Jarawa Hunter-Gatherers Say They Don’t Want to Be Part of Our World

World’s oldest hunter-gatherers are being forced into civilization and treated like animals in a zoo

Sign the petition telling the government to leave them alone

Like the Hadza of East Africa, the Jarawa hunter-gatherers of the Andaman Islands also face extinction, thanks to the ever-expanding nature of agriculture and civilization.

To add insult to injury, a highway has been built right through the heart of their ancestral lands to accommodate “human safaris” – in which tourists toss food at and snap photos of the Jarawa like animals in a zoo.

“On a remote island off the Indian coast, the first humans are still living in a forgotten world,” begins the trailer of a new documentary about the Jarawa titled Organic. “They left Africa 70,000 years ago. They are [among] the most ancient people in the world. There are no more than 400 of them. Up til now, they had managed to shelter themselves from the madness of our world.”
The Jarawa have been living with almost no contact from our world for at least 35,000 years, the documentary claims. But they now face extinction.


Although the Indian government promised to close a road cuts through the middle of their jungle, where a military convoy accompanies dozens of vehicles loaded with tourists twice a day, the road is now being widened, hastening the disappearance of the Jarawa, the filmmakers say. “Poachers steal their game with the complicity of Indian forest rangers. Soon, the Jarawa will have nothing left to eat.”


“For the first time, the Jarawas are speaking to us,” the film’s narrator says. “They want to alert us.”

“We live really quietly in the forest, and we are happy,” a Jarawa man says in the film. “Here, there is everything we need. The trees are full of fruits, and the flowers are magnificent … We can find everything we need in the jungle.”


“We don’t like people from the outside,” another tribesman adds. “They are bad. These people have only bad things to bring us … They give us tobacco [and alcohol] and they teach us how to chew, and it’s not good for us.”

“This is where we want to live,” a Jarawa woman says. “Our life is here, nowhere else. We cannot love your world … Your world is bad for us. We don’t like it. There are too many people. Too much noise. No peace. In the other world, it smells bad … Here it is more beautiful. Living here is more peaceful.”

According to Survival International, the Indian government is attempting to force the Jarawa to assimilate into mainstream society, dictating details down to the style of clothing they think they should wear.  In an effort to “wean” Jarawa children from the tribe, members of parliament are suggesting sending them to government schools. Many government officials see themselves as helping a “backwards” culture “stuck in a primitive stage of development.”

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133 responses to “Jarawa Hunter-Gatherers Say They Don’t Want to Be Part of Our World”

  1. Steven MacLeay Avatar
    Steven MacLeay

    These poor people, they have no defenses against “civilization”.
    How do we help them?

    1. Alexandre Dereims, director of ORGANIC THE JARAWA Avatar

      You can sign and spread the worldwide petition we launched to force the Indian government to protect them. Sign here : http://bit.ly/1piLgxE

      1. Colm Cahon Avatar

        All that is on offer here is rhe sickness of greed. Do not impose this on those who dont want it

      2. June guyette Avatar

        Leave these innocent peopleleeave alone,they are not messed up like we are!

      3. Jenny Avatar

        Signed with love and hope…

      4. Kepake Redondo Avatar
        Kepake Redondo

        Nosotros estamos en tal pobreza, y para ayuda la necesidad que nosotros los ciudadanos tenemos que curarnos de esa enfermedad de los objetos innecesarios, su presente ayuda a comprender, por compartir y comentar, gratitud, kepake Redondo….

    2. jan hoogeboom Avatar
      jan hoogeboom

      Do destroi peoples life, to force them our way of life or to chace them away isn’t civilasation! This is fascism!

      1. Perry Weiner Avatar
        Perry Weiner

        Just capitalism in our time!

    3. Nneka Avatar

      By turning off the cameras and leaving them alone. I think the videos and the movie pique western/European curiosities. Never a good thing. They aren’t endangered animals needing outside help. They are asking for what they need–to be left alone. For once can that happen??!

    4. Elliott Mark Lewis JR Avatar

      Hook up with like minded people like you and help them write their own Declaration Proclamation!

