Mirrored House Camouflages Itself in the Mountainous Desert

January 18, 2019 at 5:15 pm

The walls and roof of this house are an ever-changing canvas, reflecting the beauty of the desert and sky

Changing constantly from sunrise to sunset, a mirrored house in Palm Springs, California showcases its ever-changing environment.
Artist and filmmaker Doug Aitken built the house not to live in, but as a piece of art for the annual Coachella Valley art festival Desert X.

“Mirage,” as he calls the piece, was inspired by the traditional California ranch style home, which is unique to the West.
It was also inspired by the ideas of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed that architecture should be both in and of the landscape, Aitken says on his website.

With the eaves reflecting the ground to itself, the roof the sky, and the walls each passing event, the piece is never the same.

With all the windows and doors removed, air moves through the structure, creating a fluid relationship between inside and outside.

“Like a human-scale lens, Mirage works to frame and distort the evolving world outside of it. There is no single time to view this work, as each variation provides something new…,” the artist writes. “There is no fixed perspective or correct interpretation. Each experience of this living artwork will be unique.”

Check out this awesome video: