How To Transform Your Compost Into Super Rich Fertilizer

March 28, 2018 at 1:52 am

Why earthworms are the secret ingredient to successful composting

A third of the food we eat ends up in the trash. Globally, we send over a billion pounds of food waste to the dump each year.

Imagine if there were a way we could convert all that waste back into food again?

We can! With vermicomposting!

Vermicomposting simply means throwing worms into your compost bin and letting them convert your food scraps into some of the world’s best fertilizer, sometimes referred to as “black gold:”

Up to 75 percent of what we put into the into landfills, can become food for worms, and thus, food for us.

To get started, buy or build a composting bin. Fill it with kitchen scraps and other compost. Add worms.

But not just any worms. You’ll need red wigglers, which do well at room temperature.

The worms break down food waste into castings or “worm poop.”

Worm poop is teeming with micro-organisms, which continue the decomposition process making all those once wasted nutrients available again as super-nutrient-rich fertilizer.

There are large scale facilities that convert bulk organic waste and manure into rich black castings called “black gold.”

“It’s value as a soil additive is unparalleled and it helps plants resist pathogens,” says Matthew Ross in the Ted Talk above.