Border Collies “Run Like the Wind” To Reforest Chile

February 15, 2018 at 3:39 pm

Two sisters and their amazing dogs have taken it upon themselves to plant thousands of trees after Chile’s massive forest fires

Over a million acres burned in the largest fire of Chile’s  history in January of 2017, leaving a charred wasteland in place of beautiful old growth forests.

In March of 2017, citizen-hero Francisca Torres and her three border collies set out to do something about it.

Torres and her sister Constanza bought hundreds of pounds of native seeds, strapped them on the dogs in specialized backpacks, and spent the next six months letting them run wild.


Posted by Pewos on Thursday, April 20, 2017

The hope is the seeds will sprout, take root and regenerate what was lost.

“We have seen many results in flora and fauna coming back to the burned forest,” Torres told Mother Nature Network.

Torres — who runs a dog-oriented environmental community called Pewos, where she trains assistance dogs — plans to take to take the dogs back out to the forest again this spring for more planting.

With their “boundless energy,” the border collies can cover as many as 18 miles in a day and distribute more than 20 pounds of seeds.


Feliz dia madre tierra ❤

Posted by Pewos on Sunday, May 14, 2017

“They reeeeeally love it!!” Torres writes in an email. “It’s a country trip, where they can run as fast as they can and have a great time.”

The dogs get “tons” of treats for their “work,” which for them is a day in the park.

The Torres sisters pay for all the seeds and supplies themselves, as well as the transportation costs of getting to the forest.

Asked why she chose border collies for the task, Torres says the answer is simple — “Border collies are super smart!”