    5. Bob Dylan Avatar
      Bob Dylan

      Biggest hope they have is to become the famous face of traditional hunter-gatherer societies to the west. Let the west look at their pictures in national geographic, the news and social media, let us be reminded of how tolerant we are for other cultures.

    6. teddy Avatar

      help them ?
      leave them be is the best way anyone can help…

    7. Ludwig Avatar

      By staying out and do nothing. What ever the West touch become civilized. So leave them alone.

      1. Tamara Avatar

        It’s not the west in this case, it’s the INDIAN government… if people were willing to put themselves between these people and the government WITHOUT trying to change them that would help… defend them, don’t do anything to try to change or move them… People need to learn to defend others who need the added defensive force without meddling in their everyday lives. To put yourself on the line to defend someone else’s freedom while doing nothing to get in the way of their freedom… THAT is true help. Anything else becomes coddling, which is harmful in the end… running someone else’s life destroys their empowerment and independence.

        1. Perry Weiner Avatar
          Perry Weiner

          You’re pretty much on mark about not interfering with their lives, but your rationale-“that anything else…destroys their empowerment, etc.” is a bit of a cliche, isn’t it?

    8. anamika bandopadhyay Avatar

      We need to collaborate to help spread the campaigns against these half-educated brutes !! We can begin with writing a petition …

      1. Perry Weiner Avatar
        Perry Weiner

        You can begin by not calling them “half-educated brutes,” more or less betraying your own lack of decency, not to mention education.

    9. E Pop Avatar
      E Pop

      Leave them alone.

    10. Rosie Hay Avatar
      Rosie Hay

      There are less than 200 of them left. they are going to be extinct very soon

    11. Robert Avatar

      They may already have our viruses

    12. Michael Williams Avatar

      We can help them by getting them educated to the fact that if they don’t assimilate to some degree they will be extent by force or by circumstances beyond their control

    13. Shirley Avatar

      Just leave them alone ,they don’t want any help

    14. Justin Avatar

      If they want peace, sorry to say, they may have to prepare for war against power/holier than thow powers that think they know something more about life than the tribe does. Which is pretentious at best. Destructive at worst.

    15. Jason Avatar

      America is a great country, but she is far from civil. We have decimated Blacks acquired from the Trans Atlantic Slave trade that still have not been given land human rights, quality education and true freedom.

    16. Garfield Balfour Avatar
      Garfield Balfour

      Leave them alone. Period.

    17. Waitikubuli Avatar

      How can a people that beg nothing of this crazy cilivisation, that, western culture has created for its own survival be poor?

    18. karen flowers Avatar
      karen flowers

      How do we join them and learn a way back to nature. Petition signed.

  2. Susan Avatar

    LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!! Man ha screwed up our world Royally…THese people have a right to live in peace, uninterrupted by ” civilization” and to say , We do not want any visitors, thank you . I am Happy to know that there is a place where people are unaffected by the ruination of the so called civilized world. We need to take a step back and learn from their simple needs and appreciation of the Beauty they have , and that they only take what they need.

    1. Joe Avatar

      Can I just mention that these folks are also “Man”

      So it’s not Man who screwed up the world, but ideas that certain people have embraced and raced towards an alien future without considering the end result.

      1. Perry Weiner Avatar
        Perry Weiner

        Well said!

    2. Heather Avatar

      So well said. I totally agree.

    3. Shirley Avatar

      Agreed I myself don’t even like this so called civilized world

  3. Charmaine Avatar

    Please leave them be.

  4. Danielle Avatar

    Seriously, what happened to the native Americans wasn’t enough to show how backwards everyone else is?
    How ignorant can you be?

  5. S. Macguire Avatar
    S. Macguire

    Sounds so similar to the colonization, assimilation and residential schools forced upon the Native American people’s. It’s abismal to take away a people’s way of life and subject them to human tourism. Nothing short of another genocide.

