How to Avoid Toxic Garlic from China

March 28, 2018 at 4:52 pm

80 percent of garlic comes from China, where it’s sprayed with chemicals to increase shelf life

Most garlic sold in the United States used to come from California. But these days almost 80 percent of it comes from China.

Most people don’t know this, as it’s not something grocers want to advertise.

Chinese garlic is sprayed with chemicals to prevent sprouting, bleached with chlorine to make it look white, and, by law, fumigated with methyl bromide, according to Henry Bell of the Australian Garlic Industry Association.

High doses of methyl bromide can cause respiratory and central nervous system damage. According to the UN, it’s 60 times more dangerous than chlorine.

“I know for a fact that some garlic growers over there use raw human sewage to fertilize their crops,” Bell said.

Luckily, it’s easy to identify which garlic comes from California and which garlic comes from China.

Chinese garlic has all the roots removed, leaving a concave, smooth spot on the bottom:

This is required by the USDA to prevent soil-borne plant diseases from entering our country.

California garlic still has roots on bottom:

According to The Garlic Growers Association, no U.S. garlic grower spends time and money cleaning out the roots, because it’s not required of them.