Study: Pomegranate Extract Disables Breast Cancer Stem Cells

October 11, 2017 at 4:46 pm

Pomegranate kills cancer at its root – the stem cells – while chemo and radiation often make it come back even stronger


A new study shows pomegranate extract can stop breast cancer stem cells in their tracks, preventing them from replicating and breaking up existing cancer cell clusters.

Researchers at the University of Albany have found a chemical compound in the fruit that targets and weakens cancer stem cells, without damaging surrounding cells.

Chemotherapy and radiation not only damage healthy cells and tissue, they often create new therapy-resistant cancer cells, leaving the patient worse off than they started:

For this reason, “cancer stem cells have become an important target population in cancer therapy and prevention due to their ability to self-renew, initiate tumors, and resist therapy,” Dr. Ramune Reliene writes:

A hallmark of breast cancer stem cells is their ability to grow as “mammospheres” or clumps of mammary gland cells, she says.

Pomegranate extract inhibited the formation of these mammosphere in two different cancer cell lines.

This indicates the ability of pomegranate extract to prevent replication or “self-renewal” of not only breast cancer stem cells, but potentially other cancer stem cells, Reliene writes.

Not only did the extract stop cancer stem cells from replicating, it reversed their polarity, weakened them and broke already existing cancerous mammospheres apart.

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