RV Industry Aims to Take Out Tiny Homes

April 12, 2016 at 5:58 pm

The RV and manufactured housing industries are behind HUD’s proposed regulation to crack down on “renegade” tiny home living.

Tiny_House_Giant_Journey_in_the_Petrified_Forest_and_an_RV Under HUD’s proposed new regulation, living in your RV full-time will be just as legal as it’s always been – not very – but still doable, as it’s hard to prove how long people have been residing in their vehicles. What will be more difficult if the law is passed, is living in a tiny home.


As many owners and prospective owners are learning, it can be extremely difficult to find a place to legally plant a tiny house. Because most of them don’t meet federal housing standards, people are starting to build their mini-dwellings on wheels and registering them as “recreational vehicles” with the DMV.

A tiny home on wheels, they don't come much cuter than this... a little morris minor from the late 1950's or early 60's just one of the many amazing housetrucks to be found in corners around nz...

Apparently, the RV and manufactured housing industries are not too thrilled about this regulatory loophole. A press release put out by the RV industry’s national trade association admits that representatives from these industries essentially wrote the new regulation prohibiting people from classifying tiny homes as RVs:

RV manufacturers, dealers and campgrounds put their heads together with the manufactured housing industry to propose new language to clarify that modern RVs are not manufactured homes [tiny homes],” the press release says.

The RV and manufactured housing industries don’t think it’s fair that tiny homes – which they think should be classified as “manufactured homes” – don’t have to meet either RV industry standards or federal housing standards:

To understand why this proposed rule is so critical, start by picturing in your mind a transportable structure which is three hundred twenty or more square feet, built on a permanent chassis and includes plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems.

What are you picturing?  Is it a travel trailer? A fifth-wheel trailer?

Actually, that is the federal housing law’s definition of a manufactured home. And manufactured homes are required to be built to comprehensive housing standards set by HUD.”


To close the loophole, industry representatives proposed regulatory language to HUD that would no longer allow tiny homes to claim the “RV exemption” to federal housing standards:

All parties agreed that RVs should be built in accordance with NFPA and ANSI RV standards, not HUD manufactured home standards … manufactured homes are designed and built for permanent residency while RVs are designed and built to be used by families as a recreational, camping, or seasonal accommodation,” the press release continues.

“This regulation makes it perfectly clear that RVs designed as RVs and built to modern RV standards are, in fact, RVs [not tiny homes].”

Why do the RV and Housing Industries Want to Regulate Tiny Homes?

Clearly, the RV and manufactured housing industries are not proposing this regulation out of concern for tiny home owner’s safety. Many tiny home builders claim their safety standards are far higher than the expensive, arbitrary federal housing standards.Suburban House

What the industries clearly don’t like is the growing trend of people building their own homes. They don’t like that people are figuring out how to build their own higher-quality homes for less money. They don’t like the competition. They want a monopoly on housing and mobile housing. They want to force you to buy their overpriced products or be homeless.

And the hypocrites at treehugger.com fully agree with these non-environmentally friendly industries:

“Houses are built to building codes, and ever since Hammurabi wrote the first one four thousand years ago, these have existed primarily for one purpose: to protect the health and safety of the occupants [yeah, right] … Really, it’s time to change the rules, stop the workarounds, and start calling tiny houses ‘houses’.”


What it’s really time for is the folks at treehugger.com, and all the other brainwashed rule-followers in this country, to wake up and realize building codes, and just about every other housing regulation, exist for one purpose and one purpose only – to increase the cost and inconvenience of building your own home so much that you’ll give up and indebt yourself for life with a mortgage on a house that will surely fall apart before you’re finished paying for it.

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