A Hawaiian Volcano is Literally Erupting Gemstones Right Now

Little green gemstones are raining out of the sky in Hawaii

A volcano in Hawaii has local residents amazed as it is now spitting out little green gemstones, four weeks after it began erupting lava and ash:


The tiny green crystals, known as olivines or peridot, are a common mineral found in rapidly cooled lava.

They’re formed when the blast from the eruption forcibly separates the mineral from the rest of the molten and as a result, form dazzling gemstones.

Although the majority of the destruction caused by the volcano has passed, the near-mantle magma that’s erupting now is as hot as you can get – around 2,040°F, and article in IFL Science explains:

“This makes the appearance of plenty of olivine more likely than it was a month or so ago.”

Olivine is actually already everywhere in Hawaii in the form of sand, which came from weathered down gemstones from earlier volcanic eruptions. Geologist David Bressan and volcanologist Janine Krippner pointed out on Twitter that there’s an entire beach made of olivine on the Big Island.





6 responses to “A Hawaiian Volcano is Literally Erupting Gemstones Right Now”

  1. Batbara Avatar

    Id love to have a small baggie full…

  2. Debbie Avatar

    That’s my birthstone. How do I get some?

  3. Robin Klass Avatar
    Robin Klass

    At least there’s something beautiful in all this. Wish somebody would sende a few of them!

  4. Katherine Bridwell Avatar

    Very interesting. Love gemstones.

  5. Cena Avatar

    People will believe anything they read.
    I live in Hawaii and this is a Big Load Of Crap!!!!

  6. Constance Smith Avatar
    Constance Smith

    I loved to have some of those gems..I love green.