Eco-Friendly “Wood” Stove Can Power a Small House, Using Garbage for Fuel

November 10, 2017 at 2:26 pm

A new highly efficient “wood” stove generates electricity while cooking your food and heating your house… AND it runs on virtually any biomass, reducing deforestation

The InStove is built around a large cook pot. It can burn wood, pellets and almost any other biomass fuel including crop wastes, dung, waste paper, and other garbage.

It’s self-feeding and can run for hours without tending.

The stove doubles as a thermo-electric generator. It is capable of firebox temperatures up to 2200 degrees, producing highly efficient heat, hot water and 500 watts of electricity.

The generator is silent, and it’s exhaust is almost smoke free.

The InStove can easily handle all the heating and electricity needs of a 1200 square-foot home without any additional power source.

Its makers say the technology is so efficient it competes with natural gas and propane.

Thermo-electric generator technology works its very best on the darkest, coldest days of the year, when all other sustainable power sources struggle, making it the perfect addition to solar-powered homes that still tie into the grid on cloudy days.

They cost about $900 and have a service-life of 10 years. Its manufacturers say the stoves often pay for themselves in a matter of months through fuel savings alone.

InStoves fight global warming and save lives

A noble cause in and of itself, the company’s mission is bigger than helping Americans get off the grid. It also aims to fight two major contributors to global warming – deforestation and carbon emissions from open-fire cooking.

Every day 3 billion people cook on open biomass fires, creating enough pollution to rival that from cars worldwide. InStoves cook large amounts of food on small amounts of sticks that can be sustainably gathered, while producing virtually no smoke:

InStove’s website says inefficient cooking methods – used by almost half of the world’s population – cause serious health and environmental problems:

  • Indoor air pollution from burning solid fuels like wood causes 4.3 million premature deaths each year, is the leading cause of premature deaths among children.
  • Firewood harvesting is responsible for half of global deforestation and can lead to the assault, abduction, or rape of the women and girls responsible for gathering it.
  • Unstable and unsafe cooking techniques frequently cause debilitating, life-altering burns.

InStoves are safe, stable, and vent to the outdoors. Their high-efficiency design reduces fuel use by 75-90% and harmful emissions by more than 90%.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to make biomass briquettes out of crop waste, dung, waste paper and other garbage. Briquettes like these could virtually eliminate the need for firewood and deforestation the company says:

Amazon sells affordable briquette presses: