7 Reasons Vaccinating Your Child Could Be the Worst Mistake You Ever Make

March 31, 2016 at 10:18 pm

The Weston A. Price Foundation dispels 7 popular myths used by big pharma to promote vaccination


Want to protect your child from:

Tantrums and Rage
Lifelong Migraines
Kidney Disease
Learning Disabilities
Speech Delay
High Pitched Screaming
Autoimmune Disease


“DON’T VACCINATE them!” says the Weston A. Price Foundation.

The foundation, known for its “politically incorrect” nutrition advice, has produced volumes of research and articles related to vaccine damage and ineffectiveness, but this article sums it up the best with a list of “myths” and “truths” and a long list of studies to back up each claim:

MYTH #1 : Vaccines prevent disease
TRUTH: Many diseases such as polio and whooping cough (pertussis) are CAUSED by vaccines.

The number of infants receiving three or more doses of the pertussis vaccine rose from 61 percent to 96 percent between 1991 and 2012. The outbreak of the pertussis virus increased 10-fold over the same period.

Vaccines also contribute to CANCER by not allowing the immune system to exercise itself, suppressing symptoms, and allowing a build-up of debris that a virus may have carried out of the body, says medical doctor and WAP co-founder Tom Cowan:

Whenever we have a normal infection like chicken pox, two arms of our immune system get activated. First is the antibody-based response in the B cells, which make antibodies to remember what happened. [This is the part vaccines activate]. Second is a cell-mediated activation, where the white blood cells chew up the invader and spit it out through fever, mucus, rash, achiness and sweating—all those things we call being sick. [This is the part vaccines bypass and deactivate].

A vaccine is a specific attempt to activate a antibody response and deactivate the cell-mediated response … If you get sick with fever, rash, mucus, after you had a vaccine, that would be a bad vaccine. No one would want that vaccine. The whole point of a vaccine is to deactivate the cell-mediated response so you don’t feel sick, but to activate the antibody response.

This is exactly the same immune situation you see with cancer and auto-immune disease. The cell-mediated response is the only way your body expels microorganisms and foreign proteins, and that response gets shut down with vaccinations. Everyone who is vaccinated ends up with an over-stimulated antibody system and an under-stimulated cell-mediated system. Add to that the use of fever-suppressing drugs like aspirin and Tylenol, as well as antibiotics that kill the bacteria in our guts, and we have a recipe for cancer.

The incidence of cancer has skyrocketed with the introduction of vaccines and with the suppression of the acute sick response. Unlike the primitive man who accepts everything in nature and in the body as a natural process, the civilized man tries to suppress natural processes; he is afraid of them, or thinks they serve no purpose, and cancer is the result.

MYTH #2: High vaccine rates create herd immunity
TRUTH: Herd immunity is a result of permanent immunity, which is only achieved by natural infection

According to another WAP article, when a baby becomes infected with a foreign pathogen, his immune system responds through “a sophisticated web of interlocking reactions” that can produce lifelong immunity to naturally acquired childhood illnesses. These layers of defense systems exist “to keep invading microbes and viruses from taking hold in the deeper systems and organs of the body.”

“But vaccines … are injected directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the natural immune response. This deprives the body of the ability to naturally develop life-long immunity to normal childhood illnesses like measles, mumps and chicken pox. Mass vaccination is a man-made attempt to remove the natural infection response from human development and replace it with a series of artificially imposed infections and immune responses determined by the doctor’s vaccination schedule.”

MYTH #3: Only by vaccinating every child can we protect all children from disease
MYTH #4: Reactions to vaccines are rare
TRUTH: Serious, lifelong, disabling reactions are common

According to VAERS, the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, there have been nearly half a million adverse reactions reported since 1990.

The former head of the FDA has admitted only about 1 percent of of serious adverse events are reported, so there have probably been closer to 50 MILLION serious adverse reactions to vaccines in the last 25 years!! Reported reactions include:

* Over 4000 deaths
* Almost 8000 life-threatening reactions
* Almost 8000 permanent disabilities
* Over 170,000 ER visits immediately after vaccination
* Almost 30,000 hospitalizations

MYTH #5: Vaccines don’t cause AUTISM.
TRUTH: There are over 100 peer reviewed studies, linking vaccines to Autism.


A meta-analysis of ALL studies on the topic showed a positive correlation between mercury and autism by a ratio of 3 to 1. So, for every study that shows no correlation, there are three that do.

Vaccines are also linked to ADHD, which occurs in less than 2 percent of unvaccinated children and 8 percent of vaccinated children.

Additionally, asthma is found in only .2 percent of unvaccinated children compared to 15 percent of vaccinated children.

MYTH #6: The amount of aluminum and mercury in vaccines is insignificant
TRUTH: The amount of aluminum and mercury in vaccines is considered extremely toxic when ingested, and injection of these materials makes them harder to eliminate 
ALUMINUM: A fully vaccinated 18-month old baby has received 5000 mcg of aluminum. The allowable maximum per day for intravenous feeding for healthy baby is 18 mcg. There are also 500 mcg of aluminum in each dose of the new Gardasil vaccine. The amount of aluminum needed by our bodies? Zero. The number of studies proving safety of injecting aluminum into infants? Zero.
MERCURY: The amount of mercury in liquid waste considered toxic by the EPA? 200 parts per billion. The amount of mercury in “thimerisol-free” vaccines? 2000 ppb. Some infant flu shots contain 25,000 ppb and the multi-dose flu shots given to pregnant women contain 50,000 ppb. All that’s necessary to kill neuroblastoma cells? .5 ppm
MYTH #7: The pharmaceutical industry creates vaccines for the common good
TRUTH: Vaccines are a huge money maker for the pharmaceutical industry

Revenue from vaccines in 2013 alone was $24 BILLION and is projected to be $100 BILLION by 2025.

This only accounts for direct revenue from vaccines. The amount generated for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to “fix” damages they caused remains untold.

“Let your food be your medicine”

“Childhood diseases are either mild or non-existent when parents practice the kind of good nutrition that we advocate. Diets rich in vitamins A and C can protect children against disease much better than vaccinations, and with side effects that are good, never harmful. Public health policy should be aimed at accurate information about nutrition, not the promotion of vaccinations that actually suppress the immune system and often have tragic side effects,” WAP president Sally Fallon writes.

If you must vaccinate, WAP recommends the following guidelines:

• Wait until the child is at least two years old.

• Do not give more than one vaccination at a time.

• Never vaccinate when the child is sick.

• Be sure  vaccines are thimerosal-free.

• Supplement with extra cod liver oil, vitamin C and B12 before and after each shot.

• Put your child to bed for at least 24 hours after a shot.

• Obtain a medical exemption if the child has had a bad reaction to a vaccination before or if there is a personal or family history of vaccine reactions.