633 Divers Cleanup 1.5 Tons of Trash From Ocean Floor in Florida, Breaking Guinness World Record

Volunteer divers just pulled 3200 pounds of garbage off the ocean floor of Florida’s Deerfield Beach. Imagine if we had cleanup efforts like this all over the world!

The waters around Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier are a lot cleaner after 633 divers spent just two hours scouring the ocean floor for garbage.

All together they removed an estimated 3200 pounds – more than one and a half tons – of trash.

That included 1,600 pounds of lead fishing weights and 60 pounds of fishing line, diver RJ Harper told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The rest still needs to be sorted and weighed.

It was the 15th cleanup of its kind on this beach, but the first time it had set a record.

Last year’s annual cleanup removed 1,000 pounds of lead weights, 161 pounds of fishing line, 104 pounds of metal, 52 pounds of wood, and 102 pounds of miscellaneous debris, totalling more than 1,400 pounds

The previous world record was set by 614 divers cleaning up trash from the floor of the Red Sea in Egypt.