Brazil’s New President Openly Threatens Genocide of Indigenous Amazonians

Along with his pledge to sell off their rainforest home to agribusiness and mining, Bolsonaro has said openly “minorities will have to adapt … or simply disappear”

Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, campaigned on a plan to sell off major portions of the Amazon rainforest to agribusiness, mining. and hydro-power.

“Minorities have to adapt to the majority, or simply disappear,” he said on the campaign trail, adding that under his administration, “not one square centimeter” of Brazil will be reserved for the country’s indigenous peoples.

Thirteen percent of the land in Brazil is protected indigenous territory in the Amazon rainforest, where most of the world’s last uncontacted tribes take refuge. Bolsonaro has said he wants to put all of that land on the auction block.

Since his election on October 28, he’s announced a merging of the ministries of agriculture and the environment — the latter of which was supposed regulate the former — into a new “super ministry” to oversee his plan.

The new ministry will be headed by politicians from the “beef caucus,” a group of lawmakers who have historically opposed indigenous land conservation, supported agricultural expansion, and attempted to relax slave labor laws.

Not only is this a grave attack on the human rights of Brazil’s indigenous people, but also on their ability to continue acting as the best defenders of the world’s forests,” writes Becca Warner, an environmentalism journalist for The Ecologist.

“We need all the forest we can get, to capture carbon from the atmosphere and keep it locked away,” she says. “In fact, scientists agree that halting deforestation is just as urgent as reducing emissions.”

Bolsonaro should have little trouble pushing his agenda through Congress, as it is currently dominated by a three-wing political alliance known as the Bancadas do Boi, do Bíblia e da Bala.

In English, those are the political representatives of “Beef” (ranching and agribusiness), the “Bible” (religious conservatives) and “Bullet” (the military).

Indigenous peoples and their supporters say the new push to open protected forested lands to agriculture and mining has clear genocidal implications.

More than 20 land rights activists have been killed in Brazil so far this year, with most deaths linked to conflicts over logging and agribusiness

Fifty land rights campaigners were killed in Brazil last year for trying to protect forests from illegal logging and the expansion of cattle ranches and soy plantations, according to Global Witness.





148 responses to “Brazil’s New President Openly Threatens Genocide of Indigenous Amazonians”

  1. Anon john Avatar
    Anon john

    What a monster..anyone tried taking this jerk out with a bullet? How do such evil men get elected .’ no human should have that much power to do that much evil and still think hes doing the right thing?
    I weep for humanity and the future of my children.

    1. Pig champion Avatar
      Pig champion

      Yeah, the irony is he was stabbed just weeks before the election, barely survived, and likely garnered the support that brought him over the top

    2. Mrugen Avatar

      It is almost like each country . We don’t know how the fuck such ppl get elected (its social media and industry power game) it seems unstoppable. Is parallel army a solution ? Kill who cuts environment , like how in India hindu ppl try to kill beef (cow) eaters.

    3. Mohan Ramachandran Avatar
      Mohan Ramachandran

      Yes.A monster. No doubt about that.

    4. Yinka yusuf Avatar
      Yinka yusuf

      We leave in a crazy world where people that are saddle with responsibility of making life better are actually the on truncating it…so sad!

    5. Wendy King Avatar
      Wendy King

      Totally agree, he she, can’t do that we are watching! Keep us informed! Bless you all! ✌W xx

    6. D.Dee Avatar

      Well stated.This is a stupid and ugly copycat tactic in open flattery of that Nazi Trunp.

      1. John R Avatar
        John R

        You dont know what you are talking about. Donald Trump isnt like that at all. You are a moron .

      2. Monica Avatar

        Do you know it´s a crime to call him a nazi? and he isn’t. Dee, you´re a criminal!

      3. Char Avatar

        Keep Trump out of this. This is about a Brazilian despot trying to destroy a whole culture for no good reason. 13% is a drop in a bucket!

    7. JosefineAnne Gobreville Avatar
      JosefineAnne Gobreville

      There will be no future for our children and grandchildren if the rain forests, the lungs of the earth, are destroyed. Megalomaniacs like Bolsonaro and Drumpf are evil personified.

