New invention reduces 3-month composting process to 24 hours and does all the work for you

The average American throws away a pound of food per day, according to a recent USDA study.

That’s 150,000 tons of food every single day that eventually ends up in landfills releasing methane gas into the atmosphere.

Imagine if all that food and its nutrients could be “recycled” into the soil instead.

A new invention by Whirlpool will allow us to do just that. The company’s latest kitchen appliance is perhaps the “greenest” machine ever — the Zera Food Recycler.

It literally recycles your food into rich fertilizer overnight:

It reduces the typical composting process — which can take anywhere from 3 months to a year — to 24 hours.

Plus, unlike ordinary composters, you can throw meat and dairy into this one.

Simply sweep your food scraps off the counter into the bin, and after a week of collection push the start button. Twenty-four hours later, you’ll have this beautiful natural fertilizer you can spread over your garden or lawn.

The machine includes a carbon filter to keep away any unpleasant odor and add a coconut-husk-and-baking-soda-based additive to assist in the breakdown process.

It works via a combination of oxygen, moisture, heat and an automatic agitator.

So far, it’s only available at limited retailers like TreeHouse and Williams-Sonoma, and costs $1,200.

But there’s a similar cheaper machine called the Food Cycler available on Amazon for $350. It’s smaller and must be run more often, but it turns food into a soil amendment in only 3 hours:

You can purchase a Food Cycler by clicking here or on the ads below: