Rat Breaks Into an ATM, Eats Nearly $20,000 in Cash, Then Drops Dead

This rat nearly got away with $18,000! 

After reports of a malfunctioning ATM, investigators found $18,000 in shredded bank notes and the remains of one money-hungry rat.

Officials report that the clever rodent evaded security, entered into the ATM vault, and proceeded to feast upon nearly half the cash locked inside.  Out of the $42,685 that was supposed to be available, only $25,022 was recovered intact.     

“We have started an investigation into this rare incident and will take measures to prevent a recurrence,” said branch manager Chandan Sharma.

Police say that the rat acted alone, with no human accomplices.






9 responses to “Rat Breaks Into an ATM, Eats Nearly $20,000 in Cash, Then Drops Dead”

  1. Halynna Avatar

    That’s a shame…some people whould love to have some extra money.

  2. Lyn Avatar

    What kind of ATM vault has one dollar bills?

  3. Stevan Holt Avatar
    Stevan Holt

    This story may be true, but why would there be denominations other than $20 bills in an ATM that most likely only spits out $20 bills? Not One Dollar bills or $5 bills…They are all set to dispense either $20 or $50 bills….S T R A N G E don’t ya think?

    1. Melissa L Venetti Avatar
      Melissa L Venetti

      They may be counting deposited money at the ATM also?

  4. Gregory D Lake Avatar
    Gregory D Lake

    This story has been ratified!

  5. Nita Avatar

    I hope insurance will cover this diced dollars with little teeth marks.

  6. CAnne Avatar

    A rich way to die

  7. Aj Avatar

    ATMs take in other denominations, even if they only disperse $20 bills. There are also other video teller machines that function as atms and as a replacement for the drive through that operate with other denominations.

  8. Mea Avatar

    BS, the cash is in cassettes inside of the ATM.