    8. Thomas J Faddis Avatar

      Take heart! You violent POS, one of your ilk already stabbed him but he Survived, lol!! SUCK ON THAT murderous scumbag! (This article is slanted AF, and there is nothing wrong with adaptation!

    9. Blissmerd Avatar

      The US probably were the ones to help install him!

    10. Monica Avatar

      It´s a lie. FAKE NEWS

  2. Tina Avatar

    Humans destroy the earth. !!!!

    1. Ryan Anthony Roberts Avatar
      Ryan Anthony Roberts

      No…WHITE PEOPLE (or those who identify as White) destroy the earth.

      1. Wayne Perry Avatar

        Ryan Anthony Roberts STFU with your race baiting bullshit.

      2. james ha Avatar
        james ha

        so do the blacks and the yellows. it is only the indigenous native peoples that seem to revere mother nature.

      3. Dave Avatar

        Those who control are not((White))people.

        This jerk is not a National Socialist either, as National Socialists respected the environment and peoples links to the land.

        Please do independent research on this subject and establish the facts for your self.

      4. John Avatar

        Why you racist you are blaming the Jewish Bankers in code. There is no place for haters. China and India will show us how to save the Earth. Look at the great work they do with their rivers. Coating them with plastic waste. They also good at filling the air with carbon gasses. The blacks aren’t bad either doing great work in Zimbabwe neglecting Kariba Dam so it will burst and flood half of Zambia. We should celebrate.

      5. Gary Avatar

        I resent that statement. Ignorant.

      6. Sean Avatar

        Exonerating people from the consequences of their actions if people in their group haven’t randomly happened be the ones who did them historically is incredibly dangerous. Look at China—they’re not predominantly white, but they’re significantly destroying the climate system as well.

        It’s not right regardless of race, but yes, the group which the earth gave unfair prosperity and ended up using it for evil had white skin. But their larger scale of violence as well as civilizational development is a correlation, not a causation.

        Racism, egoism, etc. (evil, colloquially) are what destroys the earth and its people, any oversimplification or conflation of correlation and causation only detract from our efforts to achieve solidarity in stopping it.

      7. xyz Avatar

        Imbecile much?

      8. Adam Gregory Avatar
        Adam Gregory

        I am a white man and you sir are a racist and typecasting me and those like me on the worst possible example. shame on you!

        Corruption exists in all types of people, as does nationalism, ignorance, hatred.

      9. Greg white Avatar
        Greg white

        And your a fucking racist

      10. JTHaynes Avatar

        Racist generalizations do a great disservice to the progress of humanity. Judge not the color of one’s skin, but the content of their character. I know “white” people have a nasty track record, but simply being white doesn’t automatically make someone evil. There are shit human beings of all colors in the world

      11. Smith Avatar

        You are a racist and a troll

      12. Bman Avatar

        That isn’t true Ryan A Roberts! China, India, and Haiti are 3 countries off of the top of my head that have destroyed their land, and whitey had nothing to do with that! American Indians used to set fires that burned forests and grassland on purpose, and they had no way to manage those fires. Stop being such a racist pig!

      13. Mick Avatar

        I know everything evil is the white man fault even when its a person of a totally different race. Fuck white people what did they ever invent or do for the world, they have never done anything like invent modern medicine, space travel, cars or computers just death.

      14. Jake Avatar

        Fucking Racist Cunt.

      15. Anon Avatar

        Just gtfoh

      16. Bella Avatar

        I think yellow do a pretty good job at eradicating endangered species, overpopulating the globe and destroying the environment too. And blacks just keep breeding and end up having Wildlife people conflict. So you’re incorrect.

        1. R Avatar

          Not a cool thing to say…

      17. John Avatar

        Excuse the hell out of me, race baiter? This isn’t a “White People” thing. It never has been. It’s a communism thing.

      18. Ash Wanders Avatar

        Capitalism and the ‘military industrial complex destroy the earth

      19. Meg Avatar

        How is that exactly?

      20. alicia spinelli Avatar
        alicia spinelli

        nada tiene que ver el color de la piel… la gente de todos los colores se viene matando y extinguiendo especies desde que el mundo es mundo… si no entiendes eso… no entendiste nada..

