Woman Builds Magical Cob House Using Only Earthen and Reclaimed Materials

October 25, 2019 at 3:47 pm

A famous snowboarder says there’s no place like the adorable cob home she “shaped like play-dough” with her own hands, using non-recyclable plastics as filler

Professional snowboarder Marie France Roy could probably afford to live wherever she wanted, but she chooses to spend the majority of her time living off-grid in a 400-square-foot cob house she built out of sand, clay, straw and garbage.

Located in a rainforest, on the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, Roy mixed her own cob with her feet and then shaped the walls from ground up “kind of like play-dough.”

She stuffed glass jars (otherwise bound for a landfill) with plastic bags and any other kind of non-recyclable plastics she could find and used them to fill the insides of her walls.

“You can’t even tell, but there’s so much garbage in these walls,” she says in a video about her home.

In addition to the cob, she tried to use all reclaimed, second-hand materials. There were a few materials she could not find used and had to buy new, “but very little,” she says.

Her windows came from Habitat for Humanity, the glass blocks that make her walls sparkle like diamonds from Craigslist, and the cedar siding and tile mosaics were extra scraps from other people’s renovation projects.

To make the least impact on the surrounding natural environment, she dug down to the bedrock and used it to create the perimeter of her home, giving it a unique shape that can only be achieved with cob/adobe.


She coated the walls with clay, linseed oil and mica stones to make the walls glitter.

The home is equipped with solar panels, a wood stove and a bio-gas generator that produces methane for cooking and heating water using food waste. The contraption also creates a top-quality liquid fertilizer as a byproduct.

“I built this place because I wanted to be part of the solution, and the way we build our homes is a place we can make a massive difference,” Roy says.