Mexican Grandma’s Cooking Show Gets a Million Subscribers in a Month

October 2, 2019 at 5:25 pm

With little more than a flimsy pairing knife, a ceramic skillet and a whole lot of love, a humble, Mexican grandmother has attracted millions of viewers to her new cooking channel on YouTube in just four weeks.

The secret to her success might not immediately seem clear, but after zoning out to a few episodes of “De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina” (From My Ranch To Your Kitchen), you’ll start to catch onto her magic.

From the dirt under her fingernails, to her homely pink apron with cherries on the pockets, to the eggs gathered from her free-range chickens, Doña Ángela is as authentic as they come.

Her videos, filmed by her daughter, provide a time capsule of Mexican cuisine and culture that otherwise might be lost to the mainstream.

Ángela uses simple and unpretentious cooking tools to prepare her world-famous meals, including a wood-fired stove, a mortar and pestle, tin pots and a plastic bucket to carry water.

Her handmade tortillas are stone-ground using fresh corn from her garden, and then plucked off the stove with her bare hands.

Without wasting time on modern conveniences like cutting boards, she slices tomato, onion and garlic right into her palms.

While most of her dishes are heavy on fresh veggies, she doesn’t shy away from, red meat, pork and lard, likely harvested on her own ranch.

She does however shy away from her newfound fame.

“My daughter was telling me I was being asked about a TV interview, a newspaper interview too,” she said in a video posted on September 26.

“Unfortunately I can’t do it. I’m a shy person … I’m not a good speaker. I hope you understand this.”

Fortunately, she’s such a good cook, her food speaks for itself.