Conservation Group Plans to Buy Largest Private Giant Sequoia Forest in the World for $15 Million

October 22, 2019 at 11:25 pm

The “crown jewel” of the 73 remaining giant sequoia groves on the planet is about to be purchased, protected and opened to the public

Alder Creek. Photo Credit: Max Forster, Save the Redwoods League

Alder Creek forest is home to nearly 500 giant sequoias with a diameter of 6 feet or more, including the world’s fifth largest tree.

Stagg Tree, the world’s fifth largest tree. Photo Credit: Max Forster/Save the Redwoods League

It is one of only a handful of privately owned giant sequoia groves left on the planet.

There are only 73 giant sequoia groves on Earth, scattered and isolated, representing a total of 48,000 acres in Northern California.

Most of those are federally protected, but about 1,200 acres remain in private hands.

Now 530 of those acres could be added to the protected list.

The Save the Redwoods League just announced that after 20 years of negotiations, it has finally struck a deal with the owners of the privately owned Alder Creek grove — a $15.6 million deal — and it needs your help coming up with the funds by December 31.

“Alder Creek is the most consequential giant sequoia conservation project of our lifetime,” president and CEO of Save the Redwoods League Sam Hodder said in a press release.

“It’s the largest remaining giant sequoia property in private ownership, and a globally unique and extraordinarily beautiful landscape.”

Alder Creek. Photo Credit: Roy E. Williams II / Save the Redwoods League

“By protecting this property, we will safeguard the biological richness and ecological resilience of a forest unlike any other on Earth,” added director of land protection¬†Becky Bremser.

Nearly 500 of the trees on the property are thousands of years old, she noted.

After the League acquires the property, the plan is to restore “a balance of native forest species that have been altered by historical logging” and take steps to make the grove more resilient against fire.

Once its work is finished, the group plans to hand over ownership to the U.S. Forest Service for inclusion in Giant Sequoia National Monument, “ensuring its future management in accordance with the monument’s long-term restoration, resource protection, and public access program.”

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