Portable Wind/Water Turbine Charges Your Smartphone In the Wilderness and On the Go

August 6, 2018 at 10:23 pm

This wind/water turbine can keep all your electronic devices charged while you hike, backpack, kayak, bicycle or camp. Perfect for charging overnight, in shady places or cloudy weather, when solar chargers don’t work.

The new Waterlily Turbine let’s you charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, GPS or any other USB device, without an electrical outlet:

Powered by either wind or running water, the 2.8 pound portable turbine is perfect for camping or backbacking, and unlike solar chargers, it works rain or shine, night or day, as long as you have winds or water current of 3.6 MPH or higher.

It can produce up to 15 watts in water flows between 3.6 and 7mph and can withstand winds up to 55 MPH.

Under these conditions, it can an iPhone in about 2 hours.

The turbine also comes with a tow cable and optional bike mount so you can take advantage of the current you produce while kayaking or canoeing or the wind you produce while riding your bike.

The Waterlily Turbine Charger is now available on Amazon for $200: