Pink Dolphins Spotted Off Louisiana Coast

Tourist captures video of two extremely rare pink dolphins swimming in a Louisiana ship channel

Bridget Boudreaux was on a boat cruise with her husband in the Calcasieu Ship Channel when she saw a group of dolphins playing in the water, two of which were pink.

“I about fell about the boat,” she told KHOU-TV. “I was like, wow, that’s not a regular dolphin, that’s a pink dolphin.”

While she was only able to capture a still shot of one of them, she was able to capture a brief video clip of both of them swimming alongside a ship:

“It was an awesome experience,” she told, adding that “the pictures don’t do it justice.”

Photo Credit: Bridget Boudreaux

“Pinky” the dolphin was first photographed in Lake Charles, Lousiana by a charter boat captain in 2007, when she was just a baby.

Captain Erik Rue and others have spotted and photographed the rare specimen every summer since, even creating a fan page for her on Facebook:

In 2015, Captain Rue caught photographs of Pinky engaging in mating behavior and suspected she might be pregnant.

Credit: Captain Erik Rue,
Credit: Captain Erik Rue,

This most recent sighting of two pink dolphins leads some to believe Pinky has in fact had a baby.

Pinky was one of only 14 pink bottle-nosed dolphins ever recorded on Earth. Her baby, or companion, is the 15th.

Pink bottle-nosed dolphins are believed to be albino, and are not to be confused with two other dolphin species — the Chinese white dolphin and the Amazon river dolphin. Both are colloquially known as “pink dolphins,” but neither are as stunningly pink as Pinky.