Cheetah Sees Man Napping Under a Tree, Decides to Join Him

Wildlife photographer captures video of one of the deadliest cats in the world cuddling with him

After his dog died, Dolph Volker started spending all his spare time volunteering at an endangered wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.

After several days of warming up to the cheetahs, he trusted them so much that he decided to lie down for a nap under a tree.

Amazingly, one of the cheetahs decided she trusted him so much she tiptoed over and cozied up next to him.

Since their first encounter, Volker and the female cheetah named Eden now regularly take naps together.

Eden usually nuzzles her head right up on Volker’s chest and sometimes even wraps her arms and legs around him.

The pair have learned to like each other so much, Volker even allows her to groom him, licking his face and nibbling on his ear.

“True to Eden’s nature, she warmed up to me in days and ended up really liking me, so much so that I was able to trust her completely. The more she felt comfortable with me, the more she treated me just like another Cheetah which included the grooming, nibbling, biting, pacifying, purring, laying on me, and sleeping… cuddling up close to me. I’m amazed how much more interactive and affectionate Cheetahs are compared to the average domesticated cat,” Volker writes for his YouTube channel.

See their amazing connection in the video below: