For the Cost of an iPhone, You Can Buy a Windmill that Will Power a Small House for Life

April 16, 2018 at 3:56 pm

A pair of brothers from India have developed a low-cost, high-efficiency wind turbine to make green energy affordable to the common man

An Indian startup company has developed a wind turbine the size of a ceiling fan that can generate up to 5 kilowatt hours of electricity per day for $750:

By comparison, household windmills currently on the market generate only a quarter of the electricity for almost twice the price:

“We are trying to revolutionize the industry by making clean energy to the common man,” says Arun George, CEO and founder of Avant Garde Innovations.

For the cost of an iphone, he says, people can be liberated from electric bills and oil dependence for at least 20 years (the guaranteed life of the turbine):