Florida Farm Grows Avocados Up to 3-Feet Long

“Long-neck” avocados grow up to 3 feet long, and they’re all organic, non-GMO

South Florida is home to a secret variety of super long avocados called Pure Vida or “long-necks.”

A small farm called Miami Fruit has been growing and selling them at local farmers’ markets for years, but word just got out about them on social media.


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The avocados are popping off right now! 🥑🌳 South Florida farmers grow dozens of unique varieties not common in any other part of the mainland USA 💚💛 What’s your favorite way to eat avocado? 🥑 . This is a long neck avocado grown right here in Miami! It is 100% non gmo and organic. It is not commonly found in the grocery store because this variety in particular is not grown commercially. 🌳 You can order these giant avocados on Miamifruit.org – place an order now before they’re gone! . If you repost this photo please give us credit‼️ @miamifruit owns the rights to this image . 📸: @cyclingspirit 🤲🏼: @sowsproutgrow

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On average they’re about a foot and a half long, but can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 3 pounds. Sold by weight, they can cost as much as $47.

“Our long-neck avocados are thick, creamy, savory, and slightly sweet,” Miami Fruit co-founder Edelle Schlegel told NBC’s Today show.

Long-necks are generally only grown in South Florida, but not commercially, so they can’t be found in regular grocery stores, but luckily Miami Fruit ships these and other rare, exotic fruits all over the country. You can order them on their website.