If the “Illuminati” Wanted to Depopulate Us, The Fastest Way to Do It Would Be to Allow Us to Overpopulate

I was chatting with a friend about overpopulation the other night.

“Oh no, Sara,” he said. “Please don’t tell me you’ve fallen for the overpopulation lie. That’s just Illuminati depopulation propaganda. Agenda 21 stuff.”

I’d heard this argument before, but never understood it.

“They want to kill the vast majority of us,” he said. “It’s eugenics.”

I’m still not sure why the elite would want to kill off their slave class — the foundation of their pyramid scheme — but, perhaps they are starting to realize like all pyramid schemes, human population too will eventually have to collapse.

I got to thinking, if the rulers of the world really did want to kill off billions of us, as my fellow conspiracy theorists believe, the easiest, fastest way to do it would be to encourage us to overpopulate.

This is because of the exponential function, something very few people understand.

As the late physics professor Al Bartlett said — “the greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

Admittedly I barely understand the exponential function myself. I failed college algebra twice. But one thing I remember is the bell curve.

You can’t have an exponential growth curve that goes up and up and up indefinitely. As Newton said, what goes up must come down.

Apparently, population grows exponentially — by doubling. That means population growth has a peak, and once it is reached, it will fall.

The question is how steep will that fall be?

Growing populations don’t stabilize or flat-line without predators or illness to keep them in check.

Thanks to the fact that we have conquered all of our predators (except maybe bacteria and viruses) and discovered how to turn petroleum into food, the human population keeps growing (even though the rate of growth is beginning to slow).

The problem is petroleum is a finite resource and after the amount being extracted from the earth peaks (reaches a point where half of the supply is gone) the amount being produced will begin to decline.

It’s debatable whether this is already happening, but according to Bartlett, the latest oil will peak is 2030.

What happens when oil production (supply) starts declining in unison with human population (demand) increasing? Extremely high oil prices. Which means extremely high food prices. Prices which the vast majority won’t be able to afford. Which means mass starvation and chaos.

Take a look at what happened on Easter Island to get an idea of what is happening on Earth. Agriculturalist explorers landed there, dominated (cultivated) the island, reproduced rapidly, and never saw their demise coming as their population began to peak.

This is because, as Bartlett explained, once a population hits half of its environment’s carrying capacity, it only needs one more generation to double to full capacity, and one more generation to begin collapsing.

Easter Island’s population went from 10,000-20,000 at its peak to less than 2000 by the time Dutch explorers landed on the island a century later.

Survivors of the mayhem told the explorers about their grandparents hiding in caves to avoid cannibals.

Again, how steep will our population drop be when oil production begins declining (which will happen in the next two decades if it’s not happening already).

Can we be the only species in the planet’s history smart enough to avoid collapse? It may already be too late for that. But we can minimize the number of people who have to starve to death (or be killed by those who are starving to death) by voluntarily not having babies until our population can stabilize?

Again, if the Illuminati are trying to kill billions of us rapidly, their best bet would be to encourage population overshoot and therefore collapse. But I think they’d be safer by educating and encouraging people to voluntarily ease up on baby-making.

In the same way democracy cannot survive overpopulation, human dignity cannot survive overpopulation. As you put more and more people into the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn’t matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less the individual matters.” ~ Isaac Asimov





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