Amazon Now Delivers Tiny Homes

October 13, 2017 at 5:13 pm

Buying a tiny home just got easier. Amazon will now deliver one to your front door — or just about anywhere else in the world — fully furnished for $40,000.

Made from brand new shipping containers, they have everything you’d expect in a comfortable modern home — a kitchenette, bathroom, living room, bedroom, laminate floors, five windows and french doors — packed into 320 square feet. They also include heat and air conditioning, water and sewer hookups, and optional solar panels.

The homes, manufactured by MODS International, start at $36,000 and cost around $4000 to ship.

MODS says the pods are built to International Building Code and will meet all local building codes, except in California, where residents will have to make a special order with the company to include fire protection and earthquake engineering.

In Amazon’s question and answer section, a spokesperson for the company says shipping includes set-up of the home:

“Our truck drivers are certified to make the final connections and have all the tools, connection parts and knowledge. They work faster when they know the reward is a diet coke and a nice local burger with fries!! We have the best guys in the industry being very proud and happy to make your connections, turn on the water and walk you thru the unit to make sure everything is perfect and teach you how to operate all the controls … It takes about an hour for all connections, very fast.”

The units are “super insulated” and perfect for all climates “from the winters of North Dakota to the heat of Burundi, Africa,” writes the manufacturer.

When welded to a concrete slab, the units can withstand 200 MPH winds.
Customers have the option of buying the homes without furniture for a $2000 credit and the option of expanding the home with multiple units. For other custom shipping container home designs, not listed on Amazon, visit the manufacturers website.