Plastic-less Water Bottles that Biodegrade in 3 Weeks in Landfill or Ocean

Single-use water bottles that neutralize soil acidity and feed fish

British social entrepreneur James Longcroft wanted to start a non-profit water bottle company in England and send 100% of the profits toward providing clean drinking water in Africa. He soon realized plastic bottles were not what he wanted to represent his cause.

So he developed a biodegradable single-use water container made out of environmentally-friendly materials that can fully decompose in as little as three weeks in a landfill or ocean.

The exterior of the container is made out of recycled paper that is coated with a waterproof liner. Longcroft says he can’t disclose the liner’s ingredients until his patents are cleared, but vows they are all sustainably sourced and non-toxic in anyway to both marine and land ecosystems.

In fact, the ingredients have been shown to benefit the planet by “neutralizing soil acidity and providing nutrients to aquatic environments,” Longcroft says.

The bottle will resemble a normal plastic water bottle, cost the same for the consumer and keep the water inside fresh for months.

Longcroft and his team are currently raising money on Indiegogo to finance the manufacturing and distribution of the Choose Water bottle. They hope to see it on grocery store shelves by the end of the year for about $1.20 per bottle.

His charity, Water For Africa, is dedicated to creating clean water projects throughout the continent.