      21. Silas Avatar

        Wtf white people are 10% of world population and the only ones with environmentally responsible breading patterns. It’s third world shithole demographic trends that cause the demand for deforestation. Nigeria for example has 191 million people. Ten years ago 144 million all in a place the size of Texas. That’s over 600 people/square mile. There’s almost no woodsland in Nigeria. In Bangladesh there’s almost 3000/ sq mile! Perhaps your right in that indirectly white people feed and brought technology to the orcs of morder, so I’ll come halfway

      22. Karlus maximus Avatar
        Karlus maximus

        Red people make the earth better, kamarad.

      23. FKW1TME Avatar

        No its the WHITE JEWS who DESTROY the world fagboy!

        1. Rene Avatar

          WOW I’ll pray for you….We are all gods children…

      24. Thomas Avatar

        It’s not only white people asshole

      25. Neil Avatar

        Racist piece of garbage, YOU ARE Bolsonaro

      26. DontFeedTheTrolls Avatar

        Someone forgot to post the “Do not feed the trolls” sign.

      27. R Avatar

        ??????????????????????????????? I’m white and I don’t destroy the earth…where did you get your info from?

      28. R Avatar

        oh I see your a racist…

      29. Lovey Avatar


      30. Jenny Avatar

        Slow down, just calm the fuck down

      31. Brian Drew Avatar
        Brian Drew

        I disagree because I am white and I love all cultures and colors and this earth in it original natural state, I love nature the woods and all religions and earths species human or animal. Not all white people are the same my friend.

      32. Dr. Luna Avatar

        You’re a White Male apologist idiot. Black Africans are responsible for the endangered Rhinos and Elephants in Africa and the destruction of habitat. China and India are the largest polluters on Earth. If it weren’t for White People you would be running around in Leaves, dying of unknown tropical diseases, all without a smartphone. Try reading history before popping off.

  3. Tom Newman Avatar

    These decisions being made will put Brazil in the bad books of History, and in the eyes of the whole of the civilised World.
    They will attract heavy sanctions from everyone and drive wedges between all her trading partners . . .
    It is an extremely stupid and inhuman attitude to adopt at this point in time, in light of the global issues that prevail ecologically.

    1. Eco warrior Avatar
      Eco warrior

      Your so called ‘civilized world’ and its ruling elites, mostly white people, are the ones who bring destruction to the planet due to their greed filled racist agendas. I doubt Brazil would have to face any sanctions because the people the run the goverments from behind the scenes in your cilizised world are in bed with these perpetrators!

    2. bo callaby Avatar
      bo callaby

      There probably won’t be anybody left to write ‘history’

    3. Laura Avatar

      Um this stupid decision she by him could affect the survival of the planet

    4. Monica Avatar

      It´s a lie. FAKE NEWS

    5. Dr. Luna Avatar

      The UN will step in and declare the Rain Forest a World Heritage Site making it off limits to excavation, drilling or industrialization.

  4. Carole washington Avatar
    Carole washington

    I say let the people continue to live as they have been living and leave them alone.You are wrong and you know it. You just want power and control over everything.

  5. jagadish Avatar

    This is very inhuman.

  6. Troy Avatar

    Fuck you Brazil president u doh have a loving heart pussy

  7. Nara Avatar


  8. Nikki Avatar

    That just shuts me up straight away…

    1. Kim Avatar

      Pls everyone signe this petition to preserv the amazon

  9. Christiane Hausheer Avatar
    Christiane Hausheer

    With all my heart and forces I will defend the peoples of the Amazonian forest, the legitim people of this land.

  10. Henri weemaels Avatar

    Sauvegarder la biodiversite. Sauver ces peuples indigenes. Arreter la deforestation

  11. Ken Langer Avatar

    Simply horrible! Can anyone suggest any means to counter this act? Groups to support? And what about the UNEP– do they have any teeth to challenge the new administration? Does the US have any moral authority left to speak truth to power?