    1. Jeremy Avatar

      Abismal is spelled with a “y”

      1. David du Plessis Avatar
        David du Plessis

        Gee, thanks, teacher

      2. Tamara Avatar

        So? That wasn’t the important part of his comment. I hate grammer nazis.. they are SO easily distracted! An important discussion oftimes gets derailed over a simple spelling error… and people with deep insights get overlooked over the same… No one is perfect. He is talking about HISTORY and seeing it repeating itself in India! This is a very bad situation for the Jarawa, who cares about a mispelled word? Spelling mistakes happen often when typing, but harms no-one… these people are going to be forced to assimilate into a culture they want no part of by meddling “experts” who think they know best… Seeing history repeat when people were harmed in the past is very troubling.

  6. decio Avatar

    this is very sad

  7. Josephine Leigh Avatar
    Josephine Leigh

    I was not aware of the Jarawas until today, in a post publicising the documentary. Haven’t the film-makers just helped the outside world to encroach on these people?It seems to me that they’re part of the problem. STOP SHOWING THE DOCUMENTARY! Direct your energy to stopping the Indian Government’s invasion of Jarawas’ way of life.

    1. Alexandre Dereims, director of ORGANIC THE JARAWA Avatar

      Dear Josephine, the Jarawa are already in danger. We met them with their authorization to give them a voice before it’s too late. They are only 420. We spread their message because we don’t want them to disappear unoticed. Read what’s going on there : http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/01/andaman-islands-jarawa-sex-abuse-outsiders

      1. MIchal schartz Avatar

        When i first started reading the article I wondered how long it was going to take for the satanic pedo cult to bear down on this group, oh my the sweet pickins they must find there. Im sure there is no such thing as rape in this culture. So the those that feed on the energy of rape will find a new innocent group to terrorize. Guess it didn’t take long.

        1. XRG Avatar

          WTF are you talking about? Go back to your conspiracy forums with that baseless crap.

    2. Me Avatar

      I agree. Spreading the word only brings more attention to a people who want to be left alone.

  8. Mark Avatar

    As the human race appears to make every step toward so called progress it makes three back in understanding the bigger picture of our place on this planet!
    The apparent slow annihilation of our environment will ultimately destroy our race and she(the Earth) will recover and have a few more thousand million years without us until she reaches the end of her own life. Our time here will only be the tiniest blip in the life of this beautiful planet.

  9. Wendy Butterfield Avatar
    Wendy Butterfield

    Have we learned nothing? This finds new with overwhelming sorrow

  10. Leonard Langdon Avatar

    This the typical western attitude to other cultures that have been here long before them.
    It is they who are backward and we need to stand up against them, the indian government seem to be weak and or hypocritical in their actions to stop this atrocity, but we the people must act to help these people.

    1. Chad Avatar


      This is the Indian Government, that’s Eastern, not Western. I am an American and I don’t know any people that would do what the Indians are doing. When you say typical Western you must be thinking of someone else or watching the extremely biased news.

      1. libyanfreak Avatar

        oh pls, spare us the sanctimony. The West (‘Americans’included) destroyed the Indian Americans, who are probably more American than you. Then there’s the Innuits in Canada,the aborogines in Australia. Where do I stop?

  11. Karen Harris Avatar
    Karen Harris

    “In an effort to “wean” Jarawa children from the tribe, members of parliament are suggesting sending them to government schools. Many government officials see themselves as helping a “backwards” culture “stuck in a primitive stage of development.””

    Because government- (or church-) run residential school systems for indigenous children have been such a screaming success throughout the world…

    1. T Hawk Avatar
      T Hawk

      Then they will teach them a new history; make them forget their land, language,religion, and culture; then take take their land and resources according to the colonizer playbook.

  12. Alexandre Dereims, director of ORGANIC THE JARAWA Avatar

    Thank you very much for this article. PLS, sign the worldwide petition to put pressure on the Indian government to force them to close the Andaman Truck Road which runs through the Jarawa’s territory and keep them safe from the poachers and the outside world.

    You can sign here : http://bit.ly/1piLgxE

  13. clare Avatar

    Why is man always bothering people that are happy, what the hell is wrong with a people that does that?


    Just leave them along. They are doing just fine.

  15. Olu Avatar

    I think it’s interesting to see the rhetoric in the comments, when describing the Jarawa people. Saying that civilization is interfering with them, is saying the Jwara people aren’t civilized, and repeating common stereotypes place on indigenous peoples. What this documentary shows is that the Jwara are civilized, and in many ways, more civilized than the Western World. I appreciate this documentary for giving the Jwara people a voice, and I hope their wishes are respected!

