Vegan Group Threatens Primitive Skills Teacher Over “Humane Slaughter” Class

November 16, 2016 at 10:22 pm


Natalie Bogwalker, founder of Wild Abundance primitive skills school

Rather than focus on horrors and atrocities at factory farms, a national animal rights group is targeting the female owner of a small primitive-skills school in the Appalachian mountains for an upcoming course on the humane slaughter and butchery of animals.

The school – Wild Abundance – also offers courses in off-grid living, eco-homesteading, tiny-home building, women’s carpentry, foraging, organic gardening, permaculture and hide tanning. The founder of the school Natalie Bogwalker also organizes a popular annual event called the Firefly Gathering, a 4-day convention on sustainable living and rewilding.


A vegetarian teacher shares his garden with Wild Abundance permaculture students

It’s hardly the kind of place you’d imagine would attract the ire of an animal rights group. To the contrary, Wild Abundance and Firefly are known locally for their deep respect for animals, plants and all living creatures.

But the vegan group One Protest has created a national campaign against the school called the Let Live Coalition and has created a website specifically to try and prevent a two-day course scheduled to start on November 19th, in which two pasture-raised sleep will be slaughtered.
“The Let Live Coalition is committed to opposing the misinformation and myths of ‘humane’ meat generally, as well as the accompanying proliferation of DIY/backyard slaughter workshops, the group’s website says.

“OneProtest has partnered with the Let Live Coalition to protest a ‘sacred and humane’ slaughter workshop near Asheville, NC, where a live sheep will be ‘honored’ by having her throat slit.”

The group sent a letter to Wild Abundance asking them to cancel the class – saying it “normalizes meat consumption” and “perpetuates factory farming” – and threatening to stage protests if the class goes forward.

Wild Abundance founder Natalie Bogwalker claims One Protest members are harassing her with aggressive phone calls at all hours while she attempts to rest with her 3-week-old baby. One angry vegan activist from the UK even threatened to slit her partner’s throat.

In response, Wild Abundance started a petition  asking One Protest to stop harassing Bogwalker and Meredith Leigh, a formerly vegetarian female butcher, who has cancelled her visit to teach the class due to intimidation.


Meredith Leigh, author of The Ethical Meat Handbook, intimidated out of teaching class on humane slaughter

Bogwalker is also a former life-long vegetarian. After a few years of veganism – when she felt her body finally started needing animal protein again – she started eating roadkill rather than support factory farming. Now she tries to empower others with alternatives to Big Agriculture.  She said she thinks the reason One Protest is focused on her school rather than factory farms is because the idea of ethical meat scares them. “It means there is a grey area, and they want the issue to be black and white.”

As a former life-long vegetarian (until I got pregnant at 28) myself, I have a lot of compassion for animals and can empathize with much of what vegan activists stand for. That’s why I refuse to eat animal products unless they come from grass-fed, pasture-raised, humanely treated animals. But this campaign is ridiculous and makes hurts the vegan cause. Who are they going to go after next? Native Americans?


Wild Abundance is teaching people to live the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors have lived for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years – sustainably and in balance and harmony with the planet. Natalie Bogwalker is a hero to many environmentalists, sustainable living enthusiasts and animal rights activists in her community and around the country. It’s counter-productive to attack someone who shares so many values with so many vegans.

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