People are UpCycling Old Trampolines into Amazing Garden Bed Swings

Transform an old trampoline into a super-comfy hammock chair or bed swing in 7 easy steps:

When the popularity of mini trampolines waned in the 80s millions were left in garages, basements and attics collecting dust.

Now a DIY trend exploding on Pinterest is giving them new life.

Mini re-bounders make adorable little hammock-like chair swings, and big trampolines make unbelievably comfortable, giant bed swings.

So pull out your old trampoline or find someone who’s getting rid of one and transform it into a luxurious, lounge swing in 7 easy steps:

1. Remove the legs. They can be easily unscrewed.

2. Pad the edges with pool noodles. Simply slice open along one side of the noodle and pop on metal frame.

3. Cover the noodles with fabric. hemp fabric is nice and durable. Attach to noodles with spray glue.

4. Wrap rope around entire circumference of frame for extra support.

5. Attach strong hemp or jute hanging ropes. Loop several long pieces of rope through the frame. Position one piece of rope wherever there was formerly a leg, but leave at least one leg space with no rope to make room to climb in and out.

6. Hang it. Find a sturdy tree, beam, Backyard Discovery 1802513 Wooden Sturdy Pergola, 10′ x 14′, Cedar Stained, or hammock frame to hang it from.

7. Decorate. Add a papason cushion to a small trampoline, or some memory foam to a big one. Throw on a sheet or sheepskin, throw on decorative pillows and voila! You can make it as simple, or fancy as you want:

Here’s a link to video instructions, if you prefer.