  16. Olu Avatar

    I think it’s interesting to see the rhetoric in the comments, when describing the Jarawa people. Saying that civilization is interfering with them, is saying the Jarawa people aren’t civilized, and repeating common stereotypes place on indigenous peoples. What this documentary shows is that the Jarawa are civilized, and in many ways, more civilized than the Western World. I appreciate this documentary for giving the Jarawa people a voice, and I hope their wishes are respected!

    1. Itohan Avatar

      My thoughts exactly. I heard articulate, civilized people in the video who have already observed and analyzed our world and its tools and attitudes and found these to be no option for themselves.

      I’m really worried for their sake: our civilization is greedy colonization and mean capitalism.

      We must prove ourselves their equal by leaving them as they wish to be left.

  17. Deepak Avatar

    Its not a one sided thing to decide so easily.
    What about the possibility of extinction of jarawas by diseases, if they are not supported by us?
    What about the issue of consanguinity that might kill the tribe?

    All I want to know is, how informed are they about the advance in our world, and the risk they are taking by not joining us, before they take a call.

    1. We are the rotten civilization Avatar
      We are the rotten civilization

      They’ve been fine for 70,000 years – until the last hundred or so when our civilization met theirs.

    2. Sebastian Avatar

      I think that is a very “one sided” thing to say from your end. These tribes are more intelligent than you think. Aboriginals in Australia are far more advanced than we are in other ways and have lived in a particular environment we refer to as ”backwards” for thousands of years. It was whites that brought over diseases and epidemics in the first place. Some being man-made. They are fine the way they are and there is nothing that should change about it they do not need our help as they are derived from the oldest living humans / ancestors. Clearly doing something right that we aren’t.

    3. Tamara Avatar

      Oh one of the “for your safety” crowd! You guys constantly meddle in the everyday lives of people even IN “modern civilization”. People make it VERY clear they do not want this or that and then you guys SHOVE it down our throats saying you are “helping” us. Denigrating people to the level of children who need to be coddled and “protected from themselves” because you think you are more informed! You guys need to learn to leave people ALONE when they make it VERY clear they do NOT want your “help”, got it?

  18. Anonymous for good reasons Avatar
    Anonymous for good reasons

    I lived in The Andaman islands for almost seven and half years and during that time there was several other issues that was unearthed.

    It was discovered and reported that the local Police were selling trips into the jawara villages and paying them to dance half naked to the audience.

    Also it was claimed by there is a NGO that sale Jarawa tribal goods for profit.

    Two jawara Boys died when drinking from a container that floated on to the beach near there village. Unfortunately Visiting India and local in most part drop rubbish were they stand. I’ve seen local government ferry’s tossing there rubbish overboard and also years back i took a passenger ferry from Kolkata to Port Blair in the Andamans, it took four days and just before coming into port again all the collected rubbish was tossed overboard.

    The list goes on, but regarding the road that travels though Jawara zones, i have travelled this and at that time it was very controlled. There was two check points, one at the start and other at the end. All buses would have a police guide from this check point and the driver was not allowed to stop, also drivers are given a time to reach the end point of the Jawara Zone. However independent transport or privately hired cars are not so regulated and heard several story’s of them stopping to take picture of the Jawara, that are often seen along this road.

    As on the video the jawara mentioned poachers, This would mainly be from Burma. Burmese poacher travel to the Andamans on a regular bases as the rewards are big for them. A trip to the Andaman poaching can often supplement the poacher and his family for one year. Some are caught but most get away, penalties are high if caught and would often spend several year in jail before being sent back to Burma.

    There is a lot of corruption mainly within the serval service sector or poaching family’s that bribe such service personnel to freely do such work.

    1. Alexandre Dereims, director of ORGANIC THE JARAWA Avatar

      Thank you for your honest comment about the situation in the Andamans. Concerning the poachers, you’re right about the Burmese, they are the most dangerous because they’ve got weapons. But I witnessed myself poachers from the Andamans islands living inside a Jarawa camp for days.

