Maine and Vermont Pass Plastic Bag Bans on the Same Day

June 25, 2019 at 12:11 pm

Maine and Vermont become 3rd and 4th states to say sianara to single-use plastic bags. Vermont bans straws, stirrers and Styrofoam too.

Maine and Vermont joined California and New York and Monday in outlawing the  distribution of single-use plastic bags.

(Every county in Hawaii has also banned plastic bags.)

In Maine, customers now have the option of paying at least 5 cents each for paper bags or more for reusable, heavier plastic bags, able to withstand at least 75 uses, the Associated Press reported.

Plastic bag manufacturers argue the ban will only lead to thicker bags in landfills.

Vermont’s bill took that argument into account by banning plastic bags that do not have stitched handles, effectively ensuring  carryout bags will be made from cloth or reusable polypropylene, according to National Geographic.

Vermont’s bill also goes farther in that it bans plastic straws, coffee stirrers and polystyrene (Styrofoam) cups and food containers, making it the most comprehensive statewide plastic-ban in the country.

Maine’s law will go into effect in April 2020, on Earth Day, Vermont’s in July 2020.