Active Duty Military Mom Pumps Breast Milk During Triathlon

November 16, 2018 at 4:34 pm

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

An Arizona military mom pumped breastmilk while running in a 70-mile triathlon, and smashed her personal best time while doing it.

Initially Jamie Sloan, who serves in the Air Force, intended to stop and pump between the 56-mile-cycling and 13-mile-running portion of the race, but after realizing she had a chance to make her best time ever, she decided to “pump and run.”

Amazingly, she simultaneously pumped her 7-month-old son a bottle of fresh milk and beat her previous best time by almost half an hour.

Sloan had previously completed several Ironman races — 140.6 and 70.3-mile triathlons — around the world.

Given her issues with low milk supply, she knew it was important not to go half a day without pumping.

“I was thinking I might even be able to make it through the whole race without pumping,” Sloan told the New York Post.

“But I knew that this particular day would be a longer one and I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go. By the time I got off the bike I knew I needed to pump. But I was also looking at a personal record because I had had a really awesome bike ride.”

“I just thought ‘I’m just going to do it on my run.’”

Concerned about violating Ironman’s no-nudity policy, she did her best to get the pump “hooked up” and stay covered up during the run without “flashing anyone.”

“It was really windy and the cloth I had over my top was kind of blowing around” …  “I was super worried about getting disqualified for that.”

At one point, she said milk started “spilling out.”

“For the most part I don’t know if people even noticed. I did get some looks from women, but they were just big smiles.”

“There were actually two men who ran up to me and asked me if I was okay. I think it was because I had a cloth over myself and at first it might have looked like I was bleeding.”

“But once they looked down and saw my pump they were like ‘oh, okay!’

“There was not a single person who gave me a negative reaction at all … Everybody I’ve spoken to and everybody who has seen it has said ‘wow that’s great!’”

After suffering from sciatica during her pregnancy, Sloan was determined to get back to training six weeks after her son was born.

Sloan started running, cycling and swimming shortly after her now 2-year-old daughter was born too, realizing the endorphins helped with her postpartum anxiety.

“It wasn’t until I started training again and setting goals and racing that I noticed those symptoms of anxiety went away.”

“So it’s really important for me to set that example for her.”

The 34-year-old says it was also important for her to show that women who have recently given birth that motherhood doesn’t mean they have to give up their other dreams.

“No matter what, if someone believes they can do something they can make it happen because it is possible.”