  19. Kaite Avatar

    Leave them alone. By hey are far better off than the rest of us.

  20. Anonymous for good reasons Avatar
    Anonymous for good reasons

    Closing the Road would most like do nothing. If they close it they certainly won’t dig it up. It will be left and people will still use it and many more people corrupt police etc will profit. maybe at first it will be controlled but once everyone has forgotten it, The Corruption will start, this is the indian way.

    Just to finish, time and time again i meet NGO’s from the Tsunamis time to present. these NGO like Organic The Jawara will most likely raise money to start something and then move onto another project elsewhere, thinking there job is done and often become a waste of time or a short term solution. These things need constant monitoring. This is also a problem because most projects are not and often fail because of this. Will Organic Jawara be present and monitoring this from now and forever more? otherwise the Jawara will be destroyed one way or another. Again this is the Indian way.

    1. Alexandre Dereims, director of ORGANIC THE JARAWA Avatar

      Just some informations. We’re not an NOGO, we are journalists and documentary filmmakers. We working to raise awareness about the Jarawa worldwide, because they are are almost unknown outside India. We will never move onto another project until we’ll secure a large release of our film and get at least 1,000,000 people signing the petition worldwide. After that we will set up a foundation and ask all committed people to join us and work to keep the Jarawa safe for ever. If we raise money, we will use it to achieve that goal. They are so many things to do in the Andamans islands to improve people’s life, inform and educate people about the Jarawa, about how to keep the Andamans green… We will need Indian people for sure, because it’s happening in India. You’re right the closure of the Andaman Truck Road alone is not going to save the Jarawa but it’s a good start. It will show the international opinion that the Indian government is really eager to save the Jarawa. If they don’t even close the road, what they will do? Nothing.

      1. Angel Avatar

        As an Indian, I don’t even know about this. I don’t think this as common knowledge as people think. No one I know that lives in India knows about this or even heard of this. Thanks for sharing, it is truly disturbing to know what is happening to them. NGO’s in India are doing everything for everyone, the government does very little.

  21. Anonymous for good reasons Avatar
    Anonymous for good reasons

    To Organic Jarawa. Where are you now?

  22. Lotus Avatar

    What if instead of forcing others to become like us, we chose to become like them instead ?

  23. Jonny Panic Avatar
    Jonny Panic

    The word is Capitalism. It’s important to know why things happen if you want to rebel against them. Civilisation is not expansionary.

  24. Alexandria Avatar

    LEAVE THEM ALONE! They are not hurting anyone and their way of life is beautiful. They are beautiful. They are right our world is bad. For goodness sake leave them be!!

  25. Alann Avatar

    why the hypocritical blurring of female breasts? Which is driving the point home that the west looks at these pictures with a 19th century Victorian attitude. That is why in the west they find it more shocking to see a woman breastfeeding a child in public or restaurants than gore spilling boxing matches, innit???

  26. Alann Avatar

    India is only applying the Raj laws and points of view.

  27. Sipper Avatar

    Good for them! I wonder just how inbred they are. Oh and disease, how do they deal with that I wonder. As well, global warming. Does this affect them? I was just wondering if they will still be here next week, year, decade, etc if we don’t step in to help them……

  28. H Avatar

    For one they were not poor! Poor only comes when governments take over. It’s a crying shame how some people want us to go back to Africa but spend so much money just to go see how we live. Thinking they are bringing goods to our community but only bring poison! Stop traveling, stop advertising, stop asking for money on tv, stop saying these people are poor and starving. We are rich!

  29. Fabra Avatar

    The ones who are backward are the tourists and the Indian government not Jarawas. They chose how they want to live. They are normal human beings. Nowadays, we only follow the majority to use technologies and live like most people do without thinking what we really want. We don’t have the freedom but instead we are fed with the ugly reality in this world. If you want to change the way they dress, why don’t you change your national costume to be the same in every country then? They have their own culture and their way of living. No one have the right to limit Jarawas freedom and thinking that their way of living is wrong. Human are the ones who make this world ugly and hard to live.

