Man Relives Circumcision in Somatic Therapy

May 11, 2017 at 9:46 pm

A man claims to have relived his circumcision multiple times during a series of orgone therapy sessions:

In a therapy similar to somatic therapy he remembered lying in an operating room and not being able to move his arms. He remembered the doctor making eye contact, “and then I felt the shock of the pain in my genitals.”

“Pain isn’t really the right way to describe the experience,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of broken bones, I had a collapsed lung, I put my hand in a lawn mower and broke four of my fingers recently … that was excruciatingly painful, but I knew what it was. I had a sense of life experience and didn’t feel this sense of complete shock and disbelief – this overwhelming fear and anguish … It’s more than pain. It’s terror and this incredible sense of just ‘how? what? how?'”

“I know when I was born all my emotions were there in their most raw and powerful state, and when this happened to me, an uncontrollable rush of emotion came over me, and I know I couldn’t breathe …

“Even now in session … I have a hard time even beginning to experience those feelings because they’re just too terrible … I can’t even get a breath to start feeling what is that I’m feeling … I imagine I looked purple, because I feel like my head’s just going to explode.”

Under the care of Dr. Richard Schwartzman – a Jewish psychiatrist who helps men heal from subconscious circumcision trauma – “Bob” – a successful lawyer – is encouraged to physically relive the experience of his circumcision. Here he’s filmed crying, screaming, sweating, shaking and punching:

“It’s the repressed anger that’s in him,” Dr. Schwartzman says. “These feelings and emotions are actually physically held in the body, in the armor.”

“One thing that’s clear to me now is the rage I feel about it all,” Bob said. “When that’s being done to you, you want to fight back.”

“Getting out the fear and the crying gives me a sense of relief, but getting that rage out, that bloody murder, is absolutely delicious.”

Prior to treatment, Bob suffered from general anxiety.

“I wasn’t anxious about any particular thing,” he said. “I was just anxious – physically anxious. The mail would come and I would be scared about what was in it. The phone would ring and I’d be scared to answer it.”

Without the therapy, Bob believes he would’ve treated his kids the way his parents treated him – “like little soldiers.” He believes the therapy has enabled him to raise open, loving and trusting children and to vastly improve his relationship with his wife.

“My ability to function at a deep level – the richness, fullness and tenderness of my feelings – was robbed from me,” he said, choking up with tears. He says releasing the trapped negative emotions has enable him to “feel again.”

The hidden trauma

Dr. Schwartzman first witnessed a circumcision (other than his own) during an internship in a medical school. He says he was shocked by “the brutality and coldness of the physician and staff” who “had no empathy for the suffering of the child.”

He later had to perform a circumcision himself, as part of his required training. “It was terrible. It was terrible. I felt terrible, and the baby suffered terribly. That was the last I ever did.”

Later, in his studies of the works of Wilhelm Reich – the father of orgone therapy – he came to understand the devastating and lasting effects of early childhood trauma.

“The trauma early in life is the most severe and the most damaging, because the child has no defense mechanisms, no perspective and no experience,” Schwartzman says. “They go into shock.”

“People don’t realize few days of life are the most critical of their entire life,” he said. “They need to have constant eye contact, emotional contact, body contact, to be comforted and loved. If that isn’t there, for whatever reason … the child has no choice but to protect himself by going out of contact, withdrawing [emotionally].”

“All of this [trauma] is held within us, and it’s never forgotten.”

For more information about Wilhelm Reich’s orgone therapy, visit Dr. Schwartzman’s website.

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