Study: Pomegranate Extract Disables Breast Cancer Stem Cells

Pomegranate kills cancer at its root – the stem cells – while chemo and radiation often make it come back even stronger


A new study shows pomegranate extract can stop breast cancer stem cells in their tracks, preventing them from replicating and breaking up existing cancer cell clusters.

Researchers at the University of Albany have found a chemical compound in the fruit that targets and weakens cancer stem cells, without damaging surrounding cells.

Chemotherapy and radiation not only damage healthy cells and tissue, they often create new therapy-resistant cancer cells, leaving the patient worse off than they started:

For this reason, “cancer stem cells have become an important target population in cancer therapy and prevention due to their ability to self-renew, initiate tumors, and resist therapy,” Dr. Ramune Reliene writes:

A hallmark of breast cancer stem cells is their ability to grow as “mammospheres” or clumps of mammary gland cells, she says.

Pomegranate extract inhibited the formation of these mammosphere in two different cancer cell lines.

This indicates the ability of pomegranate extract to prevent replication or “self-renewal” of not only breast cancer stem cells, but potentially other cancer stem cells, Reliene writes.

Not only did the extract stop cancer stem cells from replicating, it reversed their polarity, weakened them and broke already existing cancerous mammospheres apart.

Here’s a list of 25 other foods that kill cancer without creating more cancer.





15 responses to “Study: Pomegranate Extract Disables Breast Cancer Stem Cells”

  1. Elizabeth Marshall Avatar
    Elizabeth Marshall

    Documentary proof? Studies?

    1. Marianne Avatar

      Lol. 70% of cancer patients who die, die from the treatment itself. But I bring no one’s evidenct to them on a silver platter. Everyone, be resoonsible, do your own footwork. While your at it, be pleasantly surprised at Mannatech’s footwork on stem cells and cancer. The cure for cancer really was found years ago, in fact 117 years ago. Big business hides that fact. I am a 13 year cancer survivor—no problems here. Don’t overestimate conventional medicine’s brand of “proof”—they make money from research. Don’t underestimate plants, either.

  2. Heather Avatar

    How does one take this product?

  3. Y b Avatar
    Y b

    These are huge claims and ones with large consequences. I would love to believe it, however if false, you could be sentencing someone to death by making them believe in a false hope. I would like to see the research and peer reviews for something like this.

    1. Zuzu Avatar

      I’m sorry. I must have missed the part where they said stop all other treatment. Could you point that out, please?

  4. Laurie Avatar

    Where is your info coming from?

    1. Sara Burrows Avatar

      Study is linked in story.

  5. Twyla Avatar

    There are multiple types of Breast Cancer. Which type was this study done on?

  6. Ann Helsel Avatar
    Ann Helsel

    This story is very misleading, and incomplete. Having lost friends, and family to cancer I would prefer reading a cited study than just a half hearted story like this one. Sorry but my opinion!
    Lets have the study information, please!

    1. Sara Burrows Avatar

      There is a link to the study in the first sentence.

    2. Christine Avatar

      When I was diagnosed 9 years ago, my chiropractor told me to drink pom juice. There was a study back then from Israel stating the same thing. You can’t live your life in fear. Cancer is not this dreadful disease that has no cure. it is a nutritional deficiency that can be cured naturally.

  7. Kathy V Avatar
    Kathy V

    Did you read the whole study? Because the link only provides the abstract and to read the whole thing you have to have special access. The abstract does not appear to mention problems with chemotherapy, nor does it have specifics about how the PE was applied to the cells to get the result. How the PE gets to the cells is a critical part to understand. There’s no point in ending chemo and taking PE if that’s not how it works.

  8. Toshia Avatar

    Can you post the link to the study? Was the study in vivo or in vitro?

  9. paul Avatar

    And why isn’t including pomegranites in your diet good enough for you?

  10. Marianne Avatar

    People, autoimmunity is only fulky haulted by overcoming autoimmunity, and the eight essential glyconutrients are the only way to get stem cells. In fact, MIT calls them “the misding foid group”, because people are not eating them, this causing their diseases. No other food group contains glyconutrients but sugars withon them. The sugar scare is all about derailung people from getting their carbs so they can make stem cells! Thst way, the stem cell industry can sell you their already-made-from-glyconutrients stem cell injections and tissues! Thise stem cells reverse the autoimmunity. Believe me, the studies are there, and you are tripped up on purpose—the drug companies and immunologists have a lot to lose by telling you that you can get this power at the grocery store, in fact, even faster* working. With injections, your stem cells don’t grow from zero to trillions IN ONE WEEK like they do on the essential glyconutrients. If you are misding even one, and most people are, two thongs will happen, you will have heavy cravings for sweets (These are glycos! Sugars! Saccharides!) , and your body will mismessage to and from the hypothalamus, causing vicious cycle and wrong directives trying to fix things that are amiss in the body. These glycos stick to the outside of your cells and communicate braille-style. Each glyco is as though a braille letter in an alohabet. When the cells touch ach other they receive and give messages about what is going on with that cell. The hypothalamus is preprogrammed to recognize all things natural. If something is missing, that causes static and miscommunication. Wirse, if something is foreign, an unrecognizable or mutation, it is programmed to get it to exit the body. If it is missing any glycos that tell it the foreign or broken thing needs to be addresses, it cannot address the issue. If it continues to recognize a problem but has no answer because of misding glycos, it with try off things, like send in constant hystamines, or try to package/wrap up for storage a foreigner (cysts, tumors, lumps, masses), all because of insufficient glycos. No NIH research study is going to tell you sll of this, so you who want research dropped at your feet, start on your knees and have a little faith in finding true information—it is your job. The person who posted this was just fine to give you only a hint, because you are not going to get what is even hidden from med students. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer for those of you who want to know the truth that much. If you don’t, at leadt don’t expect a silver platter. True evidence never comes that way. We have been given a Mentor for this earth life. The adversary is depending on your underestimating that direction. Don’t. I learned shocking thinkings and this story only gets better.