“Wildcraft” Board Game Teaches Kids about Wild Edibles

April 19, 2018 at 6:53 pm

Cooperative, eco-friendly board game teaches children to identify edible and medicinal herbs.


Wildcraft gets the video game generation out into the great outdoors, while helping children identify edible and medicinal herbs.

Similar to Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, Wildcraft takes players down a winding path to grandmother’s house. There are waterfalls to slide down, logs to cross and deer trails to wander down, along the way.

“Grandma needs huckleberries to bake a pie,” say the game’s instructions. “You and your cousins embark on an adventure up the mountain to collect berries as well as herbs she uses.”

Players encounter all kinds of troubles on the way — such as mosquito bites and bee stings — which require them to identify the proper herbal medicine — stinging nettle and plantain.

Wildcraft teaches children to identify 25 important edible and medicinal plants and their uses, mostly in first aid situations.

It takes them through several ecosystems as they climb the mountain.
It also teaches team work. The only way to make it to the huckleberry patch and back to Grandma’s by nightfall is by helping each other out.

The game is good for children of all ages, even those who can’t read.

The beautifully illustrated game board and box are made of 100% recycled wood chips and are 100% re-recyclable. They are also printed with eco-friendly vegetable-based ink.