  30. Lani Avatar

    Leave them alone. Don’t bring the stupid idea so-called ” civilization”

    1. mndttbx Avatar

      civilization it’s not stupid, it’s complex, yeah, but we all form part of it. This people isn’t gonna be left alone, it’s naive to think that way and put us in general as the bad of the history. We as a civilization must grand them the faculty of his peaceful way of living, but also make a promise for them that if they want to reach us and take benefits of what we have (medicine, knowledge, etc.) We will provide ’em with what we already have. Isolation is not possible for this people anymore, but mutual respect and communication channels are.

      1. nmtdbtx Avatar

        Civilization is stupid. If everyone lived as the Jarawa lived, the world wouldn’t be in a state of crisis as it is today (researchers at Stanford report the next great mass-extinction is already here, biodiversity of the planet halved by 2100). When has civilization ever ‘granted’ any kind of freedom to the indigenous of the world? It simply takes what it needs for itself, self-determination of other peoples be damned.

      2. Angel Avatar

        People kill themselves everyday, they are raped, murdered and abused but the Jarawa people are the wrong ones? Civilization has proven useless. Yes we have medicine yet people are living shorter lives than before.

  31. David du Plessis Avatar
    David du Plessis

    Let’s ‘civilize’ them, whether they like it or not. Absolutely unconscionable.

  32. angelina okine Avatar
    angelina okine

    instead for outsiders to bring good things to them, they brought bad things oo

  33. Agni Avatar

    the govt is taking strict measures of prohibiting the Evangelists from going to tribal areas and converting them from their own belief system to Christianity. Jarawa is one of the targeted group of church. This protective action of various consecutive Indian governments have not gone well with the paid activists and professional evangelists.

    they want to repeat the mayan, inca, native american and australian way of converting tribals and for that this propaganda

  34. Tara Avatar

    To the filmmakers: If you want the message to be spread then shouldn’t the film be free to access instead of presenting it only in festivals and selling the DVD (in which case, how much of the profits go to the Jarawa?)?

    Which by default means again only speading this information to the same priviledged demographic of the world. Honestly, smells like you are plainly using the plight of these folks to further your own career.

  35. Oliver Avatar

    What happens to the profit from your film?
    What happens now to the Burmese who helped you to make it?

  36. C.Hatchell Avatar

    Democrats know what is best, don’t you know???? (sarcasm at it’s best). This is bullshit!! They invade the land and take over for the betterment of the tribe, Yeah, ask the American Indian how that went!!!!!

  37. Duende Avatar

    Those people didnt come from Africa. the out of Africa theory is a lie and white are going to kill them like what they are doing in papua new guinea now.

  38. R Avatar

    To the filmmakers,

    Is there some place where I could read about your own research process while making this documenatry. I read in the Indian Express that it is alleged: “…French film makers as they took the help of local poachers to enter the banned territory and supplied sacks of rice, cooking oil and biscuits to Jarawas to make them cooperate during the shooting in different schedules over the last two years” – See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/french-film-makers-booked-for-trespassing-jarawa-territory-in-andamans/#sthash.xwYlYjeP.dpuf

    It’s only fair to detail all out all encounters made with the Jarawas and how this documentary came to into being. Please share any links that you may have.


    1. Nikky Avatar

      What a shame these filmmakers are to their profession. They should have at least come clean on this. there is no way I am signing the petition after this. Also very curious how they are making money of this whole this by selling videos. If they were so passionate about the cause they would not have chased monetary gain.

  39. Bulu Imam Avatar

    The road which has been built through the Jarawa country from coast to coast is against the orders of the Supreme Court of India.First of all this road should be closed. In complete disregard of the Supreme Court ruling twice a a day mile long convoys of tourist vehicles under police escort use this road through the Jarwa territory.It is a violation of their human and fundamental rights.

  40. Phoka Avatar

    Every nation or tribe has a right to self determination and to be. We are so arrogant and self imposing, one wonders if there were people in Mars telling us to piss off. Will we kindly accept rejection or declare war on them. Primitive as they match be classified but I’m sure there are values that makes them look at us and shake their heads off and crazy to imagine themselves been part of us. A thought is we’re on a junk level of human kind

  41. […] Jarawa Hunter-Gatherers Say They Don’t Want to Be Part of Our World […]

  42. HJL Avatar

    I suspect that there are Christians, Muslims, and other religious groups that would love to go to the island to “save” or otherwise convert these people. Leave the Jarawas alone.