    1. deadearth Avatar

      US? Moral Authority? US never had any moral authority. before this brasil moron got elected, US was the leading scumbags of this planet. And there is Trump now. Moral authority. Sure.

      1. Truthtalk Avatar

        Deadearth, keep throwing stones, as though you would know what moral authority actually is ‍♀️
        You’re information is not only wrong but intentionally wrong. Please your handle say it all.

    2. Hope Avatar

      45 and his administration are just as immoral and could care less about any indigenous people or saving our environment. Don’t expect any help from him/them. This poor earth is doomed

    3. Rene Jo Avatar
      Rene Jo

      Sign a treaty with Brazil that exchanges cash for no destroying the rainforest. It’s being done in other parts of the word.

      I don’t know the Brazilian president but I can see someone beginning a negotiation. He’s setting the table.

      1. Diana L Avatar
        Diana L

        That is probably the plan. He’s looking for a big fat bribe. He’s holding the health and safety of his own people hostage.

  12. Issabella Avatar

    This is so sad. Being a black woman living in Texas I shed tears for them.

    1. Monica Avatar

      It´s a lie. He never said that. He wants the same rights for the natives.

  13. Ari Avatar

    I noticed that soy farming is listed in the bottom. How can individuals support the people when they don’t have a lot of time or money. Would our individual purchase power support by shifting from Brazilian soy or other products? How can I help?

    1. JK Avatar

      Stop eating meat, that’s where the vast, vast majority of the soy goes.

    2. Eleanor Stevens Avatar
      Eleanor Stevens

      Ari, the vast areas of deforestation needed to grow soya bean is mainly for the animal agriculture industry, as cattle and other farmed animals, even farmed fish are fed soy in their feed. As there are around 70 billion farmed land animals on the planet, that’s a lot of soya bean needed just to feed them. The best thing you can do for the planet is to be vegan. We can all stop supporting the immense and powerful dairy and meat industries who are fuelling climate change, deforestation, pollution of water supplies and oceans. To help indigenous peoples, maybe support organisations defending them?

    3. Antje Avatar

      Ari, Most or all of the Brazilian soy is produced for feeding cows for the meatindustrie, in Brazil and also the U.S.The deforestation is mostly ment for soyplantages. Maybe if you want to do something about that, maybe you can inform yourself and read information about getting vegan/ plantbased. Getting vegan is eat and drink nothing anymore from animals.But also not wear leather, fur etc. Plant based is also no animal products anymore, but more for healthimprovement, and not so much for animalwellfair.

    4. Paul Davis Avatar
      Paul Davis

      I’ve ceased purchasing all soy products -inc coffee with soy – now after I recently read this. I need to try and research where and how almond milk and oat milk are made (I also need to make my own). I did the same with anythiing with palm oil a few years back and alerted many to that. Different reason but same principle.

    5. Jennifer Kinney Avatar
      Jennifer Kinney

      Excellent points
      Tom Newman

  14. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Thank you please keep us informed.

  15. George Bartholomew Avatar

    Unbelievable that no one can champion man. the historical human beings there still…

  16. Keith Fisher Avatar
    Keith Fisher

    This is the most vicious thing I’ve ever heard. This must be stopped.

  17. Willian Avatar

    Sara, voce esta precisando visitors o Brasil, os indios e a amazonia. Para ter uma video mais acertiva e com menos achismos das duss partes da sua historia.

    A amazonia ja é comercializada pelos indios ha decadas. Eles se aliam a grupos ricos e vendem a madeira e o minerio.

    O governo ja vendeu grandes partes de terra para outros países.

    Boa sorte a sua leitura tao distance.

  18. Bronwyn Avatar

    OMG when will we respect Indigenous people to keep and live off THEIR land.. Theirs before we invaders stole snd keep stealing.. Time we RESPECT INDIGENOUS PEOPLE RIGHT TO STAY AND LIVE AS THEY WISH

  19. Donald Moore Avatar
    Donald Moore

    How much of the Agribusiness is from the USA?

