The Three Most Popular Sushi Fish are Critically Endangered

January 13, 2019 at 12:32 am

The fishing industry is pushing blue-fin tuna, salmon and freshwater eel to the brink of extinction. If extreme conservation measures aren’t taken, they’ll all be gone within the next decade or two, experts say.

The bluefin tuna population is down 97 percent from historic levels and has almost no chance of recovery.

Fresh water eel are also essentially gone.

If you opt for salmon, chances are it’s endangered or farm-raised. Farm-raised salmon are low in Omega 3s and high in antibiotics.

Think you’ll just switch to red snapper or halibut? Not so easy. About 75 percent of sushi restaurants are selling your something else and lying about it.

70 percent of all seafood is over-fished, depleted or recovering. 90 percent of the large predatory fish such as marlin, large cod, large sharks, tuna and swordfish have disappeared from the world’s oceans.

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future predicts the world’s oceans could be virtually emptied of fish by 2050.

It’s a simple problem – we’re catching fish faster than they can breed – with a simple solution – eat less sushi or have fewer babies 🙂

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