Smash the Clock!

February 17, 2017 at 3:56 pm

Man, our consciousness is expanding so fast right Now, I couldn’t decide whether to write about it or just experience it.

I was just lying in bed with my daughter and my cosmic husband, my twin flame, feeling like we were the holy trinity.

I felt so tempted to drift into the 5th or 6th dimension (or whatever dimension we’re in in our “dreams”) with them just Now, but I stopped myself and told myself – “no, you need to be Here now, in the third or fourth dimension (or whatever dimension it is when we are “awake” and able to feel ourselves pinching ourselves.)

I feel like I’m time traveling right Now. I feel like I am here and there, in the “past” “present” and “future,” all at the same “time.” Like I’m in all the dimensions simultaneously.

June taught me that today – that we are in multiple places at once, living out multiple realities at once.

Or, who knows when she told me… maybe she’s been trying to tell me the same thing for an infinite number of lifetimes. Maybe they happened in the “past.” Maybe they happened all at the same “time.”

I’m starting to believe time and space don’t exist. Einstein was so much more brilliant than any of us can even understand. There’s no way he wasn’t on the strongest psychedelic drugs available at his time. Either that or he was practicing sex magic or sun-gazing. There’s no other way he could have been so ahead of his time, so in touch with the universal perspective.

I don’t know, but I am going to take a quantum leap and catch up with his level of consciousness soon. We all are. I can feel it.

And one day I’ll be writing, not for a single dime, but just for the pure fucking joy of it.

One day it’ll be my free fucking gift to humankind.

I have so many things I want to write about. So many important messages I want to transmit to all of my loved ones (all of you)… but so little time in this god-forsaken workaholic dimension most of us find ourselves trapped in.

It’s almost time to return to “Now” and by doing what the fruitarian gatherers did – a whole lot of “nothing.”