    1. Chris Van Eys Avatar
      Chris Van Eys

      Interestingly enough donald. with the new tarriffs between the usa and china, the situation is changing in a way that directly affects brazil/the amazon. The usa is the worlds biggest producer of soy and was the biggest supplyer of soy to the chinese market. With the new tarriffs in place, the chinese soy market is looking to brazil as their new supplyer of soy. This is one of the major reasons behind the push for opening the amazon to large scale agriculture since the chinese demand for soy is larger than brazil’s current output

  20. Shy Avatar

    Unacceptable. The natives have the right to remain on their land. Bolsonaro is out of line, needs 2 be impeached

    1. AG Avatar

      Needs to be shot

  21. Jonathan Avatar

    Will have to adapt or disappear ?
    I am sad for your children to have you as a father.
    A person who doesn’t respect nor care for others but only for his own profits and billions dollars business he sell his soul to.

    This indigenous people was here long before your first modern city.
    You call yourself civilized man, civilized society but it is this so call civilized society that destroy everything their hands touch.

    You dare thinking that indigenous people are savage primitive ?
    But they are more human than you and your bosses will ever be. They respect and treat their lands and nature with respect and love and will not hesitate to die to protect it.

    So between you and me who is the savage abd primitive braindead ? Yourself sir. We do not own nature but nature own us so stop putting your thirst for cash and power before life.

    You call yourself a man ? You are not a man just a coward and a killer who sell his soul for wealth but surprise as the day you gonna disappear like everyone does someday and your hole will be exactly the same as everyone else. No cash nor power where you are heading after.

    I hope you gonna think hard and comeback to your senses before acting and risking the fact to become a murderer for crime agains’t humanity.

    1. Jill Avatar

      Exellent comment

  22. VIJENDER Avatar

    He is enemy of humanity and is 2 legged animal.

  23. Huchet Avatar

    Protégeons les peuples de l’Amazonie.

  24. Aaron Aarons Avatar
    Aaron Aarons

    We need an international solidarity movement that will make capitalists and politicians in our own countries who aid or abet such genocide fear for their own lives.

  25. FRANCOIS Marinella Avatar

    This man is a threat to the whole of the humanity! I wish he were poor! Really poor, with the necessity to struggle for his life… Sorry, he doesn’t have the right to be powerfull!

    1. PK Avatar

      He won an election to gain that right. Therefore, it is the majority of Brazilians we have a problem with here, not just one man!

  26. Livia Avatar

    Fake news! Eu sou brasileira! I’m brazilian!

    1. Fausto Avatar

      Falsa? onde você esta para afirmar isso? no Japão? Ele disse isso em alto e bom som sim, tem vídeos mostrando e rodando o mundo todo sobre isso, vá se informar primeiro antes de ficar tentando por panos quentes em cima de um ignorante igual ele.

      1. Monica Avatar

        É falso sim. O que Bolsonaro quer fazer é afastar as ONGs que EXPLORAM os índios. Quem protesta são pessoas que tem interesse econômico, explorando os povos nativos e o País!

  27. Marie Brunet Avatar
    Marie Brunet

    Please no genocide. Protect the amazinian forest.

  28. Jenny Avatar

    This is terrible, is there anything we can do about this?

    1. Gino savino Avatar
      Gino savino

      Yes. Read more. This is just a fake article. I am Brazilian and I know what happen. Fake news.

  29. Dirk den Hartog Avatar
    Dirk den Hartog

    A most depressing post, but many thanks for writing it – this is truly appalling news!

  30. krishna hari maharjan Avatar
    krishna hari maharjan

    If Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, decides to sell off major portions of the Amazon rain forest to agribusiness, mining. and hydro-power, it is going against the Eco-system, indigenous people’s rights, and humanity in general.

  31. Carlos Avatar

    Dear madam, you are insane! You don’t know our country to judge anything! I LIVE on the greatest preserver of the forest on the entire world, we and only we can talk about preservation! Nonsense person!

  32. dilipkumar Avatar

    Stop the corporate butchers they will empty the world within a decade.Destroy it to satisfy their idiosyncratic foolishness

  33. GERALD T WAGNER Avatar

    May an Amazonia spear pierce his cold heart!

  34. Cynthia Avatar

    He needs to leave the Rain Forest alone. He needs to get some Business somewhere else!!!

