7 Reasons You Might Be Happier in a Tiny Home

January 30, 2017 at 2:07 am

Tiny home from the HGTV show Tiny House, Big Living

My family and I have been happier than ever since we moved into a tiny home six months ago. Below are seven ways we’re living larger in a smaller space:

1. It saves money. Tiny homes are a fraction of the cost of the average American house, and they cost less to heat, cool and maintain.

2. More free time. Fewer bills to pay means less work and more time to do whatever you want.

Moving into a tiny home enabled my husband and I to quit our jobs and work fewer hours from home.

Now we have time to garden, meal plan and cook. My husband has time to hike and mountain bike and I have time to read and write. And of course we have more time with each other, our daughter and friends.

3. Simplicity – less cleaning, less clutter. Another benefit of living in a 200-square-foot space, is you only have 200 square feet to clean. It takes my husband or I about 20 minutes a week to deep clean our entire dwelling.

We only have one set of dishes for each of our three family members, so they never pile up.

With two pack-rat parents, I’ve always had a deathly fear of becoming a hoarder. Living in a tiny space gives me the peace of mind that can never happen. If something is not used at least weekly, it goes to Goodwill or a landfill.

To minimize this kind of waste, we now carefully think through each of our purchases, making them higher quality and less often.

4. Forces you to spend more time outdoors. Sad that we have to be “forced” outdoors, but most of us are so accustomed to, and busy with, our sedentary, indoor lifestyles, we forget to go outside.

Cram three people into a 200-square foot space, and guess how long it takes to convince any of us to play/work outside? The more we get out in the fresh air and sunshine, the more we’re reminded how good it feels.

5. Time for self-discovery. Sadly the vast majority of us have no idea who we are or what we’re here for. We are born into a machine that conditions us from birth to operate like productive robots.

Breaking out of the vicious work-consume, work-consume cycle grants you the time to discover what really makes you happy.

6. Time for family bonding. The last six months have been by far the best of my 7-year-relationship with my husband, thanks to plenty of stress-free time together.

Our 6-year-old daughter had to get rid of a bunch of her toys, but in exchange she has actual relationships with each of her parents.

Her dad and I take turns volunteering at her “unschooling” school, accompany her on play dates, and have time for games or long talks about life before bed each night.

7. Time for community/tribe building. Living in a tiny space gives you time to actually get to know your neighbors.

We spend more time at friends’ houses now than we do in our own. The kids play, while the other mothers and I work and keep each other company.

If we’re lucky, maybe one day we’ll all live right next door to each other in a tiny house community like this:

In short, it’s not so much our tiny house itself that we love, but the richness of life it’s afforded us. We now measure our quality of life in time, not space — in the number of hours spent doing whatever the hell we want, not square feet.

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