British Cafe Serves To-Go Coffee in Ceramic Mugs

Cafe serves to-go coffee in donated ceramic mugs to keep plastic-lined to-go cups out of landfill

Brits throw out 2.5 billion coffee cups per year. Americans throw out 25 billion.

Not only do disposable coffee cups waste trees, pretty much none of them are recyclable, even if they are paper, because they’re lined with a thin coating of plastic.

One British cafe is trying to start a new trend serving to-go coffee in donated ceramic mugs:

Customers are free to take them, leave them, bring them back later, or donate extra cups when they think of it.

Surprisingly, the cafe is never short on mugs. When customers remember to bring back their mugs, they typically come with more than they took, enjoying the opportunity to clear out their crowded cabinets for a good cause.

“We’ve all got mugs languishing in our cupboards that we no longer need, so why not donate them to your local coffee shop, and allow people to actually have a hot drink in a china cup while they walk around?” Employee Anna Matthews told the BBC in the video below:

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One response to “British Cafe Serves To-Go Coffee in Ceramic Mugs”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    Love this revolutionary plan! I have a cupboard full myself for local establishment to begin this creative greenwave.