  35. Maria Cecília Avatar
    Maria Cecília

    Is not true!!! Last governant with Belo Monte destroed some of the Natives indians land and Rivers

  36. Patricia zalenki Avatar
    Patricia zalenki

    So ssad and sickening maybe the world of healthy nations can buy and reserve lands for these last indigenous peoples. Also the last largest rain forest is needed to make oxygen. I hope these proud people don’t go extinct.i

  37. Dawn Avatar

    There must be something that can be done!???

  38. Clive Whitehead Avatar
    Clive Whitehead

    Why is greed always at the top the agenda in most developing countries. In Europe we’re condemned for owning diesel cars as there’s a massive push towards battery power. Our queen as head of the commonwealth has launch her tree canopy campaign, to encourage all commonwealth countries to plant more trees and preserve our precious rainforests! Yet this politician and his cronies want to destroy the worlds lungs. I only hope there’s a massive backlash to his policies and he’s treated as a pariah by the world with sanctions against his government. All of which I sadly doubt will ever happen. History will judge him !

    1. Bob Avatar

      Because Europe already fucked up the rest of the world during 1600-1900 and now they like to think they’re so much better.

  39. Monte Avatar

    Sara, thank you for this informative article. I am a conservative conservationist in rural America and find conservation of the rain-forests and indigenous peoples important, anywhere. ‘Civilization’s influence wiped out the Red Man ways in N. America with or without the policies of genocide. It would be fortuitous for an indigenous society to continue to exist as a choice or a necessity.

    1. Bruno Avatar

      Very cynical of you! After the USA, in the 19th century, killed all its Indians and gave the land to agriculture. Why should anybody be an “indian” in 2018? Should not everybody have the same access to education, healthcare, sports, arts, etc? After you study calculus and chemistry you are not an indian anymore, you become just a citizen and you don’t want to go living in the jungle!

  40. David Argall Avatar
    David Argall

    It’s disgusting and a total disgrace. When is this kind of madness going to stop?

  41. Rebecca Avatar

    Fifty land rights campaigners were killed in Brazil last year for trying to protect forests from illegal logging and the expansion of cattle ranches and soy plantations, according to Global Witness.

    What did they do shoot them all?

  42. Natasha Simões Pires Avatar
    Natasha Simões Pires

    This is ridiculos.. So sad see people
    lying like that… first of all he will be president just after 01/01/2019…

    1. E Lima Avatar
      E Lima

      First of all, the developed world, more specifically Americans, have to stop polishing their SUVs and stop talking about environmental issues before they do something about it. Fake news is destroying much more than what Bolsonaro will ever dream of destroying. Our previous government and this sect of the “Partido dos Trabalhadores” and their people in blue hair, shouting “Free Lula” with their hairy armpits are blind to ruin everything and create more and more fake news just for the sake of disturbing the peace and the good intentions of our new president. Corruption silently kills people looking for hospitals and running away from the street violence, and that includes Indians, white and black people. That’s the legacy left from the monsters living power in January. It’s really easy to protect the forest, sitting on the sofa, clicking Netflix. Or just standing on the beach with their back to the nation they have never helped to defend, let alone the forests.

  43. michael lacey Avatar
    michael lacey

    Whether you are in the areas to which capitalism has gone and is growing; or whether you’re in the areas that capitalism is abandoning; you have a level of tension between the controllers and the controlled. That makes it impossible to know whether this is going to be a phase or whether it might be a system that can’t handle the contradictions.

    The neoliberals knowing that the mass of people are angry have decided to manage this situation by buying the political system; by literally taking it away from any democratic foundation. The problems never get solved and the political arena does not provide any solution except violence.

  44. Lucia Avatar

    Countries with influence need to apply pressure to Brazil to prevent them from going down this path. Perhaps through embargoes or some type of quid pro quo arrangement. There has to be a solution to this problem that doesn’t entail violence or force.

  45. jon Avatar

    hell of a platform, he should have Hillary clinton as a running mate.

