China Unveils a “Super Camera” That Can Identify Every Face in a Crowd of Tens of Thousands

October 9, 2019 at 5:22 pm

Four times stronger than the human eye, China’s new 500-pixel facial recognition camera is raising civil liberties concerns

There are currently 200 million closed-circuit TV cameras watching over the citizens of China.

That surveillance system just got a serious boost with the development of a 500-megapixel facial recognition camera which creates images in 400% more detail than the human eye.

State-funded scientists unveiled their invention at China’s International Industry Fair in late September.

Dubbed the “super camera,” it is equipped with artificial intelligence that enables it to scan a crowd of tens of thousands (on the street or in a sports stadium, for example) and identify an individual within seconds.

For several years, China has been working on creating a social credit scoring system based on data such as their financial credit score, charitable donations, and their parenting ability.

Reward for a good social “credit score” include access to better schools and universities, while punishments for a bad score include restricted travel.

The Chinese government has massive databases of people’s images, according to Samantha Hoffman, an analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Data generated from surveillance video can be “fed into a pool of data that, combined with AI processing, can generate tools for social control, including tools linked to the Social Credit System,” she tells The Telegraph.