How GMO Corn Could Be Contributing to the “Leaky Gut” Epidemic

Bt insecticide kills bugs by “breaking open their stomachs.” Monsanto has genetically engineered this insecticide into our corn. Could it be busting holes in our guts as well?

It has been estimated that nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population has some degree of leaky gut syndrome – a condition where holes in our intestines let food particles and toxins into our blood stream. The medical-industrial complex does not recognize it as a legitimate condition, but alternative healthcare practitioners claim “leaky gut” is the main culprit behind food allergies, auto-immune disorders (like lupus), eczema, multiple sclerosis, and even diabetes and cancer.

Author of Seeds of Deception Jeffrey Smith explains how Monsanto’s Bt corn – which is in the vast majority of processed foods and animal products in America – is literally leaving holes in our guts:

Bacillus thuringiensis

Leakygutcartoon2Other_03Bt, or Bacillus thuringiensis, is a naturally occurring soil bacteria with insecticidal properties. Monsanto took a gene from the bacteria, put it into a gun, and shot it into corn cells – creating corn that produces it’s own insecticide, Smith explains.

Bt insecticide kills insects by “breaking open their stomachs,” Smith says.

“There are peer reviewed studies of hundreds of people showing allergic and flu-like symptoms when exposed to Bt,” he said. Mice exposed to Bt had damaged intestines and immune responses. It has also been demonstrated to poke holes in human cells, causing leakage.

Smith believes Bt is also poking holes in the human gut, allowing the toxin – and, in severe cases, particles of food – into the blood stream, which might explain why some children these days are “allergic to everything.”

While Monsanto claims the toxin is destroyed in the human digestive system, Bt has been found in the bloodstream of 93 percent of pregnant women tested, and in 80 percent of their unborn fetuses.

Pregnant women’s blood circulates into their unborn fetuses’ blood, where the blood/brain barrier has not yet developed, potentially allowing the toxin to poke holes in fetus’ brain cells.

“This is a tremendous danger, none of which is being evaluated before the crops come on the market,” Smith said.

Bacteria from Toxic Waste Injected to Make Corn Round-Up Ready

1416434845In addition to the insecticide-producing bacteria Bt, the majority of American corn has been injected with a gene from another bacteria.

“Years ago the scientists from Monsanto found bacteria growing in a chemical waste dump near their factory, surviving in the presence of RoundUp herbicide, and they figured ‘great, let’s put it in the food supply,’” Smith said.

There are two main traits crops are engineered for – Smith said – “the ability to drink poison and the ability to produce poison.” This second bacteria gives corn the ability to be drenched in – or “drink” – herbicides without dying. These herbicides are soaked all the way up into the corn kernels we eat.

Glyphosate, aka RoundUp, also has been shown to cause extreme gut damage. Some now believe it is glyphosate, not gluten, behind all of the “gluten intolerance” in our country.





17 responses to “How GMO Corn Could Be Contributing to the “Leaky Gut” Epidemic”

  1. Norma Sanchez Avatar

    Hi there, I have not eaten corn in years, I don’t digest it so I don’t eat it.Norma.

    1. Cyd R Avatar
      Cyd R

      If you eat any processed foods you are still eating GMO corn. It is in corn syrup cornstarch and so many products.

  2. David Avatar

    Why do you have a ’round-up xtend’ system advertisement on your story about genetically engineering problems?

    1. Jimi Avatar

      You have a advertisement on your computer, because you were searching for something similar. They don’t decide what gets advertised, your online habits are examined and then the computer decides what you should get advertisement about. Try it out search the same topic a few times the jump on Amazon, see what you see ads for.

  3. B Childers Avatar
    B Childers

    Isn’t Bt an approved pesticide for ‘organic’ farming? I mean isn’t it used on many of the organic foods we eat?

    1. Elena Avatar
      Elena bt is used in both conventional and organic practices, however it is applied topically (and washes off in the rain) in organic farming. By is spliced genetically into the plant in conventional farming.

      1. Frank LeBeau Avatar
        Frank LeBeau

        Bt is used in organic applications in its natural state, as a free living bacterium. It exists in nature as one of millions of other bacteria. Organic Bt pesticide is sprayed on crops to kill certain insect pests, which it does. It does not become part of the corn’s DNA. It is easily washed off. Monsanto injects the bacteria’s DNA into the DNA of the corn plant where every cell of the plant contains it. It can’t be washed off. It goes into the digestive tract when you or the caterpillar eats it. It kills the bugs. What is does to you is uncertain, but probably isn’t good because you’re ingesting a bit of pesticide with every bite.

  4. Trish Blinco Avatar
    Trish Blinco

    I love corn & all natural healthy food. I recently had to go gluten free cause of my stomach hurting ect. My Dr. told me to for good health & now after 9 months feeling great & have energy!!!

  5. Diana Avatar

    Yes, glycophosphate does wash off with the rain. Into the soil and up through the plants Roots were it’s absorbed and spread through all of it

    1. Kevin Folta Avatar

      First, it is not “glycophosphate”– it is glyphosate. It is a foliar herbicide and not taken up well by roots. You can plant in the soil where it was just applied, no problem.

  6. Kevin Folta Avatar

    It is weird to comment on a two-year old article, but here goes. The Bt protein does not have effects on humans. Period. It’s mechanism of action on target organisms is well understood. Bt working against beetle larvae barely works (or does not work) in other insects, let alone animals. We have profoundly different digestive systems and there is no effect of the Bt protein. Jeffrey Smith is a snake oil salesman. He has no training in science and simply generates false information with no basis in legitimate research. Talk to scientists, not to those that make a living selling books and movies to create fear.

    1. Femina Street Avatar
      Femina Street

      You remind me of all those tobacco moguls of 50’s and 60’s who assured us that the sticks of cancer we smoked were harmless. I think I would take anything you have to say with a lorry load of salt thank you.

    2. Alis Jonson Avatar
      Alis Jonson

      Spoken like a true politician. I think people like you said the same thing about tobacco and smoking a couple decades ago. That didn’t turn out well either and we found that to be lies also. I want to know why the EPA has allowed any of this. $$$$ perhaps?

  7. Joel Ness Avatar
    Joel Ness

    You beat me to it Kevin. Hucksters with no background in science selling fear and misinformation. Never do they consult experts in agriculture, food science, chemistry, biology, medicine, agronomy, or even farmers.

    I think the issue is leaky brain syndrome that affects a certain of the population.

  8. Sara Avatar

    Technology has kidnapped science for more than a century now and science has gained a status of dogma because of people who’d rather accuse others in search for or in favor of “alternative methods”. Those alternative methods are mostly coming from traditions of our anchestors, containing immeasurable wisdom and mindful intelligence, which does not appeal to the speedy, young and stupid, until they wake up to a doctor’s report telling them they have cancer.

  9. Linda Welsh Avatar
    Linda Welsh

    This is not a very scientifically written story. BT does not kill bugs or insects as stated, it only kills caterpillars.

  10. KH Avatar

    YES. It’s GMO belly. From BT corn. It is engineered to destroy the stomach lining of insects that feed on it. Works on humans as well. Causes the stomach to swell up. Often misdiagnosed as cancer. Does NOT respond to treatment and can kill within months.
    I lost someone special to this and began researching years ago.
    BT corn and its by products are in most everything in the processed food supply
    Check out Epciyte GM corn, engineered to sterilize humans. Patented.
    Now check out the Georgia Guidestones for a hint as to WHY?