Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in Michigan Tomorrow

November 9, 2018 at 1:09 pm

Michigan becomes the first Midwestern state to legalize recreational weed tomorrow!

Recreational weed will become legal in Michigan on December 6, according to the Secretary of State.

Michigan became the 10th state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana last month when 56 percent of the state’s voters approving the ballot measure.

Retail shops aren’t expected to open until sometime in 2020, but beginning Thursday, people 21 and older can buy or possess marijuana in the state.

People will only be allowed to have 10 ounces of pot kept at home. Anything over 2.5 ounces should be kept in a locked container. People can also grow up to 12 marijuana plants in their home for personal use.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws said the vote was a “resounding rebuke” of the state’s policy of prohibition and of its “racist application” of arrests.

Indiana residents are already calling Michigan the new “hot spot” for “marijuana vacations.”

One state at a time, we are moving toward national legalization. Canada became the second country after Uruguay to legalize cannabis for recreational use last month.