Study: 43 Percent of Americans Admit to Checking Smartphones During Sex

Study finds we can’t put our phones down for anything — to go to the toilet, to take a shower, not even to have sex.

Americans are so addicted to our phones we literally can’t put them down. A new study finds we stare at them on the toilet, in the shower, and even during sex.

A new Pew Research Center survey of more than 1000 Americans found that we are really, really addicted to our phones.

Almost 70 percent of respondents said they check their smartphones on the toilet, while more than 20% admit to looking at them while they’re in the shower.

75 percent sleep with their phones on or near their beds.

Our relationships with our phones have gotten so codependent, some of us can’t even put them down during our most intimate moments with other human beings.

10 percent of respondents admitted to checking their phones during sex on a regular basis, while nearly half of us, 43 percent, have done so multiple times in the last year.

Around a third of us feel fear and anxiety when our phones aren’t within reach or when we’re not in an area with cell service. 16 percent admitted their romantic relationships have been negatively affected by their cell phone addiction.





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  1. Jock Doubleday Avatar
    Jock Doubleday

    Three-minute sex now comes with an intermission? Wow. Well, maybe there’s another way.
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    “Love and Marriage in World Rothschild”
    The couple’s energy is usurped, taxed, depleted in an industrial society. And then they come home to each other desperate for rest, unable to engage in a truly meaningful way. The bankers skim off a minimum of 50% of the world’s labor value, and then we spend most of the rest of our time and energy fighting their politicians. What’s left for us? Maybe it’s time to get rid of the bankers and return to sanity.