Tens of Thousands of Knitters are Stitching Pouches and Mittens for Animals Burned in Australian Bushfires

January 7, 2020 at 3:02 pm

The Australian bush-fires have united crafters around the world to make koala mittens, kangaroo pouches, bird nests and even bat wraps

At least a billion animals have died since the record-breaking Australian bush-fires started last September.

But hundreds of thousands of them are being rescued and lovingly swaddled in pouches, wraps and nests sewn by crafters around the world.

The Facebook group organizing the effort has gained nearly 50,000 members/volunteers in a little over a month since it was created.

The Rescue Craft Co is part of a larger group called the Animal Rescue Craft Guild, dedicated to animals injured in the Australian bush-fires.

The Canadian chapter alone has grown to 3000 volunteers since with was created last week.

The group founder, Australian Morgan Leigh, says they now have more than enough koala mittens and is asking crafters to ocus more on Joey pouches for baby kangaroos, wraps to swaddle baby bats, and nests for homeless birds.

“I’m making kangaroo pouches because I have a lot of flannel,” Canadian Shana Panasuk told CTV News. “Some of the animals are rescues, like kangaroos that lost their mothers, so they need the pouches so they feel safe and can develop normally.”

She requests all wraps and pouches to be made of 100% cotton flannel with no pilling and nests and blankets be knitted from natural fibers, such as wool.

For patterns, video tutorials and mailing addresses see the Rescue Craft Co’s Facebook page.