let food particles and toxins into our blood stream. The medical-industrial complex does not recognize it as a legitimate condition, but alternative healthcare practitioners claim “leaky gut” is the main culprit behind food allergies, auto-immune disorders (like lupus), eczema, multiple sclerosis, and even diabetes and cancer.

Author of Seeds of Deception Jeffrey Smith explains how Monsanto’s Bt corn – which is in the vast majority of processed foods and animal products in America – is literally leaving holes in our guts:

Bacillus thuringiensis

Leakygutcartoon2Other_03Bt, or Bacillus thuringiensis, is a naturally occurring soil bacteria with insecticidal properties. Monsanto took a gene from the bacteria, put it into a gun, and shot it into corn cells – creating corn that produces it’s own insecticide, Smith explains.

Bt insecticide kills insects by “breaking open their stomachs,” Smith says.

“There are peer reviewed studies of hundreds of people showing allergic and flu-like symptoms when exposed to Bt,” he said. Mice exposed to Bt had damaged intestines and immune responses. It has also been demonstrated to poke holes in human cells, causing leakage.

Smith believes Bt is also poking holes in the human gut, allowing the toxin – and, in severe cases, particles of food – into the blood stream, which might explain why some children these days are “allergic to everything.”

While Monsanto claims the toxin is destroyed in the human digestive system, Bt has been found in the bloodstream of 93 percent of pregnant women tested, and in 80 percent of their unborn fetuses.

Pregnant women’s blood circulates into their unborn fetuses’ blood, where the blood/brain barrier has not yet developed, potentially allowing the toxin to poke holes in fetus’ brain cells.

“This is a tremendous danger, none of which is being evaluated before the crops come on the market,” Smith said.

Bacteria from Toxic Waste Injected to Make Corn Round-Up Ready

1416434845In addition to the insecticide-producing bacteria Bt, the majority of American corn has been injected with a gene from another bacteria.

“Years ago the scientists from Monsanto found bacteria growing in a chemical waste dump near their factory, surviving in the presence of RoundUp herbicide, and they figured ‘great, let’s put it in the food supply,'” Smith said.

There are two main traits crops are engineered for – Smith said – “the ability to drink poison and the ability to produce poison.” This second bacteria gives corn the ability to be drenched in – or “drink” – herbicides without dying. These herbicides are soaked all the way up into the corn kernels we eat.

Glyphosate, aka RoundUp, also has been shown to cause extreme gut damage. Some now believe it is glyphosate, not gluten, behind all of the “gluten intolerance” in our country.