  43. adrian Avatar

    I wish I was born in their world,maybe I wouldnt have the pleasures of life but being happy in ur own world and taking what nature gives us without destroying nature is so much better,living carefree from outsiders,man as we kno has destroyed everything and now they want them to be a part of it.leave them be.

  44. Dharmendra jain Avatar
    Dharmendra jain

    For god sake please leave them alone.at least there are people who believe and love their originality.don’t politicise this if they wants to live like that please maintain that.allow them to live as they wants.

  45. rei honda Avatar
    rei honda

    no comment,it is clear

  46. Mimi Forsyth Avatar
    Mimi Forsyth

    Like the Padaung of Burma, refugees in Thailand, exploited as tourist curiosities. Herded into “villages”. Busloads of tourists come, and the ‘village’ receives approximately 60¢ ( US) per busload. Many of the young girls do not want to wear the brass rings around their necks as per tradition, but are forced to…..to satisfy Thai tourism demands. The brass rings depress the clavicle, do not ‘lengthen’ the neck. After a while, the women and girls cannot hold their heads up because their neck muscles have atrophied.
    This cruelty must be stopped too.

  47. […] Jarawas: “No, really. We’re good here.” […]

  48. […] Jarawas: “No, really. We’re good here.” […]

  49. D. M. Mitchell Avatar
    D. M. Mitchell

    Once, we were all like that: Happy hunter-gatherers. I for one like electric lights, running hot and cold water, and flush toilets, among other things and wouldn’t want to go back to being a hunter-gatherer. (The learning curve would probably kill me.) I am generally not for government intervention except where really necessary. But, if these people are happy and don’t want to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into our modern world, then they should be protected, the highway blocked/removed, and only some scientists, sometimes, able to visit them.

  50. […] Jarawas: “No, really. We’re good here.” […]

  51. […] Jarawas: “No, really. We’re good here.” […]

  52. […] Jarawa Hunter-Gatherers Say They Don’t Want to Be Part of Our World […]

  53. Fleur des Iles Avatar

    Very sad to hear of the plight of the Jarawa. Indeed, they don’t need us to intrude into their world and impose on their chosen lifestyle. What is this arrogance of some “educated”, “civilised” people who call others backwards simply because they don’t espouse their idea of progress? The Jarawa live close to Nature, they commune with the elements, they honour and respect Mother Earth, I dare say they are intuitively and vibrationally more tuned in with the rhythm of the universe than many of us! And that’s backwards?! Just look at the peace, the joy, the pride, the knowing, the quiet dignity with which they hold themselves and speak!

    Thank you, and to your team, for your efforts to create awareness Alexandre, it is important work – so the world know and can lend support. I had never heard of the Jarawa before. Keep up the good work, it is necessary. Il y aura toujours les critiques et les mauvaises langues, ne surtout pas laisser cela saper le moral!

  54. Abhishek singh jamal Avatar
    Abhishek singh jamal

    I feel these people are so lucky that they are living in the hands of mother nature. The civilisation, colonisation, racism, globalised markets have ruined the society we are living in. It doesn’t matter in which country they are living, such pure tribes must be saved. And I’m sure my india is the nation which always care about its people and their emotions and hopefull the Jarawa people will be provided with justice.

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  57. Chupacabra Avatar

    According to the New York Times , two women say they saw a Jarawa man drinking alcohol with someone who had entered the reserve illegally the night before the child’s death.

  58. […] hundred people), which were often broken down into tighter-knit bands of a few dozen people. They shared everything they had, worked very few hours, and had plenty of leisure and social time. The children entertained one another and rarely needed adult intervention. The men hunted together […]

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  62. Kerry Nurthen Avatar
    Kerry Nurthen

    Why in gods name is everyone so intent on changing and ruining the lives of these people? Have they done wrong by anyone, are they harming the forests, are they drunks like our aborigines have become, thanks to white man? Hopefully NOT. Leave these people alone. Isn’t there already enough sadness caused by white man and others. Please leave these beautiful people alone. What do we gain out of causing the poor people total misery? I dare to say absolutely nothing other bragging rights that we have ruined more peoples lives. Do you people even give a damn about others or is it ALL about you and the money you can make. Don’t try and tell us that money is not involved. You are nothing but EVIL.

