Denmark Bans Sale of Fossil-Fueled Cars by 2030

October 4, 2018 at 2:31 pm

By 2030, all new vehicles sold in Denmark will be electric or hybrid

Denmark will ban the sale of new gasoline or diesel cars by 2030 and aims to have more than a million electric or hybrid vehicles on its roads by then, Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen told parliament on Tuesday.

“Diesel and petrol cars in Denmark must be the past,” Rasmussen said. “The future is green.”
“In just 12 years, we will prohibit the sale of new diesel and petrol cars. And in 17 years, every new car in Denmark must be an electric car or other form of zero-emissions car,” Rasmussen said, implying hybrids would also be phased out by 2035.

The prime minister said he plans to join forces with like-minded European nations to add pressure on automakers to boost the supply of non-polluting vehicles.

The government will reveal a plan to make electric cars cheaper next week, as part of its larger climate plan, said Energy Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Denmark is the latest of about a dozen countries that have announced plans to phase out fossil-fueled vehicles over the next couple of decades.

The nation’s ban goes into effect a decade before the United Kingdom’s, France’s and China’s.

There are currently just over 2 million cars in Denmark.