  46. Josephslaky Avatar

    Строительный сезон еще в разгаре, но объекты уже понемногу готовят к зиме. Многие начатые этим летом стройки частных домов возобновятся следующей весной. Читайте об этом подробнее на сайте

  47. DL. Avatar

    Isn’t this the same dude who recently recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and hailed Netanyahu…meaning, he’s about to become Brazil’s Netanyahu, meaning, as Netanyahu wants to genocide Palestinians, he wants to genocide the Amazonian tribes. Birds of a feather.

  48. Raymond Gardner Avatar
    Raymond Gardner


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  49. AG Avatar

    When will people learn, this is what we get when RIGHT WING SCUM is elected?! I hope this worthless sack of shit gets two in the head.

  50. Eli Avatar

    Oh my Good there is no place in this f world which cannot be left by modern humans. Cannot you leave them alone

  51. Andy Avatar

    Sara, shame on you… You should talk to Brazilians or read more before you write about. The vice president has indigenous background. Brazil is already destroyed by more than 10 years of “socialism” regime and corruption, the president Bolsonaro represents the democracy, he was elected by the great majority of the Brazilians and had the support of many indigenous leaders….

  52. Briab Ellerbe Avatar
    Briab Ellerbe

    U Can Kill Me If You Want Every Lifetime. Im No Threat…

  53. Brian Ellerbe Avatar
    Brian Ellerbe

    Go Find Some Diapers & Remember Nature.

  54. Brian Ellerbe Avatar
    Brian Ellerbe


  55. Angie Avatar

    This guy sounds like he’s just a fuckin animal. Nothing more.

    He’s going to rape and pillage those people and eventually someone will need to put him down.

  56. James J Paton Avatar
    James J Paton

    What can we do to stop with atrocity

  57. Joe Beasley Avatar
    Joe Beasley

    Jar Bolsonaro is a pathetic human being that lacks humanity! The Righteous Judge will attend to him as only He can do!

  58. Nathalie Avatar

    For al who care’s, please look into this:
    We can help make ecocide a law and help protect those people.
    Please help!

  59. Jorge Hasbun Avatar
    Jorge Hasbun

    What else can we expect, just look at his support to the killer regime of Israel and what they are doing in Palestine, they will destroy the habitat of all this tribes and they don’t care.

  60. Geoff Avatar

    I’m totally devastated at this news. We have systems and world agreements in place to protect endangered species, it is called CITES.
    I’m fully aware this is not for humans, but why not? It is however for Flora and Fawna, this system is in place in South America to protect endangered and rare insect, bird and fish species. We are ment to be civilised, this is a total disaster for humanity.

  61. Fausto Avatar

    Pois é gente, ele disse isso e muito mais, é lamentável o que esta ocorrendo no Brasil com esse eleito a presidência do Brasil, são cagadas e mais cagadas que fazem, bateram no peito contra a corrupção e de cara mesmo antes de se eleger, já nomeiam uns 5 corruptos com processos no judiciário por conta de ilicitudes financeiras e lavagem de dinheiro. E pelo jeito que a coisa anda, será a pior gestão presidencial da história do Brasil.

  62. Kim Avatar

    Please everyone take action and help preserve the amazon!! Sign this petition of avaaz they have been successful in the past and have chemged already so much, let’s do this!!!

  63. Lynette Avatar

    Definitely odd to see Brazilians defend this. Call it fake news, etc. I’m concerned and I’m also worried about veracity of this article

  64. dcg Avatar

    Vai de fudder teu mai, Bolsinaro!

  65. Ajakamanaja Avatar

    His Vice-President is a indigenous, you guys have no idea what u are talking about

  66. Tiago Bianchi Avatar
    Tiago Bianchi

    What a Fake news… And Yeah.. Im Brazilian…

  67. Monica Avatar

    STOP lying, ok? You are FAKE NEWS!!!

  68. Monica Avatar

    Sara, you are FAKE NEWS

  69. Srinivasa Raj Avatar
    Srinivasa Raj

    Mr president, you’re not elected by your self. Respect the indigenous people. You have grown a healthy with resources available which they preserved for thousands of years and residing in a beautiful home. Will you allow somebody withot your permission. What a shmae, you’re are no different than a Hitler. I wish you change your approach.

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