“Get a Job”?? No. Get a Life

March 23, 2016 at 5:26 pm

 cavedweller_1129~2To all the people who are criticizing Daniel Suelo – The Man who Quit Money – for “mooching off others” or “still being dependent on the system” – You’re cowards! You just want to find fault with what he’s doing to justify your own cowardice, your own slavery, your own dependence on the system.

He has spent the vast majority of his nights in caves or camping under the stars for the last 15 years… that he’s stayed in communes or been invited into the homes of strangers on his travels is irrelevant. If he’d been born into a world where hunting and gathering were an option, as it was for 2 million years before agriculture dominated the earth, he wouldn’t NEED to be dependent on the “scraps of the system.”

However, since he was not born into a tribe and a gatherer-hunter lifestyle, he is doing the best he can and learning along the way. He forages, scavenges and dumpster dives for most of his food, and spends his newly found free time making real, meaningful relationships with real human beings and blogging to educate the rest of us on where we went wrong as a species and how we can get back to our much happier roots.

Screen-Shot-2012-12-17-at-8.59.47-PM1He’s an inspiration and a hero for showing us that real life doesn’t require money. Those of you who are bothered by that are jealous, pathetic slaves, reaching outside of your cage trying to pull him back in. Stop blaming him for your slavery, just because he broke free.

“He needs to get a job???” No. You need to get a life.