10 Tiny Homes Amazon Will Ship to Your Front Door for Under $20,000

November 20, 2017 at 6:16 pm

In case you missed the news last month, Amazon will now deliver a fully-furnished, ready-to-move-in shipping container tiny home to your “front door” — or empty lot — for $36,000 + $4,000 in shipping fees:

Apparently, there are ten other tiny homes for under $20,000 available on Amazon now with free shipping! There’s only one caveat… you have to build them yourself and they don’t come with plumbing or electricity, as the one above does.

The cabin “kits” come with all the materials you need and “easy-to-follow” instructions. The assembly time is anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on how large and how complex the cabin.

Here they are, from tiniest to “biggest”:

1. The tiniest tiny home available on Amazon is the Lillevilla Weekender. Only 75 feet, the seller says it doesn’t even require a building permit. For only $3,400 it might make a nice guest cabin or “man cave.”

2. The adorable Lillevilla Escape is 113 square feet and costs only $4,390.

3. The Halmstad Garden House is 116 square feet and costs $5,490.

4. The Sunray Cabin is 162 square feet and costs $8,690.

5. The Sommersby Garden House is 174 square feet for $8,360.

6. The Arlanda Garden House is 180 square feet and costs $7,590.

7. The Lakeview Log Cabin is 209 square feet and costs $7,390.

8. The Nordica Cabin is 191 square-feet with a 95 square-foot loft for $16,950.

9. The Bella Cabin is 237 square feet with an 86 square-foot loft and costs $17,800.

10. The roomy Ranger Cabin is 259 square feet with a 168 square-foot loft and costs $19,990.