89-Year-Old Woman Knits 450 Dog Coats For Shelter Puppies

This amazing woman knits adorable sweaters, coats and blankets to keep dogs cozy and warm while they wait to be adopted

A couple of years ago, a dog shelter in England called Dogs Trust started an initiative asking people to knit coats to help dogs stay warm during the cold nights they spend in kennels.

A nearly-90-year-old woman named Maisie Green stepped up to the plate, knitting over 450 dog sweaters, coats and blankets as of last Christmas.

“I love knitting and I love dogs,” she told the Basildon Standard.

“It takes me three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a doggy coat. It keeps me busy and often, I like to knit whilst watching television.”

It’s difficult for dogs to stay comfortable in a shelter, the Animal Channel notes.

”Even if a shelter has the most caring volunteers and staff members, the pup might still be anxious. They might not be used to the noise of all the other animals, and they might get nervous in their kennels.”

Warm, cozy blankets provide a little touch of home, while they wait for a more permanent one.

Green’s family drives her to her local shelter three times a year to hand-deliver her gifts to the dogs, so she can see how they like them.

The dog “coats” and sweaters are also donated to the four-legged pets of homeless people, to help them keep warm in the fall and winter.