French Scientist Invents Machine that Can Turn Plastic into Diesel and Gasoline

September 1, 2019 at 2:09 pm

French inventor figures out how to turn plastic waste into fuel


A self-taught French scientist bankrolled by a French actor has come up with a brilliant solution to the problem of plastic waste.

His machine — dubbed Chrysalis — converts hard-to-recycle plastic trash into 65% diesel, 18% gasoline, 10% gas and 7% carbon.

The 35-year-old inventor, Christofer Costes, says the diesel can be used for generators or boat motors, the gasoline for heating or powering lamps, the gas for heating, and the carbon for crayons.

The low-tech machine simply decomposes the plastic by heating it to over 840 degrees Fahrenheit, and separates it into the four useful substances listed above.

“This breaks up the plastic molecules and transforms them into lighter hydrocarbons,” Costes tells India Times.

“They go up into the distillation tower, and separate into diesel, petrol and at the top of the tower, there is gas, which is stored in a reservoir.”

“A kilo of plastic gives a liter of liquid. It’s separated between diesel and petrol,” Costes told Reuters.

The machine cost around $50,000 to build.

While its creators still believe the ultimate solution is to stem the tide of plastic production, their machine gives us hope for cleaning up the billions of tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic already polluting the earth and ocean.