  63. Kerry Nurthen Avatar
    Kerry Nurthen

    These people don’t deserve the treatment they are receiving. How can this insanity be stopped?

  64. pedro Miguel Avatar

    For me it can be better to help them creating their own republic and their president accept them as a country of the wold in such a continent .

  65. Ruth Whetsel Avatar
    Ruth Whetsel

    Forgive me if this question has already been covered and I missed it, but how do journalists understand the Jarawa language? Are there translators off camera with you when you are filming? How did any translator manage to study the language in the first place? Is ithe language written down somewhere? Are some Jarawa bilingual? If some are bilingual, what is their situation? Just curious ( and obviously confused!)

  66. Javari Avatar

    I don’t want to be part of the European’s evil toxic world either. They are parasites and viruses that destroy nature and build stupid structures everywhere they go. They hate nature and seek to dominate it. They poison everything with chemicals and create diseases that shorten our lives. They are death in physical form. All they do is consume. They never replenish. They are literally curse and karma on humanity.

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  68. Vanshika malhotra Avatar
    Vanshika malhotra

    Dont force them. Leave them alome

  69. Yolanda Moore Avatar
    Yolanda Moore

    Leave them alone! Let them live in Peace!

  70. Vicky Avatar

    Is it just me, or did someone notice that all these Jarawa people look almost the same – same face on men and children? If there are only 420 of them alive, this is a very tiny population to maintain a healthy biological diversity (i.e. without exchanging their gene pool with other groups). Perhaps it’s already too late for them? Very sad that it has come to this.

  71. Sherrie Avatar

    Leave them alone….
    I sign the petition to help stop this. Trying to ply them with tabbacoo and drink,proves there mentally…

  72. trevor lawrie Avatar
    trevor lawrie

    What happened to the protection of the Andaman Tribes Act of 1956 that Nehru brought out to protect these people from deceases, religions and their losing their Tribal Lands? No aborigine could be prosecuted if they even shot any intruder with bow and arrow. This is a complete disaster.

  73. Grant-Bey Avatar

    They will come a day when we will have to answer to the injustice we constantly impose on others. Governments are to protect the sovereignty of its people not to exploit them. Shameful.

  74. korey Moore Avatar
    korey Moore

    Not a big deal killing black people, just some darkies with something we want!

  75. […] genesis of this article came about when I read “Jarawa Hunter-Gatherers Say They Don’t Want to Be a Part of Our World”, which addresses the problems facing a remote tribe that lives on an island off of the coast of […]

  76. Shally Joseph Avatar
    Shally Joseph


    The word ‘civilization’ (a noun) is defined as follows:

    The stage of human social development and organization which is considered most advanced.
    Synonyms: human development, advancement, progress, enlightenment, edification, culture, cultivation, refinement, sophistication
    “a higher stage of civilization”

    The process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization.

    The society, culture, and way of life of a particular area.
    synonyms: culture, customs, mores, way of life, attainments, achievements; society, nation, people, community


    So then why are you guys astounded by this sudden invasion of a so-called ‘remote’ island of ancient cultured peoples?!! We were all part of some ancient culture at one time or another & change happened. No one left our cultures alone in the past??!!

    Besides,there have been articles about certain groups making plans / advance bookings to go to Mars / for trips to find life on other planets!!! Hey! life on other planets!! So what’s the hue & cry with desiring to invade and change lives here on this planet??!!!

    No one left you alone and no one is going to leave the Jarawa Hunters alone! Even the pygmies were conquered – and there was a time no one thought they could be?!

    Basically there is no so called advancement as these definitions herein above state!
    People eventually all like to get back to their basic fallen roots – the cavemen instincts that lie dormant – UNLESS we seek to RETURN to the One Who created us in His image and likeness. The One and Only Jehovah – possible only through Christ Jesus.

    Ponder and be set free!

  77. LV Avatar

    Leave them alone.

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