Germs Don’t Make You Sick. Why You Really Get Sick, and How to Heal

Louis Pasteur recanted the germ theory on his deathbed, but the entire modern medical industry – which makes trillions off its war on germs – failed to get the memo.


Saying bacteria and viruses cause disease is like saying flies cause garbage, says spiritual guru Teal Swan. Germs – like flies – show up for the party when there is a build-up of waste material in the body to feed on, but they are not what created the waste. What created the waste is far more complex.`

In the video below, Swan does an excellent job of summarizing what holistic practitioners of health have known for thousands of years:

Illness is a toxicity crisis, Swan says. The symptoms we normally associate with illness – mucous, coughing, sneezing, fever, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea – are a toxin overload. The onset of symptoms are the body’s way of expelling those toxins – also known as waste or debris – ASAP to bring itself back into balance.

Aside from toxic foods or exposure to environmental toxins, waste material can also be created simply by thinking negative thoughts – and therefore experiencing negative emotions like stress – for prolonged periods of time.

When people get trapped in a downward spiral of negative thoughts, Swan says it causes the normal flow of energy through your body to get “pinched off, which causes a build-up of a low vibrational energy, which causes a cascade of physical events:”

First, the thymus gland shrinks, which weakens the immune system, which makes the body unable to eliminate toxins, which causes a build-up of toxins, which causes the cells in your body to die at a faster rate, which creates more waste, which creates the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive.

“Bacteria and viruses are not the cause of the illness,” Swan said. “They are found in the systems of people who are sick because they need dying tissue to survive. When they find such an environment, they colonize. Only a person who is already unwell – or toxic – can be colonized.”

Not only do germs not cause the illness, they may actually be aiding us in restoring health. Often it is the point at which the body is colonized by virus or bacteria that the symptoms of illness peak, indicating the microbes may be triggering the body to expel the toxins.

Swan believes the reason for the Black Plague, which wiped out as many as 200 million people, was the terrible quality of life for most Europeans during the Middle Ages. The poor, overpopulated masses were malnourished, immune-deficient and suffering extreme emotional duress.

Swan doesn’t believe auto-immune disorders exist. When a person gets cancer or some other “auto-immune” disease, it may appear the body is attacking itself, but it’s not. It’s attacking toxins that have settled into the body, after being trapped in the body by symptom-suppressing drugs over and over again. The extreme inflammation characteristic of so-called auto-immune disorders is the immune system’s final attempt to rid the body of toxins for survival.

Yes, I realize Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher, but here is a whole panel of medical doctors who think it’s time to admit the germ theory was an honest mistake.

How to Restore Health

“Your job is to enable your body to do what it is designed to do,” Swan says. “That is your only job.”

Swan believes stress is the number one cause of illness. She says stress can be caused by any negative thought or action that triggers the brain to release stress chemicals throughout the body.

“Often we get stressed when we think there are a million things we HAVE to do,” Swan says. But it’s often only our perception that we HAVE to do them. “A lot of people say, I can’t rest, I HAVE to go to work. But if they got sick enough that they physically couldn’t go to work, then they would give themselves permission to rest.”

Healing is about giving yourself permission to heal, preferably before you reach toxicity crisis, Swan says.

First and foremost she says, we need to release our resistance to being sick. Accept it. Think about all the reasons it’s good you got sick. Write them down. For example – “it’s a good excuse to be lazy and watch movies all day” or “it’s forcing me to take care of myself.”

When you’re vomiting tell yourself – “I am ridding myself of anything that doesn’t serve me – my old patterns and the sickness itself. It’s a good thing to get it out of me.”

“Rejecting an illness is highly stressful to the body,” Swan says. “When you accept it you allow the flow of energy to move through your body and are moving closer to understanding the true reason for your illness.”

“Look at is an opportunity. It’s your body’s way of getting your attention. Illness is the body’s attempt to redirect your life in a more fulfilling direction.”

Teal Swan’s Practical Tips:

1. Think positive thoughts. It might sound cliche, but it creates almost instant improvement in symptoms, Swan says. Focus positively on anything, especially the benefits of the illness (but not the pain and symptoms – the more you think about those, the stronger they get).

If you’re not ready to think happy thoughts about the illness itself, because the symptoms are too intense, distract yourself for a while with a book or a bath. After the symptoms have subsided, it won’t feel so impossible to focus on what’s good about being sick.

2. Rest, rest, rest. Your body is dedicating every ounce of its energy toward eliminating toxins. Avoid anything that stimulates you. Do whatever relaxes you.

3. “Hydrate the hell out of yourself.” Fluid helps the body carry out toxins. Plain, pure spring water. Fresh-squeezed fruit juices, but not too many. Lots of fresh-squeezed veggie juices. Herbal tea. Easy-to-digest foods like soup, loaded with vegetables and kale. “The less energy your body has to use on digestion, the more it can lend to healing.”

4. Avoid junk food. NO white sugar, white flour or caffeine. No dairy, no fried food, no meat. (Teal Swan advocates veganism. I have mixed feelings about this, as I’ve been a fan of the Paleo and Weston A. Price diets for the last few years.)

5. Bathe in sunlight. Sunlight is essential for biological function and fuels the immune system and thyroid gland. UV light is a natural germicide. “Sunlight does not cause disease, the lack of it does.”

Viatmin D, one of the most important substances for healing. It is not absorbed synthetically. It is produced by the body in response to sunlight.

Sit in the sun with no sunglasses, no sunscreen, and as little clothes as possible, for 10 to 20 minutes a day.

6. Gargle and swish with salt water. Swishing coconut or olive oil – aka oil pulling – can also pull toxins out through the gums.

7. Sip hot, ionized water. This helps carry toxins out of the body. Just boil water in stainless steel for 20 minutes and keep in stainless steel thermos for up to 12 hours.

8. Don’t go back to your old ways. Sickness is always an indication we need to change something we were thinking or doing before it arose. The faster we can identify what it was, the faster we can change it and less likely we get ill again.

If we don’t pay attention to the underlying mental and emotional cause of our physical illness, it will return again and again, until we do. To help you discover this watch another Teal Swan video titled – How to Find the Root Cause of Your Illness or Ailment.

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